Healing update #3

Did you miss me?

Well I sure missed blogging and being “awake” these past few days. I was sick 🙁

The NAET “flu”

When the NAET treatment does not clear, things are not pretty. Good thing it has only happened once before. I like to call it the NAET “flu”.

Out of my 33 NAET treatments, only 2 have not “cleared”. It doesn’t really matter if I touched things for the 25 clearance period, I think it has to do with how stressful the allergen is on my body. The other treatment that did not clear was grains (for obvious reason this was hard on me). This time it was latex!


Latex is everywhere- erasers, handles, cooking tools…you name it. It is in rubber and combined with materials. Not only is latex everywhere, but it also cross reacts with many things (like I explained in this post).

I touched a few things (handles) but that was not why it did not clear. Right after I got treated I was super itchy (I should have known that was a sign). I felt ok for the 25 hours, but then after the 25 hour mark I felt like I was hit with a flu. Body aches, dizzy, fatigue, stomach and head ache; all at once!

I went to acupuncture and it did not help. I came home and slept, that did not help either. I did my RIFE. I drank lots of water and nettle tea. Nothing made me feel better, and actually I just kept feeling more run down. I woke up yesterday morning and felt even worse, that is when I knew the NAET did not clear because I get worse each day. Nobody else was sick in my family. My mom could tell this was the “NAET flu” just by the way I walked an talked (boy she knows me well! haha).


Since I was feeling so sick for 3 days, I did not get much done. I actually was in a “fog” for 2 1/2 days.

I could not study- the words kept jumping and spinning all over the page, I think my brain was all messed up to! Im a little behind in my NTA studies, but I will catch up. Usually my brain is clear and like a sponge..but instead I felt like a brick-regecting everything and anything. I re read a bit tonight and don’t remember anything from before-good thing I didn’t get past the first 3 pages!

I listed to my body and busted out in my detox mode (even more so then on a daily basis). You should see me, when I get my mind set of something, I do it and go all out. I spent my 2 days “sick” detoxing. Hey it cant hurt-right!? It is all I can do to make myself feel even a tad better, but it is worth it.


I sat in the sauna for 1 hour the first day I was “sick”. I did not like the heat- and usually I don’t when I already feel dizzy. I also detoxed some mercury because i got a rash around my face again (usually it comes out around my mouth- do you think it has any correlation to the silver fillings I had in my baby teeth when I was 2 years old. The cells in that area can “hold on” to the mercury.)


For the past 3 days was attached to my RIFE, day and night (mostly because I was excited!) I was first worried that the RIFE was giving me detox, but Dr. Conners said that it usually will only give a person detox if they do the viral and fungus frequencies (which I am not doing right now). I am only doing the healing frequencies. I played around with it for a while to get to know all the different frequencies I can run. I find it so much fun!

I am told by Dr. Conners to do RIFE when I sleep (he has created night time healing programs for me) usually 7 hours long. If I want to do it during the day I can. Usually I choose the liver, lymph, and detox programs. I am excited to try out the adrenal, mental clarity, energy, kidney, fluid retention, yeast and fungal, dental bacteria, candida, and endocrine frequencies.


In that picture I have my Nourishing Traditions cook (one of the NTA required reading) and read it with my RIFE on my lap. In the picture above it, is my sheets. I decided to stick the RIFE light tube under them so I don’t get tangled in the wire when I sleep. It bothered me the first night but not anymore. The picture on the right is how I have the RIFE set up in my room. There are a lot of cords, hehe :). There is the RIFE box (the grey box) and the little lab top that programs it. I hung 2 green socks over the RIFE box to block out the little blinking red and green lights for when I sleep. Then the wires attach to the light tube that is underneath my covers- the light is purple and is very dim so that is good for sleeping. So far I have not tripped on the wires in the middle of the night. I would put tape down-but I’m allergic to tape  :)!

Coffee enemas:

I have talked a bit about doing coffee enemas on my blog. They are very good for the liver to detox and especially for those people who are T1 dominant autoimmune (helps balance the immune system out). I bought some special organic coffee beans from s.a.wilson  or you can get similar enema coffee from amazon here: Organic Enema Coffee . Here is what s. a. wilson has to say about their coffee:

s.a.Wilsons certified organic Gold Roast Coffee is the first and only coffee that has been specifically blended and processed with higher levels of Caffeine and Palmitic acid in mind. It is also the only coffee that has been lab tested to be sure it has these higher levels.. A blend of 100% certified organic coffee beans have been selected for higher levels of Caffeine and Palmitic Acid. It is our proprietary three tiered system of processing the coffee that insures that s.a.Wilson’s coffee is the only coffee on the market with these higher levels.

coffee enema

Pretty impressive huh? I say that it doesn’t hurt to buy it, if you are serious about detoxing your liver. It is close the same price as the organic coffee you get that the coop anyways. The beans do not smell like coffee and are light colored. Funny thing- it turns towels green, so watch out for a science experiment!

I got the preground because they say the beans are too hard to grind with a regular grinder. The caffeine and the palmitic acid are important to ensure the liver detoxes properly and the gallbladder releases the bile. If you are interested, read more about it here. As you probably know by now, im not afraid to do anything that will help my body detox and heal itself. Im in it 100%.

Activated Charcoal:

I like to start and end my day with a spoonful of activated charcoal in water to “absorb” all the toxins floating around. Did you know charcoal can absorb toxins in the blood stream? Plus, it does not absorb your good nutrients-read about that here. Though it is still good to take it away rom food- the food hampers the charcoals effects. I buy this one :Charcoal Powder.

This comes from the 1980 book Activated Charcoal by David O. Cooney: “Charcoal added to the diet of sheep for six months did not cause a loss of nutrients, as compared with sheep not receiving charcoal. … A level of 5 % of the total diet was given as charcoal. It did not affect the blood or urinary levels of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, creatinine, uric acid, urea nitrogen, alkaline phosphatase, total protein or urine pH.”


I continue to take my zeolite. 1/8 tsp every day in a bottle of water and sip. I got a question from a reader asking if it bind to calcium and magnesium. I found the answer. No-just toxins! Read more about it here.

How can all natural Zeolite remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury but not healthy ones such as calcium and magnesium?

Zeolite’s ability to attract and bind different substances is based on the size, shape, and electrical configuration of its molecular cages. Zeolite’s greatest affinity is with heavy metals, especially mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Lighter metals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous have smaller ions, and so their affinity to zeolite is orders of magnitude less. You can think of it as being similar to a lion’s cage. The bars keep the lion in, but a mouse can run freely in and out. In much the same way, zeolite traps and eliminates heavy metals and other toxins, while it leaves minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus in the body.


Tuesday, just after the 25 hours was up, I started to feel “blah”. I had an acupuncture appointment scheduled, but it did not make me feel good (like it usually does). I was sooo exhausted and had a hard time keeping awake driving myself home-hey that is what music is for. During the session all the kidney points were like shooting pain, ouch! I don’t mind pain, but that was not fun. But hey, the acupuncture could have made things better without me knowing it.

Dry skin bruising:

After reading about the RIFE, I decided that I need to manually get my lymph moving.

What the RIFE does is help break up extra protein chains in your body. Usually the protein chains are nice and uniformed. When the cells die, they de-clump, and if the lymph is sluggish (read how to take care of your lymph here) the protein chains just stay there. If the protein cells don’t get “flushed away” by they lymph, they tend to clump back up, but this time it is not uniform and ugly.

These protein clumps attract water just like the healthy cells. So instead of having the right amount of water around your cells, you have double, and it just keeps getting worse until your lymph will work again. That explains why I have  a lot of fluid retention lately- because my lymph is so weak.

The RIFE is used to break up the clumpy protein structures into individual cells. This way they can get “washed” away easier by the lymph. I cant just do the RIFE and expect to be “cured”. I incorporate manual techniques to help the process along. Instead I am using it as a tool, mainly to get my lymph moving again and to heal my organs. Im very excited to see how my body responds!


Clay bath:

I decided to do a clay bath to help my body “soak” up all the toxins floating around. Im sure the NAET releases so much-or else why would I be so itchy? My rash cleared up almost all the way after the clay bath-you just got to love them! If you don’t know how to do a clay bath, check out my post here. This clay bath gave me enough energy to stay awake with my mom and help her prepare her salmon roe, but then I went to sleep for 13 hours. zzzzzz..


There was no exercising, other then some stretching and light yoga (I like to make up my own yoga routine). I don’t have much experience but I just go with the flow.

Before the 25 hours was up after the latex treatment on Monday night, I had a serge of energy- which is also a sign that something is not right. That night I ran 2 miles and did some weights. Sometimes I think my body “prepares” for a sickness. I also was extra hungry that night (another sign Im getting sick–or should I call it the “NAET flu”). I drank a lot of nettles and ate a bite or two of protein every few hours to make sure I had enough energy. It was not a fun 2 1/2 days.

All better!

I went back to my NAET/chiropractor today. He tested latex and I was right…I muscle tested very very weak! He did his little clicks on my back and tested to see if I was strong. Nope. We did it again but this time he made me hold the files up to my forehead and hold my ring finger to my thumb (a special NAET technique). Ta-da! It worked and immediately the “flu” lifted. You don’t know how relieved I am, I feel like I was given my life back!

This time I will be more carful not to touch ANY latex! I also got adjusted by him (which I always like) and it makes me feel 100% better. When my neck comes “out” I get a lot of sinus and face pressure because then things cant “drain” properly. Its “draining” right now :).


Having a sick 3 days was not “so bad” after all I guess. Lately I have had more good days then bad and I should be grateful for that. Things are finally working, but that doesn’t mean each day will be wonderful and full of energy. The body goes in cycles, good or bad, they are necessary. I promise to share everything, just like I did today.

I am grateful I can drink green tea. I am grateful I can eat broccoli. I am grateful I have found brilliant doctors who are dedicated to heal me. I am grateful for a supportive family. I am grateful for you all!

Since Wednesday was the start of Lent, I want to talk about that–because my healing would be NOTHING without God! For lent I cant really “give something up” like I have in the past. Instead I will do something I feel like I can do. Each time I have a headache, or NAET doesn’t work, or I don’t have the brain capacity to read like I want to or take a run, or even just feeling blah…I will give my pain up for those people who need prayers. There are so many people who need prayers-even more then I do. I will consciously make the effort to remember people when I am in “pain”. So hopefully it will become a habit by the time Lent is over with!


Healing is a gift

So that is where I am in my healing. I have to remember that healing is (in any form) a gift from God!

I cannot say I have had a huge difference in my health in the past week even though I have been taking the zeolite and RIFE and eating veggies (I can now eat, nettles, green tea, bison, bone broth, broccoli, cauliflower!) Yes- veggies taste sooooo good! The “NAET flu” blocked me from really noticing big changes, everything seemed worse.

My rashes have gotten better and I think that they will come and go when my body is ready for another round of “detox”. I could have been so sick because the NAET didn’t work, but also because I have a lot going on too. I guess I will never know, but sometime we just have to let our bodies do their thing. Getting worse is not always a bad thing.

Did you miss any healing updates? Read about #1 here and #2 here?


~Stay gutsy, Caroline

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  1. I’m just curious. is it possible to detox too much?

    • Yes it is possible. I have been doing these things for many years so it is helpful for my body- go slow, 1 thing at a time. my liver has a hard time detoxing to i need to do these things to keep my body strong.

  2. Have you looked into Whole Body Vibration machines? I researched it a lot after I had read about it on Mercola. I found a used one on Craigslist for $150.00! The higher frequencies (hertz) are used for bone density and lymph drainage, and I have noticed a sizable difference in my armpit lymphs in 2 short weeks! Also great for pain (studies done to prove help with fibromyalgia pain). 3 years ago I had a frozen shoulder which I struggled with for months. The other day I woke up with the same terrifying pain, but used my machine and targeted arms and shoulders for 7 minutes or so. The next day the pain was GONE-Praise God!!!!!!!!! Some gyms and Chiro. have them where you can try them out, but I live in a small town where that wasn’t possible, but truly believed God blessed me with this machine-can’t praise it enough!!!! I know you like to research things, so check it out-I think you will be blessed through it! (They were developed for Astronauts to train with so they wouldn’t lose bone density in space).
    Be Blessed!

  3. Michelle says

    I really want to try and do an enema… of course i am afraid of waht it will be like. In the post you linked up to, she suggests a stainless steel enema kit. When i looked it up, it said it was $200! I am wondering if you can share which one you use and what you think about having to use stainless steel. I definitely want to try just water first.

    Also, about the activated charcoal. I have been reading that you only take it when its an emergency. However, you say you take it twice a day. Can you share why you decided to do so? I would love to have it so that i can help draw out toxins especially since i have 5 amalgam filling two of which have cracked : (. I am looking into seeing a biological dentist to get a quote about how much they will be. However, i have read that healing the gut needs to happen before taking them out.

    Also, have you heard about the MTHFR mutation? Could possibly be a factor in your healing?

    Thanks for any insight!!

    • Nope I dont use a stainless steel one. I just use a simple one. Just use this one-its the one I have, and don’t leave the coffee water in it too long.

      Yeah good idea to try the water first :). I take it 2x a day because I detox and my liver is poor at riding of the toxins so I help my body along. The charcoal absorbs through the blood stream too. I feel a difference in clarity and energy right away. –like less toxic. Yeah the mercury is a big toxin I think you are smart to look into that. Yes it is important to be as healthy as possible but you might be doing mare harm having them in. Im not an expert in this area but I would say do a bit more research. !

      Yes I could have a mutation but I have not taken the test. I am looking into it though…just so much I can do at once.

  4. Michelle says

    I also wanted to ask you where you got those lids for the jar?!? are they BPA free, those are awesome. Sorry for the double post, thought it hadnt gone through 🙁

  5. Hope you are feeling better!! Sending lots of well wishes your way. 🙂

    — Katie

  6. Barbara says

    I am going through NAET treatments too! I have latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, basically type one that occurred as an adult, but my pancreas still has some function. I am working with my chiropractor to clear all my allergies so that I can hopefully stop the autoimmune attacks on my pancreas and let it heal.
    I totally have NAET flu right now 🙁 while treating allergy to pancreas. I go in Monday but until then I am gonna take your advice and get in a clay bath. Also sitting in the sun made me feel better temporarily, if you want to try that next time.
    In addition, I am on the autoimmune paleo protocol to help jump start my healing. My gut is really sensitive and I have ileo cecal issues too. I am so excited I found your blog, I’ve never known anyone else going through similar things. I love your grateful attitude even when things get bad for you. I need to remember to be grateful for all that I have.

    • You too are going though alot- i feel your pain. Thanks I love the sun suggestions too..if only it was not 10 degrees here! haha. Thanks I am so happy you are on your way to healing <3

  7. Just wanted to recommend a few things….we have just started Carmel’s milk and will be adding in Body Biotic’s SBO (soil based organisms) probiotics. Also Homotoxicology (a form of homeopathy). And if you do decide to do genetic testing I would recommend Amy Yasko’s tests. Best wishes!

  8. What kind of zeolite do you use?

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