What can you eat on GAPS intro?

30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS Intro Diet


I have gotten a few questions from readers asking what to eat on the GAPS diet. I do make yummy recipes, but many of them are for the advanced stages of GAPS. I am working on recipes for all stages, but in the mean time you can read this book.

I have used the Internal Bliss cookbook but where are the pictures? (I cannot make a recipe with out a good picture). If you are on GAPS, you need food other than my “treats”. If you are just staring GAPS, finding some good solid nourishing recipes can be a life saver.

I love GAPS food

I am not trying to “sell” this book to you. I just wanted to put this cook book out there as a good resource for anyone who is even thinking of GAPS. Its simply just a resource for those of you who need good foundational GAPS recipes.

I’m working on more GAPS intro friendly recipes for all of you on GAPS and those in need of some creative food! It is no secret that I love GAPS food. I don’t mind simple food, but sometimes a little inspiration is good!

GAPS recipes

Read this book “What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days of recipes and tips for the GAPS™ Intro Diet” if you are…

  1. In need of good and yummy GAPS meal inspiration.
  2. Want to be assured that you CAN DO GAPS!!
  3. Are grain/dairy/sugar-free.
  4. Need to eat on GAPS! (welcome to the club) haha 🙂


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline


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