Wellness E-book Bundle Sale $479 value (NOW $39)

Do you know what I do a lot of? Read. Especially anything “wellness/health/nutrition/food” related.




I was super excited to see that all these 33 great books (I would have wanted to buy anyways) are now all grouped together into one bundle!


Look at just a few of these book covers!!


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Each e-book is written by a talented author who knows what they are talking about! The recipes, tips and photos are just amazing!

Click here to BUY NOW!


Here are the list of book you will receive for only $39!!


Paleo, real food, grain free & coconut oil cookbooks

Lacto-Fermentation, pantry overhaul & freezer guide

Indulge in treats without feeling guilty

Give birth, nourish your newborn, then educate him/her on real food

Heal PCOS & boost metabolism

Simplify, live exuberantly, camp w/ your family & play music

Paleo time: travel, myths, cleanse, start anew or go wild

Take care of your skin homemade style & heal acne


Sale ends January 14! So you only have a few more days to snatch up this offer!


I was in the middle of typing up a update post about my life when, I remembered that this bundle only has a few days that its on sale. I decided my post can wait a few more days 🙂


Do you want to know my favorite books? I have been eyeing many of them, especially…

Lacto-Fermented: Just simply because I have a love for fermenting. 🙂

GAPS friendly cookbooks: (Beyond Grain and Dairy-free & Freezer cooking guide for Grain Free Meal plans). Well this is a blog about Gut healing.

Paleo crockpot cookbook & Paleo ice-cream: Oh how I LOVE my crockpot this time of year..and of course ice-cream in the winter is the best!

Well Fed Cookbook: This book has great reviews and does not disappoint!

The Musical Brain: My whole family (ahem… except me) is very musical. I love to listen to them sing and play music. I love the brain stuff and am fascinated by the connection.

Real Food Nutrition for Kids and Unbound birth: Anything to do with babies and kids is a must-read for me. Can you tell I like  little kids?

Eat for Heat: Lots of people who were once on the GAPS diet and did not heal tend to like what Matt stone has to say…I want to see what they are all so crazy about..don’t you?


What will be your favorite book?


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~Stay Gutsy!

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  1. I just bought this but lost the page with the links on it, how do i get back to it?

  2. Christiana Johnston says

    I bought it! I’ll download tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for letting us know about this awesome deal!!!


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