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Hi. My name is Caroline.

I am 20 and absolutely love information about real food nutrition and natural healing.

I started this blog just as I was starting the  GAPS diet to heal my gut. I have always struggled though my childhood with various symptoms and could never connect the dots. Now 2 years have passed since I stopped the GAPS diet, because I ended up becoming more sensitive and had to many allergies to most of the food on the diet (leaving me with about 2-3 foods). I still make GAPS recipes because I enjoy baking/cooking for my other family members on this healing diet.

I have severe chemical, environmental, and food sensitivities, so every day is an opportunity to learn something new. While I heal I love to cook and eat real food, exercise, yoga, be on the lake, pray, study about the human body and nutrition and natural remedies. I also accept when my body needs to rest and love to sleep!

I have learned a lot about non-toxic living and I will continue to share everything I research and experience each with all of you. My goal is to help others heal and regain health so you too can enjoy life! My favorite tools are prayer, allergy free diet, essential oils, clay detox, coffee enemas, and the fresh air!

In my 20 years of life, I have learned that changing the diet and lifestyle can dramatically influence a growing body, but expressing yourself and finding your faith is just as important. Im passionate about sharing my life’s experiences and all the ups and down I encounter along the way. I love making recipes in my kitchen (take a peak where all the action is done). I  have this hobby called researching and I don’t want it to go to waste, so I will always share what I find! Im on a bumpy healing journey as I recover from MCS and heavy metal toxicity. You can read about my Healing journey here.

Today I am doing better then I have in years! I give all the credit to God, but I still feel called to share my gifts of research with all of you! Please stick around, my brain is bursting with ideas, experiences, and information… all waiting to be written out! I tend to use Facebook and Instagram daily to journal my little finds and experiences. See you around!

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~Stay Gutsy™, Caroline Lunger

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  1. Caroline – I think you are off to a great start…I would like help with knowing more about selecting a water filter. One of my goals for this year is to figure out something that works for my family in terms of filtered water. I noticed the water filter in your kitchen gadgets post and would love to see you write more info about water filters.


    • Thanks for reading! i too am working on water filters for my familys house. WE curently go back and fourth to the grocery store to buy big 5 gallons of reverse osmosis..good thing we live 2 min away from our store. THough we are probobly going to get a reverse osmosis system becasue i am extreamly sensitive to heavy metals and we go though so much water. WE will all just have to supplement with minerals in our water. i will do a seperate post on it though :)

  2. I am enjoying your posts so far, and the pancakes sound delicious!
    I am going to try them with my teenaged sons tonight.
    My daughter just graduated from Bauman in August.She loved the school and the staff was awesome. She is traveling in Europe now to hone her skills :)
    Good luck with your blog!

  3. Do you have any more posts on your story? I was wondering how you knew you were extremely sensitive to heavy metals, and also what made you decide to do the gaps diet. Have you seen any progress since you went on it? One other question-do you know anything about the chelation challenge test or chelation? I would love to hear more about you. I just found your blog on Fat Tuesday. I am working on my diet for health reasons, but am unsure if gaps is the answer for me. I like the look of the pancake recipe!

    • I don’t have any posts about my story yet but i will soon… i found out i was sensitive to heavy metals because i had a built in retainer and chronic eczema, once m dr. told me to get it out my eczema went away! Yes i have seen progress on GAPS, it is slow but definitely worth it!!!!!! If you have a leaky gut, which i still do, then chelation is a no no because you don’t want metals to get reabsorbed. GAPS may heal your gut because most people need a little healing of their gut if they ate any processed foods. It won’t hurt unless you cannot have veggies, and meat. Just drinking bone broth will help the gut too. remember that all disease starts in the gut!

    • Hello Kristie. Both of my sons have done a chelation challenges and did IV chelation. It was
      very interesting. If there is anything in particular you’d like to know, you can email me at
      carri.andersson@gmail.com I am pretty familiar with a lot of biomedical treatments and am friends with people at a clinic so I could ask questions for you too. Best of luck to you!

  4. The GAPS diet is a wonderful, logical way to live. While we were not strictly on the diet in the past, moving towards the GAPS diet has tremendously helped my son with Autism and my other son with ADHD. Our journey involved treating for yeast with and without the use of anti-fungals. By far it has made the most difference out of all the things we’ve tried. I’m looking forward to joining you on the diet and I will be following your blog. Thanks for posting!

  5. I’m loving your blog Caroline! It is encouraging to see youngins’ taking their health into their own hands and the health of your loved ones as well. Do you come from a health conscious family/ are you meeting any oppositions? I was very passionate about nutrition at your age and graduated from Bauman College out in Berkeley when I was 19(7years ago) and continue to learn as much as I can, it is fascinating! I love that there are so many resources these days to make this information available, so thank you for joining in and creating this beautiful blog! I will stay tuned to see what you’ve got coming up next. :)

    • thanks krystal! i do have a healthy mom, who always tried to feed us and care for us in the most natural way, but now i am teaching her :) I looked at Bauman college in boulder Co but it was too far form home so now i am going to do NTA(nutrition therapy instate) online. what did you do after Bauman at your age. did you get a degree or did you go straight to work. it is so nice to meet someone who loved nutrition from such a young age like me :) thanks for reading

  6. First of all, I am so excited when I see young people embracing nutrition and taking responsibility for their health. I am sure you can inspire many other young folks much like you inspire me, who at 32 is just now starting this journey. I hope that my kiddos will grow up with a love for nutrition like you. Secondly, I am considering the GAPS diet for myself. I am currently eating GF/DF and trying to eliminate refined sugars. I feel better than ever, but there are a few things that haven’t completely healed which leads me to believe my gut probably still needs some healing. I will probably start at the beginning of next year when my son is weaned. So I will be checking back here for ideas and tips. Thanks for blogging about your journey. :)

  7. Barbara Balchunas

    What a wonderful source of information you are compiling! Hopefully, people are starting to realize in greater numbers the importance of healthier eating. Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks so much for your great insights. I never tried coconut flour until I read your blog. Thanks for the cool tip! BTW If you love tea (not just kombucha) you should check out Art of Tea. Its helped my belly war. :)

  9. Just found your site and I want to congratulate you on wanting to study natural remedies and heal your body. You are so young and you are on a wonderful path. I am a massage therapist and althought I do not follow all natural ideas, I go to them often. Good luck in the future, I know you will do well.

  10. Yay Caroline! I am so proud of you for taking the plunge with NTA – you are going to love it! It’s so great to see someone at your age so passionate about health and nutrition and do something about it. Kudos to you! I am always here if you need any support! Peace to you on your journey!

    • Lydia!

      I am so excited to do NTA! I have already read so many of the books I ordered and I LOVE all the information I am learning. It is truly amazing! Thanks for being there for support, I will probably need it soon when I start! :)

  11. Hey Caroline! I am so happy I found your blog. I am a 17-year old who has had health issues all her life just like you! A few years ago I was emaciated, had lots of digestive problems, and couldn’t gain a single pound. When I found “real food” it became my savior. I struggle now to balance my diet with my “real life.” I am starting to apply to colleges and am still unsure how my real food diet will translate in a dorm setting. I am so used to having my ow kitchen and cooking meals for my family. I would love to keep in touch with you because there are not many “real food teens,” as I call them. We must stick together

    • Hi Julia! I completely agree with you that the “real food teens” need to stick together. I created my blog to try and reach out to teens as well! I understand your struggle with being worried about college (I was there at one point, but I decided that route was not for me). My older sister is a Junior in college and she is going to do the GAPS diet this year. Though she will have an apartment. What are you interested in college? I cannot go to “regular college” because of the food and environment, so I am doing NTA (nutrition therapy association). Have you seen Lauren’d blog.http://www.empoweredsustenance.com/ She is 19 and had struggles during the first semester in college, so she had to do online like me. I know online is not ideal, but you have to balance what is most important in your life. A change of journey cannot hurt you, it can only make you stronger and Gutsyier!! Maybe you could use a friends kitchen, cooking classes kitchen, or a community kitchen? Keep strong, noting is impossible!I would love to stay in touch with you!

  12. Caroline, it is great to see such a deep thinking young person (or a person at any age for that matter.) You are doing wonderful things for yourself and hopefully will inspire others as well. Thanks for the tweet to introduce yourself to me and thanks for sharing all the great info. I can’t wait to try the recipes on your blog.

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  15. For great water filtration systems make sure to check out Radient Life. We’ve been using the Doulton system for years and they have 14 stage reverse osmosis systems that put minerals that our bodies need back into the water. Bit pricey but worth a look.


    • Hey! Are you reading my mind? :) haha. My mom and are are searching like crazy for the best system..I really think the one you recommended is the one we want. That is perfect timing and now that we recommend it so highly, I think we will finally take the plunge! Thank YOU! :)

  16. You are so cute!!!! Nice meeting you here…hoping that you are getting close to finishing the NTP program. As a fellow NTP, I wish you blessings in this amazing career!

  17. your story really inspires me! I am also quite sensitive, although i would say definitely not to the same degree as you. I just get reactions to a lot of stuff that doesn’t bother anyone else. Twice or 3 times, I’ve had anaphylactic symptoms without any doctor being able to tell me what it was to. I have an epi pen that I’ve luckily never had to use. I’m always scared that I’m going to have another reaction though! I really related to your sotry and can;t wait to keep reading your posts <3 you are so insightful too, and a great writer!

  18. […] at Empowered Sustenance (cited in the calorie article above) and Caroline from Gutsy are two teenagers who have taken control of their health and healing through food and are now […]

  19. New to your blog and love it! Keep spreading the word about real goods. Are you familiar with the Weston A. Price organization? If not, you might find some good info. http://Www.westonaprice.org.

  20. That was supposed to say real foods not goods. Lol

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