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Welcome to my little place. My hope is that while you are here you can find the “gutsy” part in you. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can bring the best and most fruitful changes in your life. To me, staying healthy is something I have to work towards, and Im dedicated to sharing what I learn and try with you!

I love keeping it simple. I have found over the years that my blog is more of a place where people come to read and learn. It makes sense to keep my posts (which are usually very long and detailed) more categorized and not quite like the typical “blogger” you would find.

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Start Here: You are “here”

About: Read a little about me and I have links to more in-depth posts about my health journey.

Contact: If you have a question feel free to e-mail me.

My blog: This is the typical blog and scroll format that just keeps going back–back since the day I started. I always will take every blog post and categorize it in recipes, articles, essential oils, or herbs. (Im not a big fan of scrolling and like to keep these extra long posts more accessible like a library!)

Articles: THIS is the place where you will find almost everything I write on my blog. Its chalk full of research and ideas that are waiting to be read by you. I hope you enjoy this section as much as I do!

Recipes: I focus on allergy free but tasty food! Most of these recipes are GAPS friendly and they all are fun to make and delicious!

Supplements: I have taken many supplements over the years and here I will list some of my favorites. I use supplements daily (I rotate them depending on what my body needs) to fight ailments and balance my body and immune system. The correct balance of supplements can help your body combat bacteria, viruses and fungus. Certain supplements may replenish gut bacteria, support the brain or are helpful for clearing out excess glutamates and histamines.

Favorites: I get lots of questions asking what kinds of things I use that are “non-toxic” and safe for people with MCS or allergies. I’m always adding to this list! I have spend years of researching and trying things because my sensitivities to “normal” products and finally have found things that work. I typically e-mail companies to double-check ingredients or facility cross contamination policies so I will share this information with you too.

Alright now Im sending you off to go explore! Hopefully I made it easy and self explanatory for you to read and absorb.