Where the wind blows

Dreaming and doing

I finally am in a groove of balancing life with health and studying/training. It’s been years in the making but I finally decided to pursue my schooling to be a colon hydrotherapist. I seriously looked into schooling while in Colorado, but the school and teacher were not the right fit. I decided to tuck my dream in the back, knowing God would fulfill it at the right time. I let God lead my life and I go where the wind blows. 

Overcoming the battle

Many of you know the health struggles I have battled for years and even up to this current year with reoccurring infections. I still have some things to work out to get to the root of my predispositions, but overall I am pretty healthy.

To recap, I spent the past 15 months focusing on getting back on me feet. The autonomic neuropathy flared last April 2017 and I couldn’t even sit down without seeing stars and fainting daily. I progressed into winter of 2017 and my entire small intestine function was barley working and we talked about tube feeding. I’ll always remember the fear on my family’s faces seeing me after weeks of out of town doctors appointments. I was thin, gaunt and no spark of life in me. I decided in the worst of that period, of almost starving, to fight for my life.

I decided to fight for my family, for my future and for God.

I had so many dreams I knew God still promised to fulfill in my life and I wanted to see them fully alive. I tried every day and with every effort I had. 

I went to various appointments with a physical therapist, vestibular therapist, chiropractor, sensory processing therapist, frequent colonics, routine ENT checkups, routine blood work and diligently filled my pillbox with supplements and medications to decrease inflammation, stabilize blood pressure and heart rate, balance hormones, fight infections, and promote stomach and colon emptying. 

Life can be beautiful again

It has been a long road, but look where it all led me today. I still need to routinely do some of these things, but now its second nature. I’m no longer living in fear that my life will be a battle. I am living and am happy. Never did I think I would be here a year ago. I fought what doctors told me was almost impossible. With a broken odontoid in my neck, I got my neck mobile enough with therapy and chiropractic work to drive every day. With the help of colonics, multiple gastroenterologists and specialized testing, I was able to decrease the affects of small intestine dysmobility on my intestines. They are more functionable and I am not in constant pain. I still need to monitor what I eat, but I know as the years go on, the nerves will heal more and more. 

I am not saying everything is easy. But my spark for life is back. I know deep down God has a plan for my life and each day I remind myself how far He has brought me. I remember my promise to my family, the people I love and myself to try each day. Because thats all we can do. I try each day simply for love.

A Summer to remember

Summers are always the best here in Minnesota. I have gotten a good amount of sun and a few unexpected sunburns (still trying to figure out the best sunscreen for my fair skin). Overall my energy has been good and swimming and park days make me happy! A few times this summer, I have already conquered my biggest fear or travel and continue to take trips monthly to visit my boyfriend. I still can’t say travel is easy, but the anxiety that goes along with it is much less, especially because I love every second when I get there. I also got to spend much needed time with my niece and sister who lives out of town. Being an aunt is such a wonderful blessing and she challenges me to see life with eyes of laughter and beauty.

Colon Hydrotherapy school/training

In June I took the plunge to start my training to be a colon hydrotherapist. It’s a field of healing I am passionate about because it has been one huge factor in my own healing with intestinal dysmobility. Ultimately the neurologists and gastrointestists said it was incurable, but I guess they didn’t factor into the picture the therapeutic benefits of colonics.  My own therapist encouraged me to look into the training she did many years ago to certify herself as a colon hydrotherapist. She mentioned she could use an extra therapist in her office and I would be a good fit. I honestly didn’t think I was *quite* ready, but life cant be perfect before we try something new. So I built up the courage and went to Phoenix Arizona for the foundational training to be a colon hydrotherapist. I had support from my family, my therapist, my boyfriend and even my priest. So even though I couldn’t believe in myself 100%, I trusted these people who have been placed in my life, and learned to open up to possibility. I am so glad I did now!

My passions and goals

I learned more than I expected and it jumpstarted my passion to continue education and go back to Minnesota to complete my training hours at the colonic clinic. I go weekly to practice and am looking forward to helping others in the future. Who knows, maybe more schooling is in my future! If the wind blows, then I guess I’ll go too.

My goal is to broaden and refresh my memory on colon health this next year. I want to share what I learn along the way and blog about it! Thanks for always coming back to read old articles and posts, it has motivated me to start writing again. I love what everyone contributes and I want to contribute again to help everyone who reads.  

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  1. Susie Baker says

    Yay! You go, Caroline! I’ve been sick as long as you’ve been blogging.,..I’m better now too. Not 100%, but better. Functional. Colonics is the one thing I have not done, only because I am soooo crazy sensitive and herx so easily. I’m a big chicken. Happy for you. ☺️

    • Functional is good, I’m so very happy for you! Actually, sometimes it keeps me in check with whats important in life when I don’t have it all. At least thats how I feel anyways, I am much more appreciative at the GOOD things in life.

  2. teresa says

    Hi Caroline!! Wow, I was just thinking of you and low and behold you had posted recently. I first found you when I started the GAPS diet. I’ve actually prayed for you many times. As I have been on the path to heal my family, I would find different modalities and wonder to my self, “I wonder if Caroline has tried this?” I remember once you were basically just eating buffalo and I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe she just eats meat”. But, here I am, on the carnivore diet and loving it. You were ahead of your time ;). (it’s been a long time since I read that about eating buffalo, hopefully I’m remembering correctly). Another modality that has done wonders for my family is Faster EFT (with Robert Gene Smith). Have you heard of FEFT? If not, there’s lots of video’s on you tube. God Bless Caroline, Teresa

    • Hey! Yeah I was eating just meat to try and rest my allergies, ha, great memory! I didn’t even know carnivore was a thing until a few months ago, but the stories I read are amazing. I hope it is helping you get back to feeling well too <3

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