Gutsy Pantry Paratus Podcast


I am speaking on a Podcast at Pantry Paratus!

Its so weird to hear myself speak…I will just leave it to you to listen to it! Ha 🙂


Listen to it here! Click here!


What we talk about:




-GAPS diet, what is it, what does it do for you?


-Gut connected to your brain, really?


-Which vitamins do you need for your gut—where do you get them?


-Selective supplements vs. whole foods which cannot be replicated


-Overdose on certain minerals (as naturally found in foods)?


-Organ meats from grass fed animals


-Everyone heals (the gut) at a different rate


-Graduating different steps through the diet as you add in different food


-GAPS diet recipes do not have to be weird or yucky, just substitute GAPS ingredients where necessary


-GAPS diet for a college student


-Preparing GAPS food ahead of time, then freeze it so that it becomes its own (nutritious) convenience food


-The “buy in” for GAPS diet, what is the price for getting GAPS foods


-Finding ways to buy food in bulk with other people (co-op’s, etc.)


-Finding ways to stretch the foods you do have


-Chest freezer is the best tool for a real food person


-Bone broth and eating foods in season


-GAPS diet includes vegetables too!


-You should not be tired after eating your food


-What does the GAPS diet address?  How can Moms use this diet for their children?


-Testimony of using the GAPS diet for depression


Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon Morell


-Food coloring and children


-Food to harm or food to heal


-When people start to notice the change in you


-Reaching out to the younger generation with the Gutsy message


-Helping children to understand their body’s signals for food


-Other things Caroline tried before she succeeded with the GAPS diet


-How Caroline was able to research her owns symptoms and find her solution with the GAPS diet


-Getting to the point where the pain of being sick is greater than the pain of change


-Slowly changing your shopping and cooking habits over time to develop a healthy gut


-Lifestyle changes that help you succeed on a GAPS diet


-Setting aside a preparation day to make broth, prepare vegetables, dehydrate, etc. so that you have this routine down


-Resources you might need: GAPS diet, canning jars, other blogs, finding farmers locally,dehydrator, etc.


whewf! we covered a lot…why don’t you just listen to it instead 🙂


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. I loved this! I laughed so hard when you explained how your brother and sister test your food to see if it is up to “normal people standards.” LOL! Congratulations on the podcast!


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