Healing update #4

If you are sick almost every day (like me) there are some rules or guidelines I like to follow that give me purpose in life and focused on healing…


rule #1: Do something that makes you happy. (Right now for me that is cuddling this new guy in the pictures below. I don’t think I have smiled and laughed this much in a years!)

rule #2: Pray. Wait, maybe that should have been #1..lets just say that the order has no significance. God is the creator of all of us and he is the one that allowed us to be sick in the first place. Only He has he answers and it is our responsibility to figure this out–we are on this journey for a reason-I promise. (For me, I open up the bible each day to a random passage and somehow it connects to my life at the moment-I love it, it is so encouraging.) Remember miracles happen!

rule #3: Find support. There are people who are going through the same thing as you. It may not seem like it- but you will be led to these people wether you are looking for them or not. Talking and exchanging ideas is priceless! (I sure have done my share and have met amazing people along the way. My sickness leads me to the most amazing hopeful people.)

rule #4: Listen to your instincts. If you cannot detox or get out of bed, then don’t (or do as little as possible if that is not an option). Eat what your body calls for-as long as its healthy. Exercise only if you think it will be good for you today. Your body is smart- you cant trick it!

rule #5: HOPE. If there is one thing I have learned these past 2 months-it is to hope. Hope for a miracle. Hope for resources. Hope for a good day. Hope that your “fire” doesn’t die. Hope that you find a purpose through all of this. Hope even if you don’t have a reason to. NEVER Give up!


Now you may have your own set of “rules” of things that keep you going, but this is mine all summed up. I may be missing a few things, but I hope you get the point.

Cooper +

The Flu.

My family had the flu for over 2 weeks (im still struggling, and this post has been “in the making” for over 2 weeks!) We all started to feel run down mid February and then every few days I go through this cycle. Sick-in bed, no energy to move. Take a bath or sauna hoping with will make me feel a bit better-does very little. Feel a tad better but still have a fever and don’t sleep well. Oh my energy is coming back!-finally. Feeling super good- im going to take a walk or something. Then just when things start looking good-back flat on my back sick in bed. This cycle has happened 4x already!!! Each weekend I get very sick. I pray this this be the last weekend.

We were all so weak and dizzy. I canceled most of my appointments for this past week so I could just rest. The laundry and dishes and everything else took a back seat. Rest was most important.


I don’t believe can be healthy.

What?! Of course I do…or at least that is what I try to do. But deep down. I dont.

Dr. Conners did some muscle testing with asking questions. He asked me to say something like “I believe I will be completely healed”. Ha! I tested weak for it while I tested strong for many other statements.

What am I going to do about it? First off, he did some special EFT tapping with extra things added like rolling eyes, and humming a tune while I would say “I believe I will be completely healed”. It seems a little wacko but, what every works-right? He explained that he was trying to help me break the circuit. Tapping on acupressure points while saying a statement helps the body realize the truthfulness of the statement and will help the brain break that “negative” circuit, like in my case. He retested me and it was a bit stronger.

for I know dr conners

Healing the memories

That was not the end of my healing with the emotions. I cannot heal without God. That is simple.

I learned that emotions can hinder the body from healing fully. When I was muscle tested for heavy metals, it showed that emotions were tied into this big mess. I knew I had some things to work on. Talking to someone you trust is powerful and very helpful.

There was this little game that we played. I had to remember a painful time (the first one that pops into my head). The more vivid the better. The game is to feel the feeling you did in that situation–it hurts right? The reason why it still hurts is because the emotion never got resolved or healed. Now imagine–where was Jesus in that situation–or where would you have liked him to be? Was He holding your hand when no one else could? Was He keeping you safe as things clashed? Was He whispering into your ear as you watched everything fall apart around you. You can imagine it any way you want-but make sure you ask God to guide you to remember what you are suppose to. Replacing Jesus in the painful situation will allow you to see the situation in a completely different way, in a way that you could not see before. You might just feel different afterward, at least I did. This “game” is called healing the memories.

Something I never thought about is that why not ask God why I am sick? There is obviously a purpose and it is our responsibility to figure it out. For me, maybe it is so I can heal and understand people in the same situation one day. Maybe I need to go through this journey to truly find out who I am inside and out.

I opened up to a bible passage today and this is what stood out, I hope it speaks to you as it did to me. “Take heart daughter; your faith has made you well.” Β ~Matthew 9:22



I continue to do NAET. I feel like it gives me relief after the 25 hours and allows me to keep adding things back into my life. I have almost treated 40 things so I am becoming pretty experienced and am getting to know my body even better in the process.

I treated fish- and thank goodness I did because sadly now Im allergic to the one food I could eat -bison. Not too sad for me, I was getting sick of it anyways. Things are always changing and I just embrace it. If I just held on to things and pondered over it for too long, I would miss out on what is happening in the NOW!

I also treated magnesium. I knew something was up with magnesium and my body, because every time I used magnesium oil on my body I would feel like I had the flu–not a detox, but just sick. So I treated it with NAET. I felt terrible and surprisingly it did not clear the first time. After the 25 hour mark, almost on the dot, I started to feel run down. Too bad it was a weekend and I just was achy and flu-ish until I got it retreated and wow did that make a difference! It thought I forgot what it felt like to feel good–or semi-good πŸ™‚

The last one I treated was coconut. Why? Because if you look at my lip picture below you will see that I was desperate for relief.



Some days I feel like a itchy puffer fish. Swollen lips, itchy skin…its not fun.

Bloating, rashes, redness, tired, thyroid problems, sinus pressure, leaky gut… the list just goes on and on. But these are all “symptoms”. I try not to dwell on my symptoms (its easy to) but really in the long run they just help remind you to heal the root cause.


My new things to help with inflammation are:

-Matcha green tea (supports T1 autoimmune side)–read this book to learn if you are T1 and T2 autoimmune (click here to download)

-MSM (helps open the detox 2 pathway which most autoimmune patients are poor at)

-Nettie pot: this is not “new” but I just never mentioned that it helps keep my sinuses clean.

-Volcanic ash: I got this to sprinkle around my house (I think I will do it after the snow melts). Even though I already have EMF protection, this will help even more “soak” up the extra EMF’s around my house. Β There is a big link between stress and autoimmune and EMF’s are an “invisible” stress.

Quercetin: The kind I got is just the powder form (no fillers)- it comes from a special kind of tree. This too helps with acute allergic reactions, but I am taking it daily to help with general inflammation. This too is good for the T1 dominant autoimmune.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 5.27.24 PM

Lip “rash”

Thanks to everyone who responded to my “plea” for help with figuring out my lip problem. I know I can do my own research, but many times I miss something and things other people say pop out and spark my mind to think more. Take a peak at the conversation on fb–you all are awesome help!

So I was wondering, is it something more then just chapped lips? They were painful!! Every time I would open my mouth each crack would split open-ouch! The worst was waking up and it looked “healed” but they were sealed shut, so if I was going to even drink water I had to deliberately crack the lips.

The mouth in TCM is the opening to the stomach and around the mouth is the colon-that is where I had my flaking. The top lip = small intestine and the bottom lip= large intestine. Just looking at my lips got me a little worried about the health of my guts.

I think I have a clue as to why this “rash” got so bad–but that will be in my next post because it is a big topic and finding for me!


Sad news.

May of you knew I was starting NTA- nutrition therapy association. Sadly I had to drop at the last minute. I got the flu the day the class began. By the time I was able to think clear, I was 2 weeks behind. I dropped the class and even to this day (4 weeks later) I still am not better–so I am thankful that I made that decision. I prayed about it too and it was right. Sometimes we don’t have control over things no matter how much we want them. Im not going to focus on what I am missing but instead just do what I can, when I can. This post has been in the “making” for over 2 weeks–so even blogging has taken a big backseat for my health.


Puppy LOVE!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that my family just got a new puppy. He is adorable!! If you want to see a video of him watch it on youtube here (I taught him how to climb the stairs–maybe this was a mistake with a puppy who pees every 20 minutes.)

My favorite part is every morning when I come downstairs he comes running to my feet, waiting to be picked up–so sweet.

His name is Cooper. He is a white-ish golden. We also have a cat (Ollie) who is his “brother”. They have a love-hate relationship..its doesn’t help that they are the same size!

We have always had a dog in our house, I don’t remember a day without one. Until our dog suddenly died (Jasmine-8 years old) of cancer a few weeks ago. We did not see it coming :(. Since I cannot go places-due to my sensitivities (I’m limited to my house, the car, the outside, and my two dr’s offices–though even in these places I get reactions) the dog is my buddy. They sit at my feet when I research, when I am sick in bed, force me outside even when I don’t want to, and basically just make me happy and laugh.

I believe happiness and fresh air can help cure an illness– and Cooper has brought me both of those. I laugh every day. I think its helping. I love to take care of people- I have ever since I was a little girl. Once I was the “sick” one 24/7 I had to stop doing things for people. I could not run errands for my mom, I could not spend time with my sisters like we used to, I could not bake a loaf of banana bread for my ever-growing-brother. It made me sad. I could only take care of myself–but I hated it. I have started to do what I like to do-care. I can do it every second of the day if I want to with this puppy-I don’t have to go anywhere, it is in my “safety zone”, my house.


So I could talk about this puppy for ever (just something we do with our pets..) but I don’t want to make you bored. I think he could have his own blog post, filled with pictures of this cuteness :). Oh yes that is Cooper eating broccoli–his favorite food. A boy after my own stomach!


I just wanted to pop in and keep you all updated on my healing journey. Each day is a blessing and I try to embrace it to the fullest!

~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

disclosure 3


  1. Caroline- I’m so glad you are coming back from that flu! Sounds like it really knocked you off of your feet :/

    I’m so glad you have a puppy to make you laugh and to take care of and snuggle with every day- pets are amazing!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook soon!

  2. Cooper is awesome! I think those sweet goldens have magical healing powers! Just adorable!

    Hang in there, Caroline! Nothing is wasted–You will have such a deep treasure to draw from someday as you walk beside others in similar situations that need encouragement and help!

    • Thanks Jill, Yes Cooper is my “side kick” even though I have not taken him on many walks when I was sick..i think he forgives me! I hope to help people heal their own sick bodies one day after I go through my own journey.

  3. Caroline, I’m so glad that I found your blog! I am 23 and dealing with my health daily as well. Love, love your 5 rules. I’m trying to keep myself motivated as well not always successfully but making progress. I like the fact that you mentioned God. Sometimes I am struggling to accept that it is a well put plan which will lead to something and every time I do discover that everything made sense somehow. Just keep optimistic, all we can do is encourage each other like a big family. And is true what you said we are not alone. There is always somebody like us somewhere trying to solve this big puzzle. Hugggs

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog. It gives me new ideas and it’s nice to read about other young people like myself with health issued and how they handle them. This really encouraged me and reminded me of you-


  5. Your puppy is so cute. My Westie Rex loves carrots, broccoli, chard, and any veggie except lettuce. My dog has allergies, just like my family (me, husband, and 2 kids), so I cook for him. He eats what we eat, minus any onions or grapes/raisins. I add real salt to his food (lightly) for minerals, plus lots of healthy fats. He has changed from a miserable scratchy pup to a healthy glowing dog. We still struggle at times with our diet, but he doesn’t have a choice. I need to make eating that way for me as well. Blessings on your healing journey. πŸ™‚

  6. You’ve got a friend in me! I have severe uc and have been on the intro of GAPS limited stage one for twelve days. I believe in it’s healing ability and am trusting God to do that work in me but what a tough road!! Best to you on your journey

  7. Caroline, I am so sorry to hear you are sick! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and can totally relate to you!. I had a lot of health issues, autoimmune disorderes, etc when I was in my late teens, early twenties. Healing took a long time, but I am finally in a place where I feel better than ever! Don’t give up!! You are doing great! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Allison, thanks for reading my blog! It is tough to figure it all out and I love hearing stories of recovery like yours because THAT is what gives me hope!! it just makes me so excited. I will never give up. thank you for reaching out to me πŸ™‚

  8. Rhianna says

    I hope you feel better soon, Caroline! I read your most recent blog post a few days ago and have been thinking about you ever since.

    Fortunately the sunlight is getting stronger as Spring starts and you may find an opportunity to bask in the sun (even if through the window) with your new little pupper, and bond some more with him.

    I think of this because sunbathing usually helps me and I send this healing wish to you! Take care.

  9. I know your poat was a while ago but i thought i would add my 2 cents worth. I had dry cracked lips for about 6 months. Nothing worked. whatever i put on seemed to make it worse. Dont ever use vasaline by the way.. petrolatum.
    Out of desperation i wiped on pure undiluted braggs apple cider. It worked amazingly. You may need to start it diluted. I have reasonably sensitive skin but probably nothing like yours. The pure vinegar did not cause a problem. Of course it stings a little going on. Anyway hope your better and hope this helps.

    • Lyne, thanks for this tip. Good thing it healed form putting olive oil and shining a near infrared sauna light on it. I think I was detoxing heavy metals and bacteria that were trying to come out.

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