Rooibos Cream Jello

Remember Lauren from empowered Sustenance? She did a guest post here a while back on going too low carb on the GAPs diet. We have been friends and watched each others blog grow. I think you will be pleased how AMAZING her blog is looking recently. Go check it out here! She has the most unique GAPS friendly-nut free recipes around!



A Sophisticated Jello

Jello provides plenty of entertainment to eat: jiggling it on the plate, wiggling it with a fork, and slurping it through one’s teeth. While jello obviously has the fun factor, it lacks a certain elegance. It is the kind of dish you enjoy by yourself… not really something you would serve to guests.

Until now! With a few simple ingredients, gelatin turns rooibos tea and coconut milk into a sophisticated treat, perfect as a snack or dessert.



I tried to further convey the chic-ness of this jello by featuring some refined-looking books into the photos. I figure I can’t go wrong by throwing in a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare and a fancy-schmancy poem book!



What is Rooibos?

Rooibos is my all-time favorite tea. It is made from the redbush plant in Africa and boasts a mild, slightly earthy vanilla flavor. You can also find it under the name red bush, redbush, or African red tea. When buying the tea, check the ingredient list to make sure it contains only redbush leaves, no “natural flavors” or other types of tea leaves.



Rooibos Cream Jello



2 cups strongly brewed rooibos tea (also called red bush or African red tea), cooled

2 tbs. grassfed gelatin, such as Great Lakes

1 cup additive free coconut milk

1 heaping Tbs. raw honey



1. In a small bowl, combine 1/4 of the cooled tea with the gelatin. This makes the gelatin dissolve without lumps.

2. Let the gelatin mixture sit and heat the remaining tea to a simmer in a saucepan.

3. When it is just barely simmering, whisk in the gelatin mixture and the coconut milk.

4. Let cool slightly, then whisk in the raw honey. Taste and add more honey, if necessary.

5. Pour the mixture into a rimmed dish and refrigerate until set, about 4 hours.

6. To unmold, fill a large pan with very hot water. Place the dish with the jello in the hot water bath so the hot water comes up to the sides (but don’t let the water overflow into the jello!). Hold it in the hot water for about five seconds, until it has loosened from the dish. Don’t keep it in the hot water too long or it will start to melt.

7. Quickly place a plate on top of the dish and invert the jello onto the plate. Cut out with cookie cutters and enjoy!

Eat well and heal!™


About Lauren

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Lauren is the 19-year-old real food blogger at EmpoweredSustenance.com. After struggling with ulcerative colitis for five years, she decided to dive head first into healing her body with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle. She follows the GAPS diet and enjoys sharing her creative, grain free recipes and healing tools with others. She offers a free, retro-inspired Grain Free Holiday Feast e-cookbook on her blog.






~Stay Gutsy!

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  1. Wow! this is so delicious!

  2. annette says

    this is also a kid friendly recipe….well…my kids love it anyway. 🙂


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