How to Make Fruit Leathers

…Im away again. But there is a really good excuse for it this time.

I am showing you “how to make fruit leathers” at DIY natural!

Now don’t you want to learn to make these fruity rolls? They have no food coloring or sugar. yuck! These fruit leathers are “all natural”. Most importantly they are GAPS friendly!

I honestly think, this fruit leather recipe technique, is my BEST creation yet (according to my sister, brother, and the little kiddi-os I babysit). I will give instructions that are usable for any fruit! Each time I make this recipe (with a different fruit) the fruit leather comes out nice an chewy! Perfect 🙂

Come learn how to make these fruit leathers, right here! See you over there!

Get the recipe HERE!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 2.19.49 AM


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. These look DELICIOUS! I’ve already been dropping hints to my husband that a dehydrator would be the PERFECT gift for my upcoming birthday 🙂

  2. Ohhh, Caroline, this looks *so* good! Even though we are attempting to avoid all sugar as much as possible (including honey and fruit), this summer that just hasn’t happened since fruit is in season, and who can resist? 😀 But we’ve been talking about making leather for the longest time, and it’s great to have a recipe–a healthy one!–now, to use! Thanks ever so much!



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