I ♥ July

Can you believe tomorrow is August 1?

I love July

…actually it is my favorite month of the year 🙂

July is the month when day light and sunshine take over. The water is warm, people are happier (they get more vitamin D), and freckles decide to say hello!

I want to highlight a few fun things that made my July even better.

  • Are you deficient in magnesium oil? A very easy and inexpensive solution is to make homemade magnesium oil. If you know how to measure and mix, you are all set!
  • Do you LOVE lemon? GAPS lemon bars make the perfect summer treat.
  • Need a quick crunch on the GAPs diet. Try this super easy sweet chip.
  • When you crave chocolate your body really needs magnesium. Give your body both with these GAPS chocolate drops..who knew that chocolate could be this good for you!
  • Banana bread that is grain free/GAPS friendly. It’s just too good to be true 🙂
  • The ridiculous about of fresh produce from local farms and farmers markets! I just got 15 lb of pickling cucumbers, 12 lb of cabbages, 5 lb of zucchini, 4 lb of cucumbers, and raw goat milk all for $34! I got a lot of work to do…
  • Spending endless hours with my sisters swimming and SUP-ing (Stand up paddling) in the lake and laying on the beach. I love you sunshine!
  • Citrus and summer are two peas in a pod. I just might have to try these Orangies. Sine we are on GAPS at my house, I will have to just substitute the sprouted flour for almond and/or coconut flour.
  • I had to get rid of all my spices because I found out they were cross contaminated in a gluten/corn facility (I’m that sensitive). I found that most taco seasonings put corn flour in their mix. I will never have to buy taco seasoning anymore now that I have this homemade recipe!
  • Gotta love summer for its hot temperatures, which make kombucha brewing super speedy! Now I have a new fun mango drink to slurp on in the sun!
  • I have to admit, there is one down side to July. The misquotes!! Here in Minnesota they eat you alive, so I really have to make some of this non-toxic spray! Bye bye bug bites!
  • This delicious fudge popsicle recipe is one way to get gelatin and bone marrow into your kids! This is definitely a gutsy yummy food!
  • I mentioned that I got my first 2 gallons of raw goat milk the other day. I am using it to make this goat cheese recipe….all I hear today is the cheese dripping.. drip..drip..drip..
  • Now that I have 12 lb of cabbage, I have got to start making sauerkraut fast!
  • I have been working hard testing out new recipes, so August will be full of new surprises! Come follow my Gutsy pinterest board to see what I have already made.

~Stay Gutsy, Caroline



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  1. Oh. My. I’m going to love your blog. You’re into so many things I am into! Although, July is my birthday month, I usually find it TOO hot. I like the weather of October or so.. when you can leave your windows open and not run your AC or your heater — still here in MI you don’t get vitamin D past October, so that’s bad…. (my research at the University where I work is about vitamin D, it’s quite close to my heart!)

    And you remind me to use my magnesium oil….. it’s sitting on my bathroom sink and I never seem to use it. I need to!

    • Haha this is great! I don’t find many people where I live that are interested in the same things as I am..im the weird duck as you can probably tell. I love october too, but then i miss being outside so much. So what kind of research do you do on vitamin D? thanks for reading! 🙂

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