GAPS Fried Apple Skin Chips

Lets give a warm welcome to Melissa from Unmistakably Food. She has one yummy recipe to share!

What’s that smell you ask?

That vanilla-apple-spice flagrance infusing your entire home and even seeping into your front yard?

That, my friend, is the decadent aroma of the fried apple skin chips you made in your dreams last night. And I am here with the recipe.

But first, a story.

The Story of the Leftover Apple Skins

The other day I made an apple crisp. I peeled the apples, sliced them, and threw them in the oven. Then I looked at my pile of apples skins.

“What a shame,” I thought to myself.

These were organic apples you see, so rather than being full of pesticides, these skins were loaded with vitamins. I have a 16-month-old daughter named Audrey, and I am obsessed with vitamins. I make up recipes all the time with the sole intent of getting as many vitamins into her little body as I can in one sitting.

The more I thought about it, the more I was sure. There had to be some use for these skins – preferably a grain-free option suited for toddlers with developing digestive tracts.

It was then that an idea came to me: Fried Apple Skin Chips!

Why You Should Make These GAPS Fried Apple Skin Chips

1. They’re crispy and crunchy. They pop into your mouth just like a chip but they’re healthy for you!
2. They’re sweet, but have no added sweetener
3. They’re GAPS legal
4. They’re toddler approved
5. They are so easy to make
6. They’re a perfect mix of caramelized, fall-crispness, apple-spiced, vanilla goodness
7. Did I mention they make your house smell divine? Seriously! People will think you’ve been burning a candle!



1. Skin of three apples
2. 1-2 Tbs virgin coconut oil (for that sweet coconut flavor)
3. 1/2 tsp pure vanilla
4. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
5. a dash of nutmeg


1. Throw everything into a skillet.
2. Mix
3. Saute on medium-low heat
4. Stir frequently
5. When skins start to caramelize, remove from heat
6. Enjoy your crispy, aromatic, apple skin chips!






Like what you read? Visit Melissa’s blog, Unmistakably Food <— (now moved to here) for hearty healthy recipes and all things real food.

Melissa Combs is a stay-at-home mommy, writer, amateur chef, and real-food-lover. She is especially passionate about nutrition for children, natural parenting, and non-toxic, sustainable living. You can also find her on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

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  1. So creative! I love this idea, and I’m sure it will come in handy when I make applesauce and apple pie filling!

  2. Mmmm! Looks delicious – and what a clever idea for using apple skins! I have often thought the same thing “oh, what a waste”, as I throw them into the compost. I will definitely give this a try!

  3. Apple skin for chips with vanilla, thank you for the inspiration recipes


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