My shocking truth: what I eat and why.

I am a meat eater.


My raw ground bison.

My raw ground bison.

Actually right now that is the only thing I can eat. Bison meat, that is.

Its shocking and really I don’t know how I found out that it was the only food that did not give me skin rashes or a bloated stomach or swollen eyes. My “only ” meat diet started last summer in July. Before that, I was eating a small variety of GAPS friendly foods like cooked veggies,probiotics, fermented veggies, meat and fish. The weeks went by and the eczema and fatigue started. It lasted for weeks and then months. I decided that was enough and my body needed to “restart”.

Go back to square one.

I was recommended by a kinesiologist chiropractor to just start with one food and then try introducing others. I instinctively knew protein was my body’s favorite. I don’t believe all the blood type diet stuff, but I am type O and I think it does play a role in the way my body digests and uses pure protein.

I went on an all fish diet- fresh frozen sardines, wild salmon, and some white fish. I was nervous about the heavy metals but it was the only thing that kept me from being sick in bed. I had to compromise.

Getting better!

I started to get better; my skin, my energy and mood all were improving. I stayed on this fish diet for about 1 month. Then I started to add in 1 veggie at a time. Zuchinni. Nope. Nettles. Nope. Probiotic. Nope. I was devastated that my body rejected these foods. My body was not detoxing, I know the difference between a reaction and a detox by now. (I now know that my corn allergy was unavoidable and I was so allergic to corn that even the slightest trace, like the sugar the probiotic was fed, caused serious problems.) This (click here) is a great article that shows how corn is everywhere!

Adding in foods.

Instead I added bone broth. I was ok with it. Then FCLO. Yes I could tolerate that too! I started to use coconut oil as well. A little cayenne and sea salt was included without reactions. I ate this way for 4 months (until November).

Around mid August I got myvitamin A tested and it showed very very low. I knew that supplements were not an option. I searched like a mad person for fish eyes and livers. (I knew fish eyes and livers were the best sources of vitamin A because I read this article.) I knew that beef and other animals were not agreeing with my body so those parts were not options at this time.

I finally found that my local fisherman had salmon livers and pounds of them! I stocked up and ate them by the bowl full…seriously! I would wake up in the middle of the night and fork a raw fish liver and eat it. Raw. I never cooked these livers, they were only consumed raw. Some days I ate about 10 of them, some days only a bite.


eat up!

eat up!


If you are wondering, fish livers have the texture of chicken livers, but taste fishy. The eye balls did not come as easily. My family went to Florida (I can not travel due to my sensitivities) and found a little market lady that agreed to pluck the eyes out of the next fish she got. They brought home a whole bag of fish eyes. “Surprise” they said as they handed me the eyes. I was more excited then you could imagine. You can see that I am gutsy and desperate to get better.

I would eat most of my fish very rare or raw. I got fish from a good source what was frozen in deep cold for over 2 weeks so I felt safe eating it raw. I was not worried about parasites because; the meat was frozen, I had been tested for them, and I drank cayenne pepper which is know to kill parasites.

I went to a raw food class (animal products) and decided that eating this way would help my digestion and health. GAPS healed the main part of my inflammation in my digestive system, but it was still there. I would cook the skin of the fish and that was it. Around November time I started to cook like 1/2 of my fish intake because my body started to crave cooked foods as it was getting colder. The raw was more stressful on my body.

Sick, again.

October rolled around and I started to get sick again (I always feel sooo much better in the summer. Probably because I just am outside like 90% of the time swimming in the lake) My sick is always feeling flu-ish and weak. I knew that bone broth would help. I started my continuos bone broth. Bones. Water. Simmer. Drink. Refill. The process has not stopped even to this day (of course I wash the crock pot from time to time).

November came and I was getting hungry, All. The. Time! I decided it was time to introduce meat. I have never been a meat eater, always turkey and chicken and fish most my life. I though why not?! Cow meat was the first. I used the bones, the liver, and the meat. It never seemed to set in my stomach well. I would eat most of it raw, but something wasn’t right.


Bison! It is very lean but full of flavor.

Bison! It is very lean but full of flavor.


My yoga friend who was learning Ayurvedic principles, told me that my dosha would benefit from eating buffalo. Hmm, interesting. Ok I thought I will try it.

I searched and found a good local source of bison meat (I buy it here and could not be happier with the quality). I bought the pre-ground bison meat. I opened up the 1 lb package of very red bison meat. I got my pan out and tallow, but instead of cooking it, I dug in raw with my fork. I ate 1/2 the lb for lunch and the other 1/2 for dinner. I was hooked, my body CRAVED bison.

From that day on, I started to eat ground bison-raw. I would eat close to 1-2 lb a day along with some fish. I would drizzle coconut oil and sea salt on top. It was very yummy and my body needed it.

NAET, rashes, detox.

December rolled around and my rashes were coming back, around my mouth (large intestines meridian). This eczema was very unflattering and discouraging. My face and eyes also seems to be chronically swollen.

At this time I also started NAET. Some of the eczema could have been a detox but I knew that I was reacting to something I was ingesting. I alwsy trust my instincts, because most of the time, they are right.

I started to cut down on coconut oil on my skin and eating. I always smeared coconut oil around the rashes I got from NAET detox. It was helping. One day I stopped it all together. My rashes cleared up within a day. I started to used the fat that floated to the top of my buffalo bone broth as my fat source and moisturizer. Yes, my lips smell like a pot roast :).


I love fish, but it doesn't love me back right now.

I love fish, but it doesn’t love me back right now.

Bye, bye fish.

A week went by and the rash came back. Now what?! Fish. I decided. Yep. I was so disappointed and very confused. My NAET dr. told me that as my body is clearing things out like grain, vitamins, pollens, other sensitivities will arise that I did not know I even had (because the reactions were so small and being masked by the bigger ones).

I wanted to confirm it. I ate fish for breakfast and dinner, and the next day I woke up with a swollen face. Confirmed, I am sensitive to fish. It could have been that I over ate it, but I really don’t know.

Next thing I knew my stomach was burning all the time, and I was always hungry! I figured that I have “stomach fire”-that is what it is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was hurting my other organs.  I craved cayenne and ate it with my food and drank it in water, though I think this was one of those craving the body gets when it is not balanced. I stopped it cold turkey and my acute burning stomach went away. No more cayenne for me.

Drowning my body.

Around this time I also read this article (read it here) about too much water. BIG wake up call for me! I was drinking over a gallon of water a day!

I was a water girl, chug chug chug! My fingers were like icicles, my headaches were frequent, and I would pee every hour. The dark circles under my eyes were just “normal”. My kidneys were hurting bad. I also think that is why the swelling in my face was becoming more prominent. I was also doing a big no no- Reverse osmosis water!

I had a horrible reaction to a new RO water filter in our house (we had been buying 5 gallons from the store- even though it was RO water). We invested in a Berkey water filter. I still have yet to try the Berkey water-hopefully in the next few days. Honestly im just scared to switch from the store RO to the Berkey, I dont want a reaction. The RO we installed that I reacted to was new which means it had anitfungals in it = corn. And I was allergic to corn at the time. Now I am not allergic to corn after the NAET, so I really should try the Berkey water because I know it is better for me.

What do I eat?

Ok, so I got off track a little, back to my 100% meat diet. You are probably wondering, what does this girl eat? I eat bison muscle meat, bison organs (adrenals, pancreas, heart, liver, spleen) and drink bison bone/meat broth. I normally eat around 2-4 lb of bison parts a day. That may seem like a lot, but its not when that is all you eat! I drink a few big cups of bison bone/meat broth each day. I don’t like drinking water so I drink bone broth.




I eat 100% meat-raw and cooked.

These days I grind my meat fresh because I started to react to the reground bison-probobly the soap these use to clean their equipment. I eat about 3/4 of my ground muscle meat raw and the other 1/4 cooked. Each day I pick an organ I want to eat.

I cut up bison pancreas, spleen,adrenal and thymus and freeze them in small pieces. I eat these organs/glands raw- I treat them like a supplement. Each organ/gland is helpful in strengthening each of my organs/glands. I cook the bison liver and heart because eating them raw just isn’t appetizing to me right now. I figured if I eat most of the bison muscle meat raw and glands, i’ll be good with vitamins. (Read about the Shocking Health Benefits for Raw Meat).

Right now I’m going through a liver eating phase. All I want is bison liver for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Of course I add in other parts of the animal, but I usually just go with what my body wants. The body is smart and I trust that it knows what it is doing. I know when I have had enough liver when it comes repulsive.

Food is simply a tool for me right now. I actually enjoy what I eat too, but mainly it is used to heal and strengthen my body. I am grateful I have found something I can tolerate :).

Can I try another food?

Just bison! Am I crazy, maybe, but that is what my body can tolerate right now. In the past few weeks after going through 26 NAET treatments, I was ready to try some new foods.

I went with what sounded good. Nettles, nope. Ginger, nope. Zucchini, nope. I was devastated again-especially after going though so much detox and healing with NAET (if you have followed my updates on fb you would know).

What is wrong with me, I thought!!! Within minutes of consuming these foods (just a bite or a sip) I would break out in a rash and swell up and get super tired. It takes a lot of courage, physical and mental strength to try a new food, because if I react (which is most of the time) my body gets zapped. My body is not ready for anything but meat and broth I guess, and honestly I’m tired or trying and reacting, I need a break.


I love my clay baths.

I love my clay baths.

I feel “toxic”!

These past few weeks, I always feel “toxic”. Maybe its the NAET or maybe it is something else. I do clay baths (learn how to here), sauna, exercise, drain my lymph system (learn how to here), acupuncture, chiropractic, enemas, H202, massage.

Nothing seems to give me lasting relief. Im not doing all this at once, but maybe it is just overwhelming my body. It is hard to tell, because when I just take a break from detoxing, I feel like a dead sack. I know everything I am doing is helping in some ways and I try to be carful on how much I do at once. Too much can be bad too.

I drink lots of charcoal. According to this article, it does not absorb food nutrients, but I still drink it away from food. I drink clay too and take clay mask baths (learn how to here). I do coffee enemas. I do acupressure points on my body. These things are my life savers to keeping the toxins OUT of my body.

Im frustrated!

It is frusturating to wake up exhausted after 12 hours of sleep (I have thyroid hashimotos so that could be part of this problem) , to wake up with a puffy face or eyes, with a rash or just plain irritable. I know that a congested liver is the cause of my crankiness. My gallbladder is sore and too much fat causes bloating.

In the past two months, every time I eat my stomach hurts a bit. My acupuncturist friend found out that my illeocecal valve is inflamed and weak. No wonder I have this constant urge to “get the toxins out of my body!”

My poor poor stomach valve.

Just jump :)

Just jump 🙂

Let me give you a little explanation form this article (read it here) I learned about the illeocecal valve.

If the valve is weak and suck open, the food stuff that is not needed (toxins) in the large intestines leaks out back into the small intestines. The role of the small intestines is to pull out nutrients from our food for our blood to transport all over our body.

If the gunk form the large intestines backs up into the small intestines, toxins are really being absorbed into the blood stream. That is probably a good factor why I always feel crummy and “toxic” and why I react to, EVERYTHING! Oh just to mention it, activated charcoal absorbs toxins from the bloodstream-so if you are like me, drink up!.


This is why…

No matter what I try I cant ingest things to heal my congested liver, my weak kidneys, my sore gallbladder..etc.

This is why I eat mostly raw meat and organs/glands. That is what my body can handle without giving it extra stress or toxins. My body cannot handle any more .

Im looking into finding a good Chinese medicine acupuncturist (I had to leave my other acupuncturist because I reacted to her fireplace- and she always keeps it running) to help heal my organs.

I am continuing with NAET (I promise to post about what it is soon) because it has allowed me to take off my mask in public places and touch and breath comfortably in my own house. My process is slow, but I am learning SO much along the way.

God has a plan.

Each little thing prepares me to become the healer that I want to be in the future (I am starting NTA in February and after that I want to go to acupuncture school).

As much as I hope there is one thing “wrong” with me or “one fix”, I know there is not. My body is not dying, but struggling to keep healthy. My organs are not failing, but stressed.

For some reason I was given this “gift” of being super duper sensitive and then able to express it in a way that people understand. I feel my organs. I feel my liver is hard. I follow the rash that runs along a certain meridian. I know my body from the inside out.

I am happy that I have the mental capacity to research and do everything I do to keep myself as healthy as possible. I am amazed at the lengths I go to to stay on my toes. I am thankful.

Some days are better then others, but I get through each day. I have a great group of dr.’s to help me and I never stop searching. My family is understanding and supportive, and I love them.

God has a plan for me, and it is to help other people who are the “mystery” case like myself. I know that is why I have to go through strange symptoms and every alternative therapy under the sun. I need to try it all out, first hand, so I can know what it feels like each step of the way. There is a plan, I just have to be patient.

My journey.

Im sorry If this comes across as “complaining” to you. It is not. I am simply just sharing with you my journey- good or bad. Life is not easy, especially when you have to go against the flow, but I know it will be worth it, someday.

So for now I will just keep eating my meat and living each day to the fullest!

~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. This makes me think of an article I just read yesterday: http://chriskresser.com/headaches-hives-and-heartburn-could-histamine-be-the-cause
    Best of luck to you! (And it doesn’t sound like you are complaining)

    • thanks I did see this but did not read it, I will now 🙂

      • It makes sense on the surface as those conditions are treated with histamine blockers, gravol to soothe the stomach is a histamine blocker and the same ingredient used in many allergy medications.

        Having said that the body usually produces histamine as a response, its not usually stuff present in the diet that is the problem.

    • AJ satter says

      Hey Caroline I wanted to ask you a few questions as I too am eating a raw meat diet or at least been trying to for the past few months. My name is Aj and you can email me if you have time to talk. Thanks 🙂

  2. You are AMAZING! I am in AWE at your dedication to healing. You will find the answer(s), You will heal. You are an inspiration to all of us to keep going on our journeys.

  3. Caroline, your attitude is so inspiring. You’re not giving up. You have hope. You’re doing everything in your power to heal yourself. I’m beginning to give up on just healing my Psoriasis, and I haven’t gone through even half of the struggles you have. I tried a little raw meat once because I know that’s the best way to eat it,but just couldn’t handle it. I think, though, that I want to try a diet of just a lb of grass-fed beef a day plus bone broth – maybe the herbs, vegetables, and fruits that I’m eating are affecting me negatively. It’s an experiment. And per your suggestions, I’ve started taking activated charcoal, and also bought some bentonite clay for bathing.
    Thanks for sharing this story – it’s good to know more about you and this journey you’re on. It’s amazing how well you know your body, too. I think I hardly know mine. Thank you for the reminder that life should be lived to the fullest no matter what trials there are.
    I believe, too, that God does have a plan. He has the best in mind for us…and even struggles like this can be gifts, to lead us to more understanding, more reliance on him, and a desire to help others who face the same thing.
    I think you may be my role model. 🙂

  4. shannon says

    Hey girl, I totally understand what you are going thru. Have you considered that eating something everyday, all day, will set you up to become sensitive to that food. WIth my experience and testing, everything says to rotate. The digestive system was not designed to eat the same thing everyday. I try to eat a protein, nut, veggie or whatever all day but only once a week. This is how I do best. I know you dont have a lot of options or choices, but I fear you will soon be sensitive to the bison as well.

    • Shannon, yes you brought up my greatest fear. I do very well know what you are talking about. Im very unsure what the future will bring in those terms. I just hope that I will find enough healing with NAET and with a new acupuncturist that I can introduce more foods…That is my goal. I will find something else before its too late 🙂

  5. Mary Rebekah says

    Some of your symptoms sound like hypothyroid/hashimoto’s symptoms to me. Is there any way for you to find a functional/hollistic MD or DO, get your TSH, Free T3, Free T4, tested, and then if needed, get on compounded t3/t4 or Armour (NDT) medicine? If your fatigue, malaise, swollen face, aches, weakness, etc. is coming from your thyroid issue, than being on medicine for it should take those things away. Sorry if I’m being presumptuous here. 😉

  6. Pamela Call Johnson says

    Sounds to me like you are allergic to winter, cold, snow, and maybe wind.
    You are a very pretty girl.

  7. wow, I had no idea, Caroline! thank you for sharing your story 😉

  8. Hi! You mentioned that you feel best in summer (so do I). Have you checked your Vitamin D levels?

  9. Marisa H says

    Eating very low carb gave me hypothyroid and I became tired, lethargic, and cranky as well. I have to wonder if eating VLC is causing you some problems as well?

  10. Judy M. says

    Caroline, I am in awe of you. What a journey! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. I have my health issues, but they are nothing compared to yours. I just can’t imagine eating fish eyes and some of the other things you deal with. As I was reading your journey, I could not help but think that even though you struggle with all of your issues, you are such a blessing to others. You are blessed with a positive, “gutsy” outlook and God will use you (and already is) greatly to help others. I pray you realize your goal of becoming a practitioner. Keep up the good work and do not loose heart. I love following your blog and learn so much from you.

  11. Caroline, we are all rooting for you! This must be so incredibly hard to deal with. your positive attitude and outlook should be admired. Honestly. I believe you will be able to help a LOT of people! No one will be better able to understand other people’s suffering than you! Keep it up girl, i really ope you fing some healing and answers <3

  12. Have you ever researched salicylates, amines or glutamates? These are natural chemicals in foods, like fruit and vegetables that can affect people. If you want to start introducing veg, maybe start with some ‘low natural chemical veggies’? White cabbage, celery, Brussels sprouts, leek, red cabbage, green beans…..

  13. Wow! You have had quite a journey this past half a year or so. I pray that all the foods you try will nourish your body and you find balance very, very soon! I am so amazed by your strength and I know some day soon you will find that perfect balance!

    God bless!

  14. Great article and very good of you to honestly share your challenges.

    One thing I notice is that you state you feel toxic and its hard to know from the pictures it seems you are on a high protein diet without adequate fat. Such a diet, long term, is toxic. Native Americans took great lengths to harvest extra buffalo fat, to the point of killing additional animals, so that they could pair adequate fat to the lean. If you are eating protein as the largest part of your diet, to the point where your body is using protein for energy needs, this will have endogenously produced toxic by products.

    I would suggest adding in some buffalo tallow etc… or making pemmican at home at a very low temp approx 105F for drying the lean, and rendering the fat as per normal render temps. This would preserve the ascorbic qualities of the lean, yet provide adequate “fat energy” so that your body uses protein for its rightful needs as building blocks not an energy source.

    Anyway obviously its hard to do anything more than guess but having done months of zero carb, meat only, I found this change to ensuring adequate fat is what really makes the difference between feeling toxic (or crappy as I call it) and feeling amazing.

    All the best.

  15. Heidi P. says

    Thank you so much for writing this! I started having a rash on my face (around the mouth – SO embarrassing) last June, and have had to cut back on almost everything too. Just when it is almost healed, I try to introduce something, and it flares. And it takes forever to heal. I am on mostly meat, animal fat, & broth also. I’ve avoided going to a dr because I don’t want a steroid to fix the rash. I want to figure out what my body needs. I’m interested in what NAET is, so I will watch for your post. God bless us all on this crazy journey!

  16. Hi, I am curious whether raw animal diet improves severe hair loss? Did you have an experience?

  17. Brittany Ardito says

    You are so positive while you are going through such difficult times. I don’t know if I could be so strong with everything you are going through. You are truly an inspiration. I suffer from horrible pollen & mold allergies and sinus pressure. But when I read a story like yours, it makes my problems seem miniscule. I wish you luck and that you find the answers soon. You are right, you are going through this journey for a reason and you will be able to help others out in the future. Hang in there 🙂

  18. Amy Barnes says

    Aren’t you afraid that the raw meat will at some point makes you sick from e.coli, salmonella or other yucky bug? What you are doing is ghastly to me! Even Dr. Mercola got really really sick on raw meat. Be careful!

  19. I love the honesty of your post. It’s amazing to fight these battles….I’ve been at it 20 years. I, too, thank God for the afflictions in order to grow and learn and enjoy Him more. After all, this life is really short and eternity is really long! I am really well versed in all the diets…have my degree in nursing…and am most worried about the extremes that you are going through. I understand that nothing works for more than a few months. Such a roller coaster. I’ve been on it too.
    When you eat only one thing your body is overloaded, compensates for a while, and then revolts. We need a variety of foods and tons of live enzymes….yeah raw!, but mixed with cooked.
    After 12 years of trying the diets and looking at individual foods I gave in and went GAPS/Body Ecology. When I hit walls, I go back to introduction.(like when your skin errupted) I embrace the reactions and detox waves. It stinks to go to bed for a few days/weeks without notice..Weeks of the flu and THAT feeling at the top of a flight of stairs..but I find it the most balanced approach of all the diets.
    Yes, ignore that some say you can keep corn or milk or peanuts..I really wonder if I can ever eat nuts…but still think it is the most cleansing in the long-run. .Fermented foods and Marrow broths are the key period.
    I know you’ve tried everything, but eventually you and I will be sensitive to everything. I totally encourage you to head a bit more towards center.
    Yell at me if you like! Praying for your wisdom – Jame 1:5

  20. stephanie linihan says

    I am starting NTA in the in February, too! See you there. 🙂

  21. “I never give up.” Smiling face.

    Wow, I think you’ve just given me a newfound courage for my health (digestive/allergies/asthma) symptoms. Thank you.
    Also, sign me up as a patient for when you become a healer you will be amazing!
    -Sarah in Colorado

  22. Terisa says

    You cannot eat only meat, you have to have a balance, you are on the right track by eating raw. You must combine your foods for different ailments, please read the book “We Want to Live” by Aajonous Vonderplanitz. He tells you what you need and why throughout the day and the percentages. What you need mostly throughout the day is raw meat, just like you are doing but you are missing the other factors. He has also personally told me that Bison is the best meat for your brain. You are doing so good and really on the right track, keep going and please read his book, he has two, the other one is a recipe book called, “The recipe for living without disease”. Take care and I know you will feel normal for a long time after reading his books. Hugs. Terisa

  23. Hmmm…I left a long comment here when I first read this on Sunday. It must have not gone through! Anyways, to sum it up, I just said that you really are so inspiring. My problem (Psoriasis) is nothing compared to yours, and I’m already feeling like giving up. But you are so determined and have such a great attitude about it all! I think you may be my new role model.
    I believe that God does have a perfect plan, and that there is a purpose for everything. It will be revealed in time – but he is always faithful through all the trials.

  24. So much sympathy for you! A lot of what you describe in terms of foods sounds so very similar to my own experience. For a while, bison was about all I could eat, too.

    I have numerous other allergies, but I thought for a while that I was allergic to corn. It turns out that I actually am deficient in the enzyme sulfite oxidase. This makes it so that I cannot process more than just a few foods or substances that contain any sulfite OR sulfur compounds. Making this enzyme requires enough of certain B vitamins and molybdenum to be absorbed, so if there is gut trouble, it gets worse. I had a mild case of this before, but it exploded when I started having gut trouble.

    Sulfites are in ALL processed corn except corn meal/corn flour, so all corn contamination gets sensitive sulfite people too. Sulfites are also used as a preservative for most scent in soaps, perfumes, and cleaners, so many sulfite sensitive people I know of tend to feel much more ill when they spend more time indoors and better when they can get outdoors, unless it is a high traffic area, as sulfites are present in car exhaust, too.

    When I read that you do much better when you are outside, I really wanted to make sure and share this, especially as this is something that can develop if the digestive system is having problems. At least, this has been many sulfite sensitive people’s experience, although it has received almost no research in the medical community.

    I react to any produce that has a pesticide used on it. I react to all but one organic produce that has an organic pest control method used on it (organic avocados are sometimes okay). I react to all meats we bought at the store and almost all that we bought online or from ranches. I react to all but one brand of salt (sulfites are used to bleach salt), all but one brand of oil (bariani olive oil), and every other processed food I have tried since developing this. I react to most water (sulfites are added to these, too, or are naturally present).

    What I DON’T react to: produce I grow in my own garden, with no soil amendments or potting soil added, just the native dirt and water. Although I have to avoid high sulfur produce, which includes the entire brassica family and the allium family.

    I found ONE farmer who used ‘hope’ as his pest control and I can eat his produce. I have found no other farmer’s produce I can tolerate in my city, or in the three other cities I’ve explored, either.

    I CAN have the same brand of bison meat that you eat, though. I can also have the meat from one rancher in my area, and I found one fisherman, too, who doesn’t use ice with citric acid added to it (some ice used in fishing boats now has that, ugh).

    I know that you are aware of your own health; you obviously pay good attention to it. I figured that sharing this couldn’t hurt, however, and might be of use if this ever does develop or might be contributing. 🙂 Wishing you good luck in regaining your health, from someone who was about that low and managed to claw my way back out after a couple of years.

    And for anyone else reads this and it hits a cord, this website has been very useful for me in finding many of the foods that bothered me, at first, although this gal can use some processed foods that I cannot: http://holdthesulfites.com/

    • WOW thanks for all that info 🙂 I wanted to say that I can have broccoli now!! yeah and maybe I should treat sulfites for NAET..its not a cure all but may get me to the point where i can heal my gut 🙂

  25. Piroska says

    Hi Caroline,
    Recently found a website what is all about gut. http://www.gaps.me/preview. Please check out, will help you to build up healthy gut. The other thing is
    The maximized living maybe your chiropractor is in, if not you could check out http://www.maximizedliving.com

  26. Have you thought about parasites? I, too, had to eat a lot of meat at one time, and later, one of the things it turned out to be was parasites.. they will also cause sensitivities to food, rashes, fatigue, etc.. Keep up the good work!

  27. NAET control Allergies

  28. Hey Caroline,

    I do not know where you are now in your journey, but I hope that you have discovered lugols iodine by now. It has certainly changed my life. Much love, xo

  29. Katherine says

    Caroline it has been quite some time since you’ve written this….how are you doing?

  30. Esther Abergel says

    After years of digestive misery andof being on a ketogenic diet, I have now switched to the program at http://www.drlwilson.com. i find it is a healing diet. Worth researching.


  1. […] Another post that really stood out to me this month was from Gutsy with her post about her “shocking truth“. It is a very touching update about her journey on the GAPS diet that ranges from eating […]

  2. […] knew I was autoimmune and since I was only eating one food a week ago, there was no way to balance out my T1 dominant side. My immune system was so tipped, that my […]

  3. […] Its no secret, I eat raw meat–every day. […]

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