How to Detox with a clay bath

Clay. Its what you used to play in as a kid (or still do). Was there an “instinctive” reason why kids do this? Clay naturally detoxes, so it makes sense why the human body would be attracted to it. How can you incorporate clay into you life today?



Im toxic:

Or let me rephrase that, I was. Let me explain.

The reason why Im writing this post is because I actually just took a clay bath. If you know anything about clay baths- they absorb toxins and detox.

So what did I get into? A new i-phone.

I was so excited to finally get an i phone. I got it all set up yesterday and fidgeted around on it like all-day-long. By mid day I was starting to get a headache but just passed it off as not drinking enough water or eating food (because I was so engrossed in my phone). By the end of the night I was going to take a clay bath but my body was sooo exhausted.

Something wasn’t right, Im not normally exhausted after sitting on my butt all day. I just prayed that I wouldn’t wake up with an allergic reaction. Too bad- I woke up and my face was puffy. My skin was red. My head was foggy. My head hurt like a brick fell on it. The first thing that came to my mind was the i phone. Usually my first instinct is right.

There was no going back now, so I decided to eat a few bites of liver (hey my body needed that extra boost) and hopped in a clay bath. Now that im done with it, my head hurts a lot less and my head doesn’t feel as “heavy”. My face is still puffy but I think my lymph system is one of my weak points so it might take a day or two to “drain”.

A clay detox bath is my go to when I feel “toxic” or blah. I can’t live without it. Let me share my clay detox secrets…


detox bath


What is a clay bath?

A clay bath is a bath with clay stirred in it. It looks just like the picture above. Some clays are lighter some darker. I find that each one is effective, though the source is important. This is the clay I use to drink and bath in. A clay bath is a gentle detox because it absorbs the toxins instead of forcing them out (like a sauna). I always feel more relaxed and “clear headed”.

How does clay detox?

Believe it or not, the clay particle actually pulls the toxins inside the clay molecule. Isn’t that cool or what? That is why clay is so expansive. (Clay not only absorbs toxins but nutrients too).

A toxin carries positive electron. A clay particle carries negative electrons. This is why the toxins are attracted and “pulled” inside the clay molecule. When you take a clay bath you will see this “science” actually happen.

When you sit in a clay bath or rub clay on your body, sometimes there will be globs of clay stuck to random spots on your skin.    These “glob spots” wont come off as easily as other places. You might have to rub the clay off with a rag or your finger nail.  That spot on your skin is where the toxins have surfaced and the clay is still very attracted to that spot.

If I have lots of the globs left on me I try to soak in the tub for a few minutes longer (usually they are all gone by 20 min). Am I the only one fascinated by this?

What kind of clay?

Bentonite clay is the clay suggested to use for a clay bath. Be careful of the source though. Since clay can absorb toxins easily, you want to make sure to get a clean uncontaminated source. I would suggest this clay. Its so pure you can drink it too (and I do).

How much clay?

I usually put in 1-4 cups of powdered (it comes powdered) bentonite clay. Its not cheap, so I try to save it- though the price does not stop me from using it because my body needs it. To me drinking clay and taking clay baths is like “food”. I usually only take clay baths when I feel I “need” one. Because of this, I like to do the clay body mask. I feel like it saves clay and it more effective.

How you I know when I “need” a clay bath?

Do you ever get …


body aches



allergic reaction

digestive distress


head “fog”


sinus congestion

… you see where this is going.

Most illnesses are caused by the body not functioning properly. Toxins are an easy culprit for most illnesses.  Detox is the word to get rid of these toxins, though it is not that easy to just flush all the toxins out of your body.  Detox takes patience, time, the right tools, and a gentle touch.

Our body is designed to detox. Think of the organs, the gallbladder, the spleen, the liver, the skin.. all there to detox. After years and years of junk food and pollution or even just wearing new clothes or living in a new house, these organs get stressed and “clogged up”. Herbs, acupuncture, enemas, sauna’s are all things people do to detox the body. Clay is just another solution to rid the body of toxins. I find it the most gentle of all the detox methods and the most effective.

If I have a really bad reaction, the first thing I do is jump in a detox bath. Its as simple as that. I feel at least 70% better the the end of the 20 min bath. You wont know if you like it until you try it.


Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 6.07.41 PM

The Clay Cure:

If you are a clay freak like me, can you tell its a passion of mine? Read this book  (The Clay Cure) you will love it!

How to prepare the clay:

If you have tried a clay bath you probably end up in a chunky mess, right?At first I tried to sprinkle the clay in the tub. Fail. The clay just clumped up and never dissolved.

Instead I have found a way to allow it to get incorporated into the water much better. Start off by measuring your clay into a bowl. Pour a few cups of water in the powdered clay and mix with your hands until it forms wet clay. Spread this mixture all over your body or plop in the tub and squish through your hands to mix into the water. It takes a few minutes but it makes bath time fun! Squish squish squish.

Can it clog my drain?

Yes- it can. Don’t let that scare you- there is an easy solution. I got a screen with the Magnetic Earth company. You could maybe use something like this too. I place it on top of the drain before I drain the clay water and it catches the big particles of clay. You could also line the drain with cheesecloth or mesh and just hold it here until all the water drains. You will be left with clumps of clay that you can toss in your soil or garbage.




The clay body mask:

Silly picture right? This is just my technique because I find it more fun, more effective, and more frugal. You use less clay over all (instead of dumping cups into the tub). The wet clay is spread directly on your body so it can “pull” the toxins out easier-direct contact. Use the instructions above under the heading “How to prepare the clay”.


  • Drinking clay with medications or supplements or even food can make then less effective or “block” certain minerals from the food. Wait at least 3-5 hours after medication and ask your dr. before doing so- don’t play around.
  • Don’t sit in the bath for over 20 min. Sitting in a detox clay bath for 20+ min can cause stressful detox symptoms. Generally a clay bath is a gentle detox. Too much of a good thing can be bad.I once over did the 20 min (just because I HAD to test it) and I got nauseous and felt dehydrated. I was detoxing too much. I wont do that again.
  • Don’t slip in the tub or the shower. Clay is slippery to make sure to lay a bunch of towels down around the tub and you can even lay a small towel in the tub to keep your feet from slipping when you stand up.
  • Drink water before and after the clay bath. I make sure to eat something salty beforehand too- because I tend to crave lots of salt afterwards. Eating it beforehand helps.
  • Wear a mask when you pour the powdered clay. The clay powder is very fine and not good for your lungs. Strap on a mask  to scoop and mix the clay. Take it off when there is no more clay powder left.
  • If you have long hair, you might want to tie it up (like a bun). Mine always falls down and I actually sometimes get it wet in the clay water deliberately. It dries out my hair a bit, but I actually feel like it detoxes my hair as well (kinda like that feeling after you go swimming in the lake- it just wont be silky, but you will feel even more “natural and clean”.) The dryness only lasts for a day and you can put some apple cider vinegar on it afterward if you need. I just use baking soda. You choose.
  • Don’t drink the clay water or reuse it. After you sit in there for 20 min the clay is now saturated with your toxins..so the waster is in fact “toxic”!
  • Don’t get the clay stuck in your body holes (ear, nose… ) Sound funny, but its not. I got it stuck in my ear once and it was no fun. If that does happen use hydrogen peroxide and it will bubble out.
  • If you have high blood pressure, heart disease , or any other condition that prevents you from taking a bath (too weak, old age…) please contact your dr. first. You can still benefit from clay but a foot soak (1/2 cup of clay in warm water) will be better for your condition.



Is clay safe pregnant or nursing?

Since I am not a dr. I would suggest you first check with your Dr. first before taking a clay bath.

A clay bath is detoxing which can put stress on your body as well as your baby’s. A foot bath would be a better option, because it is much more gentle on the body. Doing a foot bath will not detox your body as much, but at this time in your life (especially if you are nourishing a baby), your body should not be going through full body detoxes. At this time in your life you need to be gentle and its all about rebuilding. The toxins released can get absorbed by your baby.

Drinking clay is another story. Actually in some cultures women drink clay to promotes fertility. This could be because it is cleansing, which helps makes the body ready for a baby. Pregnant women and nursing women should make sure to only drink clay at least 2 hours away from food because it can absorb nutrients. You don’t have room for clay to be soaking in your nutrients when your baby needs them. Also, you want to find a very pure source, because it is not just affecting your body, the the baby’s too. Living clay is a great one. I would recommend to start slow and small.

How to take a clay bath:

1. Fill up your tub with warm water. You want it as warm as you can handle but still be comfortable. This helps your body’s circulation flow, allowing the lymph system to circulate all the toxins so the clay cam “mop” them up. Not too warm– you don’t want your pulse racing.  (In the picture you see a sack attached to the spout. That is just our bath chlorine filter. We took the bag out of the plastic ball and tied it to the spout, it works pretty well. I used the brand, click here.)

2. Make sure to use a good drain plug. You don’t want the clay chunks to seep down the drain.

3. Scoop the clay; 1-4 cups of powdered bentonite clay.

4. Mix the clay with enough water to create “wet” clay. I use this brand. Squish with your hands. (Dont forget your mask!)

5. The clay will soak up more water within a few min so make sure that you add a bit more water if needed. If you are doing the body clay mask, don’t make your clay too watery or else it will be harder to spread on your body.

6. You have 2 choices. #1 Clay body mask: spread the wet clay all over your body like in the picture above. I even put it on my face and the tops of my feet. Hey why not get a facial while your at it! #2 Clay bath: dump the wet clay into the bath directly and squish around while you are in the tub to get that “mucky” clay water.

7. Sit in the bath for 10-20 minutes. If you are a newbie and don’t know how you will react, try 10 min or even 5. Never go beyond 20 min (ok ok i have gone 25 and still been ok). Anything over that could make you lightheaded or nauseous from detoxing too much.

* tip* If you have the clay body mask on the clay will slowly get softer and dissolve off your body into the tub. I always make too much wet clay for just my body so I squish the rest into the tub water. So I guess I do both ways at once. Don’t scrub the clay off, just let it “slip” off by itself. When the 20 min if getting closer to being up, run your body with a wash cloth  to get off the rest of the “globs” of clay.

*tip* If you put clay on your face, the clay can dry up within 20 min so you might want to wet your face with a wet washcloth to keep it moist, otherwise it kinds hurts and cracks. ouch.

8. 20 min up yet? If so take a cool shower to rinse off the clay residue. I wash my hair with bakings soda, do what ever you do. If you let your hair in the clay tub it may be a tad dry. The cool water also closes your skin pores after the warm bath. Make sure your shower water temperate is cool-not cold (don’t shock your body).

9. Moisturize. You will probably notice you skin is super dry afterwards. Clay seems to draw water out of the skin, or else its just that I sweat so much. Whatever reason it is, I always use coconut oil or beef tallow for the dry spots.

1o. Dress Warm. After your detox clay bath and then cool shower make sure to dress in warm clothes. Keep the “heat” in your body. Your body just worked hard to detox so the extra warmth will give it a break and allow your body to relax and recharge.

11. Oh yeah, don’t forget to drain the tub. Ask my family how many times I do that?! Haha. Use a screen or mesh to catch the big clay chunks. Let the clay water drain. Toss the big chunks in the soil or garbage.

12. Re-mineralize with sea salt, food, electrolytes, and magnesium oil. I explain below.


clay ba2th


What to do after a clay bath?

Replenish and remineralize are the words. Drink clay. Drink salty water (minerals).

I would suggest a small spoonful of clay in water. I drink this brand. This will help to soak up any toxins that got released on the inside. Make sure to drink a few glasses of sea-salted water afterward too. When your body sweats it releases toxins and minerals. Drinking sea salted water and/or rubbing magnesium oil (make your own with instructions here) on your body will help balance your body’s minerals back out.

Release the toxins:

Do you feel it? Nothing is quite like it, the feeling after a clay bath. So clear and fresh-toxin free. I even find that after a clay bath my eczema has disappeared or on the rare occasion when I get a pimple-it is comes to the surface (I feel like the clay “pulls” the toxins under the skin to the surface). My hair even gets a detox because it always ends up getting wet in the clay water. Oh well! Why cant you have a little fun when you detox too?!




disclosure 3


  1. VERY informative! Thank you, Caroline! I’m on the Autoimmune Protocol, trying to heal my gut and get rid of my Psoriasis. I think this will help me heal faster, and I now plan on investing in some good clay for my baths now.

    • Andrea I think it will help too. It seems to help any condition. Did you see the sites I recommended?

      • Yes, I took a look at them! I know it would be worth it, but what they sell is a little pricey for me. I found another site that although probably not as good quality, is better priced, and I’m going to give that a try.

  2. Tammy Bybee says

    What do you think about the bentonite clay from Mountain Rose Herbs?

  3. jada sarfate says

    Great info! Thank you!

  4. I never thought of using clay in a bath. What a great idea. We have some since my husband did a detox a few months ago. I need to try this out.

  5. Christiana Johnston says

    Thank you soooo much for all this awesome information! 😀 I can’t wait to get into clay baths. I just feel like my tub is always so grody though 😛 I’ll have to clean it before hand! I have dry skin though so when I did a clay face mask last week my face was dry for like this whole past week and it’s just back to normal…ugh, I’ll try coconut oil if a clay bath makes my skin super dry! Thanks again Caroline (:

  6. Hi Caroline, I really enjoyed your post! I found it in VGN forum and had to stop by to see it! Clay really is a wonderful tool for detoxing and healing. I”m doing a free 5 day healing whole foods detox program on my blog this week so stop by and check it out. I will also send you an invite to pin to my detox board!



  7. Sharon says

    Great job giving all the clay detox information! I too am a clay bather/detoxer/drinker. One thing that might be helpful to you in the drain. I duct tape my screen over the drain so the water drains easily without taking the clumps of clay with it. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i was wondering if you could do a “foot bath” clay soak. My dad (90 years old) isn’t able to do a bath tub detox, he takes showers…so was wondering about a foot bath. I have done Epsom salts and essential oils…Your thoughts?

    • oh yes, a foot soak would be recommended for him 🙂

      • I wondered this same question Caroline, and I also wondered if you could put the clay mask mostly on the areas which hold most of the toxins, or over the areas of most lymph nodes, the liver and the spleen and kidneys. Would this be a bad idea?

  9. Julie B. says

    Can you take a clay bath while pregnant or even nursing?

  10. Bet drinking this clay would help …my gas ….

  11. Jennifer says

    Is it okay to do while nursing? Also, do you know if it is okay to drink it to detox while nursing (my nursling is 8 months old)? Thank you!

  12. How about Redmond clay? Thank you!

  13. Sara Gordon says

    Any thoughts on doing clay bath while still breastfeeding? I always get nervous when I hear the word ‘detox’!

  14. Devorah says

    Anyone else having trouble clicking on the links, or is it just me?

  15. Thinking of your phone causing problems….. is it the EMF’s that you think caused your problem?

  16. AAATrio says

    Do you have any info about doing this while receiving chemo? A friend has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and I thought this might be a good way to help get those nasty chemicals out faster.

    • no i dont know , I’m not sure if these suggestions are safe for someone going through chemo. I would have her write down a few of these ideas and then ask her dr. to be safe.

  17. Try not to overdo it. I’ve heard from a hakim (traditional Arab-Greek healers) that those who eat clay too often suffer from an enlarged spleen. Also, he said there is a condition where you crave clay, which means that you’re lacking in iron so they treat that by giving iron rich herbs/ foods.

  18. What about edible earth clay for baths?

  19. Biochemist says

    As a practicing scientist, I would just like to clarify one of many scientifically inconsistent statements in this post:

    “Believe it or not, the clay particle actually pulls the toxins inside the clay molecule. Isn’t that cool or what? That is why clay is so expansive. (Clay not only absorbs toxins but nutrients too).
    A toxin carries positive electron. A clay particle carries negative electrons. This is why the toxins are attracted and “pulled” inside the clay molecule. When you take a clay bath you will see this “science” actually happen.”

    First, there is no such thing as a ‘positive electron,’ as the definition of electron is a negatively charged particle. Second, there is no such thing as a ‘clay particle,’ but rather, bentonite clay is composed of Montmorillonite, which swells as water molecules fill intramolecular layers. While bentonite clay does have the ability to absorb toxins, most studies indicate its ability to do so when ingested:


  20. Thanks for your website. I’m going to try the screen because I had given up on clay baths due to them clogging my drain. I wanted to mention that you should add about a quarter teaspoon of vitamin C powder to the bath. It takes out the chlorine and chloramines. Also, my nutritionist has me put clay in a gallon glass jar and add water. It is ready after 3 days. This is suppose to greatly increase the potency. It would also cut down on the times you have to wear a mask.

  21. Christina Balcer says

    Oh and how do you feel about giving infants/children clay baths? I have a 8 month old and a 4 year old. I wanted to detox them of heavy metals.

    • I think it would be ok, maybe just start with their feet and hands to be cautious. Hands and feet have meridians that connect to the whole body.

    • Christian Mom says

      Christina good idea to start detoxification at early age!
      I am glad you asked about giving clay baths to your two kids.

      Caroline l like your reply to start small. Like start with hands and feet first for the clay bathing. I will do that.

      I also have been considering a detox regime for my two.
      4 and 7 Yo

      In the coffee enema article (enemas for children section) Caroline says to start giving enemas to the child at a early age. cleansing and detoxing is good to start when they are young.
      So, getting an enema becomes not a big deal to him when older. He will know the enema is a good thing.
      And she says, the cleanse at that age is very beneficial!

      For myself I receive a coffee enema and other enemas often.

      I administer an occasional enemas now (not a coffee enema —for now— I am only giving them herbal or plain water enemas), using the bulb syringe, to my two kids.

      Should I also start giving them clay baths to detox heavy metals, as Christina wants to do, how many days after an enema can I give the clay bath?

      After giving a enema should wait a day or so before giving the clay bath?
      How much time between enemas and the clay baths?
      for me and the kids??

      Don’t want to over detox.

      I feel the enema is a excellent home health tool for constipation, fevers, tummy aches, cleansing and more.
      And giving the clay baths would also be good to detox.

      Of course always check and consult with your professional medical advisor (doctor or pediatrician) before giving clay baths or enemas.
      This is not to be taken as medical advice.

      Divorced mom here. Thank goodness divorced recently.
      My ex did not believe in natural healing, herbal remedies and such. He thought all of this was nonsense old wife’s stuff. He did not know I got and gave enemas!

      Now the enema bag and bulb syringe is left out!

      My ex would laugh and make fun of people who believed in and used natural remedies, coffee enemas, clay baths, other enemas, herbs and such!
      Saying “nutty health food nonsense. Does no good.”
      But, he would smoke, drink alcohol, eat junk food and more! Go figure!”
      Wonder which one of us will live a healthier life?

  22. Nice job, it’s a great post that how to Detox with a clay bath .The info is good to know! Detox Foot Soak is just another solution to rid the body of toxins.

  23. what ratio would one put in of clay to water for foot bath in a small purchased foot container /vibrator? how would that be emptied ? How often would you do it? Person has MS – feet get cold – takes copaxine- likely has lots of toxins-Drs probably would not know about it . (has much headaches) currently has head cold. [understood – U R not A Dr. and not connected with M.S. but curious of your input and reply min*

    • I would just put 1/2 cup of clay and 1/2-1 cup of water to make a clay paste. Then rub it all over the feet and let sit for 20 min in some warm water. Then wipe off the clay and throw it away.

  24. Mrs. Brown says

    This is so cool and makes sense to me. There is a 14 acre private pond in my back yard shared by neighbors. You cannot see through the water and so people do not like the water, except for boating. Motorboats are not allowed and it is so peaceful and beautiful living here. The other day I got in and walked and experienced sinking in to a silky smooth slippery clay floor. I sink in to my knees but then still just shoulder deep all the way across. It was such a beautiful experience. I am healing from brain surgery after 20+ years of daily migraine unrelated to brain tumor. Also healing from a painful sunburn on shoulders. The pond experience was so healing. I had wonderful relief from symptoms and wanted to go in again the next day. I did it and feel so much better. Wondered if it might be the clay no one even knows is there. Thanks for your learning. I feel so blessed to live here and will enjoy it so much more than before.

  25. Melissa says

    Thank for this useful info. I am currently soaking in one now. Maybe using my phone isn’t a good idea!? I actually was curious about why you were feeling the way you were and you thought it was to do with your iPhone? This really interests me as, as of late when I use my phone I start feeling strange in my body. I am thinking about ditching it completely. Anyways thanks again for all the great info on clay.

    • Yeah the smart phones emit heavy amounts of microwave radiation and I meter surprisingly high levels of LF harmonics from them as well, surprising in the sense that they’re such small devices. Microwave radiation call pull the negative charge off cell membranes and actually cause red bloods cells to clump in ‘ roulaeux ‘ formation. It literally contributes to RBC’s stacking together because the negative charges that cause them to repel each other in a healthy condition, is compromised. This leads over time to inefficiency in cellular level detox, and lower oxygen levels. It’s bad news, we all must DITCH the smart phones. I’ve measured the power density at at least 2 orders of magnitude stronger when making a call, than flip phones every single time a comparison was made. They are fun, they just never should have been made legal and in fact Italy, Russia and China have RF guidelines considerably safer than UK, USA and Canada.
      http://www.createhealthyhomes.com/EMF_RF_Lecture_4_6_16.pdf ( see page 42)

      The first world must come to grips, admit our mistakes and right the ship

      Because wireless technologies just like vacinnes are unavoidably unsafe.

  26. Yes you can detox you body when bath with clay but do you know you can use Herb n’ clay‘s healing clay which is also known as bentonite clay detox clay which you can use with 4 unique ways like mud mask, clay bath, use it as soap, Wrap it up in a cloth and carry it as a cooler.

  27. It’s a best solution to detox body externally.

  28. Hello! Thank you for your great article! You wrote that you bought a screen for the bath tub (so the clay will not clog your tub) from Magnetic Earth Company. I have not been able to find this company on the internet. Is there a link or a picture of the screen you could provide? Thank you so much in advance! Happy claying!

  29. Crystal Short says

    Caroline thanks for this great info! I find it very interesting that you felt that way after getting a new iPhone. I too got a new iPhone about 3 1/2 months ago and shortly after that I got very dizzy and started having headaches and nothing seems to help. Was that just a one time incident for you or did it continue with the use of the phone?

  30. Christian Mom says

    Lots of helpful information on clay detoxing.
    Love this blog!

    Another page some may want to take a look at is

    Good page for detoxing using clay.
    I found it very interesting that the clay enema is told.

    Great information about the Bentonite clay enema!
    Lots of positive reasons to do a Bentonite clay enema.
    It is very healing for the body.

    Recommended using a bulb syringe for the clay enema. For those who don’t know what the bulb is there is a picture of the bulb there. The blue bulb with white nozzle on it.
    The one shown is the 8 oz enema bulb syringe.
    Easy to fill up (make sure no air is in the bulb) and administer a enema with it.
    I have the same one in my home. Used often.
    Great for enemas for the older child and myself.
    Also, have a two quart red enema bag for coffee enemas. And a smaller 4 oz enema bulb syringe for the kids.

    I am going to get a clay enema. This will be my first ever clay enema.

    If ok with Caroline, I will comment later on how it worked. Preparing the clay enema, preparing where to give it, how I felt getting it and afterwards.

    No not medical advice. You must speak with your doctor before ANY home remedies given. This includes the enema. Talk to your doctor.


  31. Christian Mom says

    Talking with another mom about getting a clay bath to detox and also getting an enema, she told me of the Bentonite clay enema.

    I never heard of it. I was very surprised, actually pleasantly surprised, to learn of the benefits of this enema.

    Here is the link to the page she told me:


    The detoxing and health benefits are wonderful.

    She gets, and gives, this enema in her home.

    Caroline have you heard of this enema?


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