Healing update #6

Where do I start? I have not been procrastinating writing this post- I promise. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been though  alot since my last post (healing update #5).

Its kind of funny because after my last healing update, I waited a few weeks and nothing much happened, nothing BIG enough to blog about. I was pleased and thought I was getting better- I had tremendous concentration (which I used towards researching all about genetic mutations- look at Dr. Amy and Dr. Mullan’s  information).

I should have seen it coming..

My family was out of town so it was just me and the pup for a shot time. I had some friends stay with me and help out with things but I did not have my mom- whom has very good instincts about me (like any mom does about her children). I did not see it in myself but I was getting sicker. For about a week I was eating very little and not sleeping more then 5 hours a night. That is very unlike me and I usually sleep like 10 hours a night. I talked to my family on the phone but did not tell them everything.

The kidney pain (low back) was hurting a lot and my liver was swollen. I thought, maybe my energy is coming back so I don’t have to sleep as much. I dont think that was the case.


I did NAET 2x that week. Pollen and tree. I got some new frequencies to help me with allergies to plug into my RIFE which seemed to help a bit. I was taking quercetin and turmeric (little did I know this was making the problem worse). After I treated pollen I felt a relief. I had to stay inside for 25 hours and no snuggling with the puppy.

Then I did the tree pollens-this is a whole story in istelf. I tested strong for the tree mix vile at NAET. But I am VERY allergic to trees. My NAET dr. said that there were too many in the mix for my body to detect. Oh bother- now what? I am a determined person so I researched.

I took out old testing from allergists and looked at pollen counts, pollen growth charts, and trees local to my area. I narrowed it down to like 30 trees I could be reacting to. I called the arboretum and the gardener talked to me and helped me determine trees (male-female) and what they look like. It was hard because no trees have leaves on them!

Since every time I went outside I almost passed out  (thats how bad my allergies were) I had a friend come over and I showed her the trees. Every tree around my house I was allergic to.  She gathered the bark and some twigs off of each tree and put in baggies. The trees were birch, cotton, poplar, alder, ash, maple, oak, juniper, white pine, evergreen, box elder, elm. I think there were a few more but I cant remember 🙂

I brought the samples into my NAET dr and we tested them individually and then all together. I tested weak with all of them combined so we treated that. I was proud of all my research and how it payed off. My NAET dr. said that getting the actual allergen is always the most powerful way to go- instead of the viles. I cleared it the first time too! Horray, I was free to go outside.

Getting worse.

I did not think it could get any worse- but it did- alot worse. My family came home and my mom walked inside the door with food poising. I had just organized all my supplements/clay/charcoal and had filled up the bath (for myself). I handed her cup after cup of charcoal and alternated it with teas/herbs and sea salt for electrolytes. She got into the bath I had ready and I dumped clay in it. It was amazing that I had EVERYTHING ready- God works in funny ways sometimes. After 6 hours she seemed to be thinking clearly. What a whirl wind, but I did it- just like she does for me when I get a reaction.

I went to sleep late and did not wake up until 2pm the next day. My mom knew something was wrong. She was still foggy brained for 3 days after the food poising so did not follow me as closely as normal. Each of those days I was getting worse. I had strange symptoms like itching, fever, bad rashes, and could not sleep.

Itching that never stops

I was sleeping 3 hours a night at most. It got bad fast. My rashes and pores were oozing and always itching. I would sit on the floor and itchy myself 24 hours a day. I would try to make breakfast, then I would get an itch and it turned into 1000 itches and then it was uncontrollable. By then my food had burned and I was on the floor crying as my mom itched every spot –and it traveled. Then it turned into prickles. Sharp prickly feeling like bugs crawling on your skin.

By the 2nd day I was going crazy- the itching was horrible. By the 3rd day I was in pain. My tears were burning my skin and made my eyes swell. My body fluids were toxic to me. I would take a nap for maybe 2 hours and I would wake up covered in hives. I watched my arms and stomach bubble up in hives in front of my eyes. It was sickening. My whole body swelled up- especially my torso, neck, feet and face. My skin was rippled form the swelling and red and raw from the itching.

96 hours of constant swelling,hives, and itching will drive anyone crazy. I would have my mom sleep beside me to help me itch myself when I would wake. By then I had taken 10 freezing cold ice baths (some in the middle of the night too), itched my skin till I had scabs all over my body, and my skin looked like a 80 year old mans because it was rough and wrinkled form the swelling and “burns”. It look liked I was sunburned.

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 5.49.28 PM

Oozing pores

Something was trying to come out- very very strong. I felt like I was having an allergic reaction, coming form the inside out. I have never been so miserable in my life. By the 6th day (sunday) I was starting to fade. My energy was so little I was almost out of it. My pores were burning from my cold sweat and tears that streamed down my face.

Everything was burning from the inside and my temperate got very low-93 degrees. I had a lost look in my eyes- it was enough for my mom to take me to the ER. My acupuncturist called the week before telling my mom that we need a plan just incase things get worse. She made sure the hospital she worked at was going to be a good fit- it has an integrative clinic. When she told my mom this I was not even sick- what a blessing that she got my mom thinking. Again I was being watched over.


I could have cared less- (me the person who will not step foot in an MD after they told me nothing was wrong with me for 17 years) that I was going to the emergency room. That is how sick I was. When we go there (I wore my masks) and we packed my own sheets and water. I rejected the medical bands, taking the temperate (it has plastic tubes who knows are sprayed with). Some people gave my a hard time, but the nurse said he knew the perfect ER dr. for me.

The Dr. came in soon after and took a quick look at my state and asked if I and eaten anything or been exposed to give me an allergic reaction. Nope. I asked could it be the h. pylori? He just said that is an infection in the stomach- but I knew better. He said normally he would give antihistamines but I said I could not take ANY medication. He did not push it and said that I should come back in if things get worse- he could do nothing more.

The visit was not a waste though. There was no chance that God made me go through all of this (going into a ER is stressful for people like me) and not get something out of it. The Dr. checked my kidneys too because when he touched them I flinched they hurt so bad. He did not want to do any testing there and then, but said “maybe I should refer you to Dr. P”. Dr. P is a MD but holistic dr. that is the head of the integrative hospital. My mom had been trying to get me into him for months because my acupuncturist says such good things about him. You can only get  into him with a referral and we did not know how to get one-this what it. I now am in their system and on the long waiting list to see this Dr. P.

I was still discouraged and wanted to find out what is WRONG!

Nasty bacteria

I knew what I had to do. I knew Dr. C would figure it out. He works with kinesology and is the one who found the h. pylori in the first place. I went into him and he took one look at me. He pulled out a box of viles to test and sure enough it was the h .pylroi causing this reaction. I asked if it is detox, he said no overgrowth. I was shocked because I had been doing the RIFE.

He explianed that I was not doing it enough. When the h. pylori gets as bad as it did in my body is it aggressive and hard to get rid of it. He said to up the frequencies for 3 hours a day instead of 1. I also said that I would be willing to try some supplements or what ever he had for the itching. Before, I could not take anything without having an allergic reaction. For some reason after doing the tree pollens with NAET I got this sense of freedom like I can tolerate things again- im guessing it was because of cross reacting pollens to foods.

He gave me a smile and whipped out a few things and started testing my strength with them. He found 2 homeopathics that would help. One was a mystery- which I want to find out what he made it out of, and the other is A-14 apex lymph detox. Immediately it was helping the itching. One of the sprays he tried gave me a reaction (even though I tested strong for it). It made me disoriented but he fixed it right away with some pressure points on the back of my neck- he said that my axis comes out when I get a reaction which makes me so disoriented. Just “pressing” it or adjusting it back in place can fix it. I was better when I left. I had relief finally that I had answers. God was listening to my prayers.

 my life

What triggered it?

I came home ready to make a more aggressive plan against the h. pylori. I first wanted to know what triggered the reaction/overgrowth? I always trust my intuition in my gut. I thought about it for a long time and came to the conclusion, I did not know what caused this flare. I was scared because my body did not seem in control. I still feel like I dont have control over my body. Some days my sinues are all swollen and sore. Other days the intense itching comes back. I get scared that I will wake up in the middle of the night covered in hives. I tried everything I knew of to calm these strange symptoms and nothing seemed to work. I had no resources left. I just dont know anymore.

Im not saying I know more then my doctor, but I do know that something else is going on. Dr. C just said it was h pylori, but deep down I know that its the only thing going on. I have been doing everything imaginable for h pylori for a few months, so why am I getting worse?


The Unpredictable me.

There will never be that ONE doctor who finds all my problems. I am 19 years old and have had health issues since I was very very young. There are many layers that need to be uncovered and fixed up. Im on a mission to find answers to get heatlhy. I dont have any idea what my life will be like after I am well enough to be in the world again. Going outside is unpredictable-what if the neighbor has a bonfire, what if the mail truck goes past me as I take the dog out and I breath in the gas fumes? I dont know. I have to risk it sometimes, but on somedays I just dont want to even risk getting a reaction.

When I say reaction, it is a true allergic reaction. I get dizzy, my heart starts pounding, I have a hard time breathing, my brain starts to panic, I actually run away from whatever I sense is causing my reaction. I have done lots of NAET, but I cant treat everything on the planet. That is not the fix I believe. Something else is definitely underlying to cause my immune system to react this way. The next 4 days after a reaction are the worst. I get this drugged feeling, I sleep most the day, my brain is very foggy, my face swells. Life just goes on and I watch it happen around me, but I cant participate. I research, read, pray, prepare healing foods (dandelion greens, teas..).

So the answer to “What triggered it?” is I don’t know. Now if you talk to me I could have 1000 ideas in my head. I may think one day its a parasite, the next maybe an infection, the next it is because my mercury levels are too high, its a detox, no its a reaction. I could drive myself crazy, and the past few weeks I have gone in circles, because I cant figure it out. I think I have to take the back seat for once and let God show me answers.

When will I get better?

I realize this is a LONG post, and I did not mean for it to be like this. I also realize this post is very scatter-brained, but somedays blogging long-never-ending pots it the only way to get it all out before I forget. (brain fog is one of my most irritating symptoms these days). Have I mentioned I have burned like 10 things in the past month?

All I ever want right now is to get well. I really can care less about other things. I ask God every day when I will get better? So far, He has not given me an answer. I used to get a few good days in between the bad ones. Now, its a constant stream of bad days. I have no energy anymore. I feel like I have a flu 24/7. Im spacey, which is a common trait in my family, but I was the lucky one who always remembered and was very alert. Now I think im the worst. I could go on and on about my list of what I cant do, but for your sake I wont.

My life is very unpredictable right now. I have canceled way to many chiropractic and NAET appointments. Actually I canceled my dentist appointment today. Getting dressed in normal people clothes (other the leggings and a sweatshirt) is tiring, let alone going (I dont drive anymore because Im afraid I will crash the car) anywhere. I am actually content with no plans and doing nothing.

The inspiration.

I always know when something inspirational is going to happen. I am very predictable with my thoughts and actions. I get really sick (physically) unintentionally of course. I get so sick all I can do is rest a lot. I get upset I can be participating in life. I beg God for answers. This goes on for a day or two until all of a sudden I get some information (from the internet, book, friend). The words click.

When I feel like I don’t know what to do next, because no doctor or friend or family  member knows what is going on, I get a little hope. I find a word, a name, whatever and start to research. Eventually that leads me down to facts and answers. This time it was parasites/bacteria infection.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.12.45 PM

A new perspective

Ok ok enough with the self diagnosing. I know. BUT did you know that over 90% of americans have parasites? GROSS!!! Yeah I still have a hard time talking about parasites and worms. For weeks I could not even look up anything about parasites, until I realized that if they are causing me to be this sick, then I have to do a little digging. Stop right there. Im not saying that parasites are my only problem, and actually I may only have some sort of bacteria infection, but its a start. I have had a few other infections before in my life and got this same feeling of complete bone-tiring-exhaustion and no good days.

I decided to go back to my old kinesiologist from a year ago. I only went to him once because at that time it was not the right fit. If you are interested in my “ah-ha” moment story, here it goes. I was super itchy, like I was days before I went to the ER. I was scared I was going to go to sleep and wake up in full body hives. I had my mom and sister itching my legs and back, while I itched my stomach. I was crying saying ” I thought this was not going to happen again.” If this was the h. pylori, the new herbs, homeopathics, and routine I had down should not have let it overgrow! That got me thinking that this is NOT just h. pylori. My mom and sister started brainstorming ideas. A new plan of action. A new doctor? A new new perspective on things?

Lately I do seem to be jumping around with doctors, and that is because one person does not know everything. I know when the time is right because I get this sense that they cant help. Some doctors just out right say “I cant help you” and others slowly stop giving clear answers. I still go to my NAET/chiro each week (not NAET because Im too weak, but for an adjustment) and he listens to all my crazy ideas, but does not have answers. I like to get as much information as possible to try solve my puzzle of health.

Anyways, Dr. I, my old kinesiologist popped in my head. Hmm… that sign was pretty obvious. We got in the next day and he got straight to work. Kinesiology give results very quickly because the dr. uses your muscles to determine what is going on. Dr. I said my body was very stressed. My organs (kidneys and lymph) were under functioning. My allergies and sensitivities were high. My toxic/chemical load was high. I have chronic fatigue. My minerals were pretty balanced in ratios but all low. I was not absorbing anything because I have leaky gut. The big news, I have a blood infection. He was not sure the exact infection (lymes, west Nile virus, mono, etc..?) but said to take burbur herb to help it. I got the herb and am ready to fix this infection, but I know this is just the beginning of this new road.

But hey, I could have a parasite problem too. Im not ruling that out just yet. I know I have heavy metal toxicity according to my lab results below. I have way to much going on to keep straight in my head. I am actually going down to St. Louis to see a doctor who specializes in parasites, dental infections, heavy metal toxicity, and allergies. I have a good feeling (very excited actually!) about it and am reading his book right now.

MTHFR gene mutation

Let me back up a bit. Before I got super sick and went to the ER I was focused. I had one mission- find all about gene mutations and detox pathway detects. So many people have mentioned that I could have the MTHFR gene mutation. I decided it was time to look into that. When I find something I know right away if that is the path for me-I had a strong instinct that I had to follow up with this. God was telling me, now is the time.

I scoured Dr. amy’s site and listened to her h. pylori videos. (video part 1 and video 2) I was amazed at her research and all the symptoms she explained colliding with mine. It went much deeper into science that I ever thought I would come across. I was like a kid in the candy shop–I LOVED this research. It was giving me answers and hope. Everything was clicking.

I came across the sulfur issue, which alot of people have issues with MTHFR gene defects. I was not only eating high sulfur foods but taking things that were sulfur donors- quercertin, turmeric, milk thistle, MSM… Here is the full list if you are interested

I started working with Dr. Mullan over the phone. We ordered some testing (23 and me and  urine/fecal/hair s). We decided I stop all sulfur doner supplements, and I start new supplements. I am taking RNA’s for liver,kidney, and cytokine inflammation.

Fast forward a few weeks. While waiting for the results I only got sicker and sicker. The results came in the day I went to Dr. I. It was just a confirmation that I had to find a new perspective. Dr. Mullan is over the phone and she specializes in genetics so that is only a piece to the puzzle.

Test results

Mercury is dominating my toxic load. I have not spoken to my dr. about these tests so all I can do is just look at them. Im not an expert on reading them and dont know what each thing means. All I know is that things dont look balanced. Im actually happy because it gives me a reason why I feel so sick all the time (im sure some of you feel this way too!).

I took 4 tests. Urine toxic & essential elements, Fecal metals, Hair analysis, Urine amino acids. I go them done through Holistic Heal. Im still waiting on my blood test and 23 and me genetic test. (click on the picture and zoom in to see it better).

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.24.58 PM

Urine Amino Acids

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.25.07 PM

Urine Amino Acids

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.25.18 PM

Urine Amino Acids

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.25.28 PM

Urine Amino Acids


Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.24.47 PM

Urine essential and toxic elements



Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 5.24.38 PM

Urine essential and toxic elements

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 2.02.33 PM

Hair analysis

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 4.05.51 PM

Fecal metals

What will the future bring?

How do you know what tomorrow brings? We dont. I know I say “I should have seen it coming” and I wanted to try to be ready. Truth is, that it was in the grand plan and there was no way of escaping it.

I woke up tuesday at 3 am itching out of the blue. I did not see it coming. There was no way to know the disaster my body was going to create. I dont have any consistency or knowing with my health or my body. That is a scary thing to admit. The only think I KNOW is true is God’s strength. I know he will not abandon me.

The body changes – for good or for worse but just because something bad has happened- should we loose faith? I don’t think so- its times like this we need it most. Its times like this we need to keep our ears, and brains, and herts open. The instincts we or our family members get to try and take care of us, are from God. Like when I knew it was more then just the h pylori. Like when my mom knew to take me to the ER. Like when my acupuncturist prepared my mom mentally that the ER was a “good place”. Like when I knew my body  could start herbs,homeopathics, and supplements.

It was not me directing it all. I keep my heart open. I am learning to trust my instincts. Healing comes with time, dedication, and prayer. It is a process to dig deep into our illness but also ourselves. This is just my journey of life.

hear my prayer



~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. System's Buster says

    Have you done any liver flushes? They’ll sure rid you from heavy metals, and bile itself is antihelminthic and anti-inflammatory (and, bile contains salts that allow you to digest food) – they’ll help your kidneys too and make your lymph to flow again. There’s many variations and you propably, like many harder cases, have to find your way with them. It might take dozens of flushes to get well. If you have access to limitless raw eggs, then, I suggest you to do egg flushes more often, (Google) like many times a week. Few drops of authentic, undiluted and organic peppermint oil to that cocktail brings better results also. Egg flushes are mini-versions from original, bigger flush, but as you’ll propably notice, they are powerful, too!

    You need strong herbs too, preferably, mixed together. If you can gather and juice wild herbs there, do it!

    I don’t know if Andreas Moritz’ information/books are familiar to you but there’s lot of helpful info to anybody, in any situation.

    Oh and a word from meat, if you’re still eating it.. well raw meat is good in small amounts, BUT, your body has to be quite healthy, otherwise it does more harm than good (kidneys should be working to buffer all the acids, otherwise your body eats up your bones). And that’s not the case with most people. Raw eggs, raw milk, raw dairy and raw and ocean-caught fish are better to you. Raw butter, especially, is known as very soothing, cleansing and lubricating food. You need good fats.

    You’ll do it! You rock!

    P.S. Here’s some interesting, fresh data that might interest you:



    • This is an amazing comment that so many readers can benefit from! I tried a liver flush but it just made me very sick and no stones. I stopped. I should do some research on starting them again, thanks! I do eat lots more veggies and herbs now and cook all my fish– parasite problem worry.

  2. I pray every night that you will get better. Even though we’ve never met, I hate that you are suffering. Your blog has helped me a lot. It led me to find some specialist doctors that will be able to help all my many health problems. I saw your gofundme page on facebook and I wish I could give, but unfortunately I am in a similar situation money-wise. I can’t afford to see the doctors I need to see (I also set up a gofundme page. I hadn’t heard of it until you shared the link).
    Someday you will get better! You are so strong and so inspiring 🙂

    • Hi Ann, I just read your page. Wow, I feel like we are in the same boat- except we have different stories and conditions. I want you to get better as well and I hope that you too will get the resources you need to see these doctors! <3

  3. System's Buster says

    I can’t believe that my comment wasn’t published here. Besides you, it would’ve benefited many people but if that’s the line.. I wish you luck. There’s just other things that are old, work like any other and which, yes, are not the mainstream. Hope you get well and keep your eyes open to new things. It’s needed.

    • sorry just a bit behind on comments. YEAH I would be surprised too if that comment did not get published because it is the best comment yet!! haha. It is going to be helpful and wow those pictures are crazy!

  4. Have you ever considering tapping the mindbody connection? Our health is NOT all in our head, but that doesn’t mean our head doesn’t play a role. The mind is incredibly powerful and resources like biofeedback, hypnosis and counseling can really tap that potential to benefit our health and relieve a lot of discomfort.

    • Eileen, i have done a bit of this. I did hypnosis and it was not very helpful- more stressful that the building was not safe for me. I also have annie Hoppers retraining DVD’s to train the lymbic system. I would love to try biofeedback someday.

  5. Michael says

    Any chance the absence of your family for those five days, or a particular person, was a psychological factor in your recent ER episode? Of course I’m not suggesting “it’s all in your head” or anything, just considering that aspect of it for troubleshooting purposes.

    • Yes I did think about that, but now that it has happened (not going to the ER but the same symptoms) for over 3 months, i know something else is going on.

  6. Schelly says

    Your symptoms sound very much like child I know that has Eosinophilic esophagitis.

  7. Cassie says

    Please research Paleolithic eating. Cut out processed foods which are packed full of preservatives, chemicals and sugar (honey or maple syrup is acceptable)….Go back to eating meat, fish, organ meat, eggs, nuts (not peanuts), fish (good in omega 3 and 6) berries, fruit. Eliminate, dairy, sugar, grains, beans, corn which are toxic to the body. No bread. Use coconut oil in cooking. It contains Lauric acid, a powerful ingredient which can kill parasites and H-pylori bacteria..a little expensive but well worth it. Please also google benefits of eating coconut oil or using in cooking. As for a leaky gut, a bone broth will help to heal that. It contains certain amino acids and choline which can stop small intenstinal bacterial overgrowth and heal it. I hope you find yoyr health returns sweetie. I’m diabetic but since being on the Paleo diet, I’ve got rid of H pylori bacteria, a leaky gut and diabetes is reversing along with cholesterol levels going back to normal. 🙂

  8. Bronwyn says

    Hi Caroline,

    I know what it’s like to research and research and research… though I myself am not sick. 18 months ago my big strong healthy 28 year old husband suddenly got chronic fatigue. We’ve been on a long journey for answers. Finally, a hair analysis test picked up that he has a problem with heavy metals – antimony in his case. We racked our brains to try to work out how he got exposed to it and realised that the dates of his illness (and subsequent recovery and then crashes again) correlate exactly to him working on our car and touching the battery, which showed signs of leaking (lead acid batteries contain antimony).

    So I did lots more reading and came across the work of Andrew Cutler, who has written several books on mercury detox and also one on hair test interpretation. He talks about how mercury affects the way your body deals with minerals… which shows up as a hair test with results ‘all over the place’ as you’ve described.

    He also talks about chelation and how there are VERY unsafe ways that people say to do it and he only recommends frequent, low dose chelation (in fact, since his book the dosage recommendations have changed to be even lower).

    I understand that it’s frustrating sometimes for people with chronic illneses to be given advice all the time. But when I read your post I couldn’t keep quiet! I really respect your attitude of openness to finding answers and to God’s part in all this. I too am a Christian. I live in Australia and I am a mum to 2 little kids.

    I sincerely pray that you find the road to health and recovery, and I am thankful and blessed by your example of trusting God in such difficult circumstances.

    Here are a few links you might want to research. Cutler’s hair test book:


    and the best up to date info on how to do frequent low dose chelation (ignore the dosage in his book) is found here:


    • Hey, thanks for this comment. I know and have known for many years that I am HM toxic. Its hard to find practitioners who are trained in helping very ill patients (like myself) detox this toxic stuff without making us sicker. For a while doctors just pointed out chronic infections but i have learned that they will NEVER go away if i dont take care of the HV toxicity first. I just found a chiro who does NRT (nutrtion repose testing) and is going to help me with detoxing heavy metals. I saw that book before but am even more interested in it now. Did you find it was very useful? Sorry to hear about your husbands health, but it is great news you are on the right path to fixing it!!!

  9. I am curious if you have heard of Natasha Campbell-Mcbride? I have leaky gut from antibiotic overprescription, and her book about the GAPS diet has helped me tremendously.

  10. we sound much alike (only I’m now 32, chronically fatigued, and though underweight am binging shamefully each night …not exercising and constipated or alternate). A MESS. Don’t know what to eat anymore..email me if possible!

  11. Simone says

    Hi Caroline, have you heard of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Mastocytosis? I have this syndrome (disease) and it sounds a lot like your symptoms.

    Here is the mastocytosis website that lists symptoms:

    I did lots of research before I was finally diagnosed and I’m happy to share it with you if you’re interested.

    • ank you Simone, yes I have heard of it. I don’t think any illness is permeant and I think my root cause is heavy metals which I am working on elimination now with nutritional balancing by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

  12. Have you read The Traditional Healers Handbook by Hakim G. m. chishti? I think you would find it really interesting!

  13. Hi there! I know this is an old post and I haven’t gone on yet to read more of how you’re doing (I will soon). But, I couldn’t help but ask if you were doing NAET with acupuncture… I recently started NAET and found myself getting weird, (incredibly) itchy symptoms and found out I was allergic to the needles my acupuncturist was using. Not only did I feel horrible from the needles, anytime I was near steel of any sort I had an awful reaction. Once I was treated for the needles I had great relief. Just thought I’d ask. I hope and pray you are doing better! – Michelle

    • Somegirl yeah I made sure I was not allergic to the needles (i asked them to use untreated needles and wipe no alcohol on the spot before). Mine NAET dr. was a chiropractor who used acupressure.

  14. Are you doing better since May, Caroline? Sorry to hear of your struggles. Hang in there. Your body wants to heal.

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