Fall into Health Autumn SALE: $39 (Value $2,000+)


Fall into Health Autumn sale!

What’s so special about the first week of Nobember (1-7) It’s the Fall into Health Autumn sale?

I have posted about amazing ebook bundles like this is the past, but this Fall into Health Autumn sale is different… and much better.Never before has Village Green Network (my blogging buddies) put together such a big bundle full of not only ebooks, but online classes, discounts, podcasts, magazines, and meal plans. There are even awesome giveaways you can enter with the Fall into Health Autumn sale.

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Excellent E-books

I’m a total research and book nerd. Seriously, if you took a look at my bookshelves you would know what I’m talking about. I read and read and I never seem to be satisfied with knowing just a book, I want to read 2 or 3 books on the same subject. Call me crazy, but that’s how I roll. When I saw this Fall intoHealth sale, I jumped at the opportunity, because I wanted to read these (excellent) books to add to my research section of my brain.

I’m going to be honest, I am addicted to reading these ebooks. I can’t get over how much I have learned in the past 3 days, I feel like I can tackle any allergy friendly diet, every health issue, and give a complete face/body and house makeover. Do you think I’m getting carried away? You will just have to read these 47 Ebooks to see for yourself what I’m taking about, and then maybe you will go into the full I-can-cure-detoxify-do-anything mode. Just wait and see 😉

Sale includes:

  • 48 ebooks
  • 15 exclusive podcasts
  • 3 online video classes
  • 2 meal plans
  • 2 magazines
  • 20 discount coupons for great brands!

This is the LAST bundle of the year, so don’t miss out!


Lucky for you, there are also some extras in the bundle (I think I’m just as excited about). I like listening to podcasts while I chop my vegetables or boil some soup or tea. It’s a nice way to multitask and actually I find it keeps me focused. These podcasts are exclusive to this bundle and it’s only offered for a limited time only (Nov 1-7).

Learn more about each Podcast speaker HERE!


Online video classes:

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading but sometimes I just want to watch something. I think I’m a visual learner so that’s why I like to blog, because I can put my thoughts and accumulated knowledge from my extensive research into a physical post with pictures. It’s a part of me that I don’t think I will ever let go of now. Anyways, I was really surprised to see 2 online classes. I may or may not have done a little happy dance…no one was watching ;).

Learn more about the online classes Here!


Meal Plans:

There’s more (I know crazy)! You get 2 meal plans too. I have never been one to use meal plans because of my severe allergies, but now that I’m able to eat more foods, I’m starting to need inspiration. After taking a look at them, I think they will actually go to good use! Yippee!

Learn more about the Meals Plans Here!



I like getting caught up on the most recent news and recipes and flipping through pages of yummy pictures. Magazines inspire me to experiment in the kitchen and try something new. You will get 7 issues of the Healthy Recipes digital magazine and 7 issues of the Paleo Living digital magazine (3 moth subscription). The writers are authors, recipe makers, bloggers, and even doctors.  I bet these are going to be good!

Coupon Codes:

Im not the only one who shops online. I actually find that companies are more willing to make allergy free and real food items now days. You may not find everything you want in the stores, but I actually think its easier to just have stuff sent to the house. I really am excited to see a Berky coupon!! Primal Pit paste is awesome, Cultures for health is a must for fermenting things, Radiant life has about everything. These coupons will be put to good use.

Learn more about the Discount Coupons Here!




$39 is the price for this WHOLE bundle of ebooks, classes, meal plans, magazines and coupons! Actual values listed below:

  • $985 : 47 ebooks (click here to see each book price)
  • $45: 15 podcasts  ($2.99 each)
  • $277: 3 online video classes
  • $220: 2 meal plans
  • $63: 2 magazines
  • + coupons to save more $

Total: over $2000 + in value!! If you want to talk numbers, I think you are going to be blown away how much you are saving. As much as I like my books and research, I don’t have extra cash lying around to buy many things. That being said, If I were to buy books/classes/meal plans, I would save it all up for THIS Fall into Health sale.

You guys it’s $39 !!!! Normally you could maybe get like 2 of these books for that price. You will never get the online classes of meal plans for this price. You won’t get a chance to hear these podcasts again because they are exclusive! All of this together is worth over $2000 and you are paying $39. It’s a crazy good deal for some pretty awesome books.

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 25% off VGN Premium Members:

Are you Part of the Village Green Network Premium membership club? If you are then its your extra lucky day because you get 25% off of the Fall into Health Autumn sale. That means you get this bundle for $29!

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What do I think of the books?

I got a chance to read many of these books (If you are wondering, I categorized these books into categories I think seemed fitting).

The recipe books made me drool. There were so so many recipes but I was really excited about the ones that were grain-free/ dairy free/ egg free/ GAPS! These bloggers really have stepped up their  allergy free cooking skills.

The healthy living books made the  research neard in me come alive, I was on edge after each page. I mean… talking about metabolism, circadian rhythm, estrogen dominance, detox… Don’t get me started.

The healthy home books were awesome because I’m all about using nontoxic stuff.

The homestead books give me something to dream about for my own home someday ( it’s never too soon to plan right?).

The body and beauty books are always something new for me and you may already know I am a fan of the Eczema cure (which I wrote a post about here). The detox and cleansing  books are inspiring and motivating. 

I’m always an advocate for detox and these books are surprisingly thorough. Oh I can’t forget about the plan and guide books, which are excellent for people who are just getting started or like to have “what to do” written out for them. I found them handy.

Can you tell I just want to tell you about each book right now? Because I do!! But you will have to wait and watch out for a post each day this week (Nov 1-7) when I feature a book that I simply loved or learned a lot from.

Get a description of each e-book HERE.





Real food: 

  • Real Food for Real Life – Emily Benfit of Butter Believer
  • Gluten Free: Real Food Recipes for Kids – Tracey Black of Don’t Mess with Mama
  • Gluten-free Vegetarian: 80+ Soy-free Meatless Real Food Recipes – Hannah Healy of Healy Real Food Vegetarian
  • Culture Your Life: Kefir and Kombucha for Every Day Nourishment – Louise Kane Buckley of Loula Natural
  • Heritage Cooking: Historic Recipes for Modern Kitchens – Lori Elliott of Our Heritage of Health
  • Real Food Nutrition FOR KIDS! – Kristen Michaelis of Food Renegade
  • Simply Salads by Season – Kristen Michaelis of Food Renegade
  • Natural Cocktails: Classic and Contemporary Mixed Drinks for the Real Foodie – Kendahl Millecam of Our Nourishing Roots
  • The Organic Kitchen: Autumn/Winter Menus – Linda Spiker


Beauty & Body:

  • Beautify Your DIY: A Guide to Gorgeous Natural Gifts – April Anderton of Healing for Real
  • The Eczema Cure – Emily Bartlett of Holistic Squid
  • Love Your Body: The Imperfect Girl’s Guide to Positive Body Image – Elizabeth Walling of The Nourished Life
  • Lleaon’s Anti-aging Beauty Secrets: DIY Anti-aging Skin Care Recipes, Foods, Herbs, Supplements and Facial Yoga – Lleaon Rao of Beauty Secrets Revealed


Grain-free & allergy-free: 

  •  Gluten-free and Grain-free Breads, Batters and Doughs – Halle Cottis of Whole Lifestyle Nutrition
  • Real Food Real Good Cookbook – Stephanie Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo
  • Indulge and Heal: 40 Nourishing Treats without Grains, Dairy, Nuts & Refined Sugar – Lauren Geertsen of Empowered Sustenance
  • The Nourished Kitchen Guide to Grain-free & Dairy-free Baking, Sweets and Treats – Jennifer McGruther of Nourished Kitchen
  • Reversing Food Allergies Cookbook: Learn How to Reverse Your Food Allergies with Diet – Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave
  • Grain-free Breads, Snacks & Desserts – Jill Tieman of Real Food Forager
  • Paleo Treats: Grain-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Nut-free – Suzanne Perazzini of Strands of My Lif
  • Season’s Eatings: 62 Core Plan & Advanced Plan Menu Options for Thanksgiving and Christmas – Elise Schwartz of Healing Cuisine by Elise
  • Awaken: 30+ Egg-free & Grain-free Breakfasts – Karen Sorenson of Living Low Carb… One Day at a Time


Home & Homestead: 

  • Greening Your Holidays – Donna DeForbes of Eco-Mothering
  • Your Custom Homestead: Awakening a Fresh Vision of Homesteading – Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead
  • Natural Homestead: 40+ Recipes for Natural Critters and Crops – Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead
  • Sustainability Starts at Home: How to Save Money While Saving the Planet – Dawn Gifford of Small Footprint Family
  • How to Finally Escape The Clutter Trap – Robin Konie of Thank Your Body
  • Toxic Free: 70 Recipes for a Toxic-free Home – Robin Konie of Thank Your Body


Diet & Cleanse:

  • Have Your Cake and Lose Weight, Too! Slim Down & Heal Your Body While Eating Delicious Fats, Carbs & Real, Whole Food – DaNelle Wolford of Weed ‘Em and Reap
  • Kick the Weight with Keto – Kim Knoch of Eat Fat Lose Fat Blog
  • 7 Day Diet Plan: For Weight Loss and Improved Heath – Katherine Kyle of Green Thickies
  • Three Weeks to Vitality: The Ultimate Cleanse – Mary Vance of MaryVance.com


Healthy living:

  • The Sleep Solution: End Your Insomnia Naturally – Emily Benfit of Butter Believer
  • The Nourished Metabolism: The Balanced Guide to How Diet, Exercise and Stress Impact Your Metabolic Health – Elizabeth Walling of The Nourished Life
  • Real Fit at Every Age – Julie de Lagarde of Real Fit Mama
  • The 30-Day Heartburn Solution: A 3-Step Nutrition Program to Stop Acid Reflux Without Drugs – Craig Fear of Fearless Eating
  • Quit PMS: End Your Menstrual Misery! – Lauren Geertsen of Empowered Sustenance
  • Total Fitness Routine for Beginners: An Introduction to Real Food & Fitness – Audry Godwin of A Nutritional Makeover
  • Break Out the Inner MILF – Jacki Hayes of Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Do
  • Nourishing Our Children – Sandrine Love of Nourishing Our Children
  • Shin Splint Soutions – Dr. Peggy Malone of DrPeggyMalone.com


Guides & Plans:

  • The Granny Plan: 12 Steps to Everyday Home Cooking – Kathy Block of Granny’s Vital Vittles
  • Real Food Ingredient Guide – Kelly the Kitchen Kop
  • Homemade Mommy Handbook: Tips, Techniques and Basic Real Food Recipes to Cook Like a Homemade Mommy – Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy
  • Real Food Survival Guide for Busy Moms – Lindsey Gremont of Homemade Mommy
  • The Paleo Survival Guide – Sylvie McCracken of Hollywood Homestead
  • Food Ninjas: How to Raise Kids to Be Lean, Mean Eating Machines – Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health

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