Fresh Summer fruit GIVEAWAY!

Who does’t love biting into a fresh juicy peach on a hot summer day. Or better yet, berry picking and nibbling along the way. Have you ever swam with a watermelon and then cracked it open? I have. It is so fun bobbing the melon up and down, you have to try it :). Mmmm these are the tastes of…..



Strawberry coconut fluff muffins

I don’t know about you, but I always make sure that my fruits and veggies are organic. This is because of toxins and pesticides..if pesticides are meant to kill little critters, then what do you think they will do to your body? Um..I personally don’t want to find out, so that is why I stick with organic.

If you can’t buy all organic, then at least by local at your farmers market, or go stick to the clean 15 rule. Just make sure any un-organic produce is not GMO, ick!

Recently I received a box of organic produce from Melissa’s. Opening the box was like Christmas in July! I got 5 lb of pickling cucumbers, 10 green apples, and lots of  cranberries. They were all organic too. 🙂

I got busy right away and made some yummy food to share with you all. I will get the recipes up soon! I didn’t want to waste one piece of the produce they sent me. Melissa’a organic produce is so fresh and they offer an AMAZNIG variety!!


Fermented pickles! They are delicious and crunchy!


Cranberry rhubarb puree for fruit roll ups!


GAPS apple pancake!

Ok ok, I will stop temping you. Sorry about that. But I guess now you have something to look forward to for this week 🙂



Melissa’s produce is going to offer one lucky winner a box of organic seasonal produce. It will be a combination of their best fruits in season, so it should be REALLY good!

“the box will contain the summer best in Organics (like peaches, plums, grapes, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes)” ~Melissa’s produce

Your summer is not complete until you eat the best fruit of the season 🙂

Enter the giveaway.


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~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. Carolyn says

    I love berries, but organic ones are so expensive – so I only get them when they are in season in the summer. So many yummy foods on Melissa’s site!

  2. Katie M. says

    I absolutely LOVE fresh peaches!

  3. Carolyn says

    As a kid, swimming all day was my favorite thing about summer!

  4. Donna Dashnau says

    peaches, peaches and more peaches

  5. Christie B. says

    It’s hard to choose a favorite summer fruit! This year, my son has been able to tolerate more foods (thanks to GAPS!!), so we’ve been enjoying strawberries, cherries, apricots…If had to choose a favorite, it would probably be strawberries, but the others are so good, too!!

  6. Christie B. says

    I follow you on Facebook, but sorry, I’m not going to do the Twitter thing. I spend enough time on FB, I don’t need another place to spend time like that. And I signed up for you newsletter.

  7. Joanna says

    Strawberries are definitely my favorite summer fruit!

  8. Emilie Roush says

    My favorite fruit is peaches!

  9. Emilie Roush says

    My favorite summer activity is roadtripping!

  10. I love so many fruits but I saw different cherries on her site. I will go with cherries.

  11. I’m subscribed to your newsletter.

  12. My favorite part of summer is rock climbing with my son.

  13. Sarah Laughlin says

    Mangos are my favorite summer fruit.

  14. My favorite summer fruit is nectarine. My favorite part of summer is the heat!! I love to ride my bike and go to the farmer’s market. I have subscribed, followed on fb and twitter.

  15. Blueberries, without a doubt… but then, maybe nectarines, which I forget about because it’s so hard to find good juicy organic ones where I live. Although, cantaloupe was my favorite when I was little, I was even called Ellen Melon because I could eat a whole cut up melon by myself if I was left to my own devices. What a tough question!

  16. I did everything except the emailing. My favorite summer fruit is strawberries. My favorite part of summer is probably going to comic-con. here’s my blog post: http://www.awesometaco.com/blog/2012/8/1/gutsy-blog-summer-fruit-giveaway.html

  17. Katelyn says

    Berries are my favorite summer fruit!

  18. peaches

  19. the best thing about the summer is an abundance of fresh local produce

  20. shared your giveaway on FB (gala ya)

  21. katherine d. says

    honeycrisp apples!

  22. love, love, love those juicy peaches!

  23. katherine d. says

    my favorite thing about summer is exercising outside in the fresh air and sunshine

  24. I love peaches in the summer. Mmm

  25. It’s gotta be perfectly ripe strawberries for me!

  26. Rebecca says

    I LOVE organic blackberries!


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