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Allergic to Grass Fed Beef?

Get to know your meat: Beef cut guide

Real Food make quick (by Real food eater)


★ Cavitations: chronic illness that stems from the jaw

Jump-out the toxins (Rebounding for lymph drainage)

How to Detox with a clay bath

Is Your Mattress TOXIC? – ” A story of poison from a uncommon place” (must read). The comments has very good suggestions on where to buy a natural mattress.

Are your child’s clothes TOXIC?

★ The ultimate liver detox: Coffee enemas


★ The real truth about H. pylori: allergies, autoimmune, & adrenal fatigue

Essentials for Healthy Travel 

Remedies for Intestinal Dysmotility


Do you have the Guts to do GAPS? (Holistic Kid guest post)

Gutsy on GAPS (Paleo Parents guest post!)

The Gutsy GAPS Girl (Pantry Paratus guest post)

Does the GAPS diet make you more sensitive? (Keeper of the home guest post)

GAPS intro quick guide (by 20 something allergies)

30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS Intro Diet

My biggest mistake on the GAPS diet

Gutsy Pantry Paratus Podcast

“What are we feeding our children?” Podcast

My GAPS kitchen gadgets

My GAPS kitchen (Cheeseslave guest post)

About Me:

My first post

10 things about me. 

Caroline’s GAPS story (GNOWFGLINS guest post) 

I am a weirdo! (Kelly the Kitchen Kop guest post)

Gutsy goes grain free

My Life:

God’s love from the mountains and back

My step in the deep snow.

Take courage and do it.

Time to prepare for Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Day 1

Faith is all I need 

The Unmolded me

Blessed is she who has believed

A new song in my heart

Where the wind blows

Show up

Part 1: Colonic Inertia

Part 2: Ileostomy Surgery

Living with an ileostomy

My colectomy and IRA surgery.

Healing journey:

My healing update #1

Healing update #2 (cross reactivity chart)

Healing update #3

Healing update #4

Healing update #5 (RIFE treatments)

Healing update #6 (NAET treatments)

Healting update #7 (cavitaition diagnosis)


Grain-Free Dessert recipe e-book

What can you eat on GAPS intro?

Goodbye Eczema!

Give your child health that lasts a lifetime!

Go grain free