GAPS Banana Cake

What is moist, banana-filled, and fluffy? Grain-free/GAPS Banana Cake!


The first bite goes something like this “mmmm…”

I bet you will be smiling once that fork reaches your lip too. Fun, comforting, simple flavors swirl in your mouth. A hint of cinnamon tingles your tongue, while the smell of fresh banana cake dances around your nose.

The old-school banana bread gets pushed aside for the moment while this superstar takes center stage. What gives the cake such a glamorous charm? …. (read the rest here)

The recipe

Finally the recipe I teased you with my beautiful yummy picture on Facebook is here!! This recipe is super special, so I needed to save it for the perfect post! What’s better then to share it on Food Renegade (love her blog)!

GAPS banana cake <— get the recipe here


Here are the supplies I use…




Cooking supplies:



~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. *Licks lips* I love that you use honey–since I try to use as little sugars as possible–including honey–I like honey recipes because I substitute the honey with water, then use stevia to taste. Sometimes I’ll use honey also, because stevia often doesn’t do the job well enough or give the right texture….but I try to use as little honey as possible. 😀 I’m going to put this recipe in my ‘to-make-soon’ pile. All those banannas in the freezer need to be used sometime (although frozen banannas often result in overly-crumbly bread or cake, but sometimes I have to freeze them anyway!).



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