Homemade Almond Butter

I have an easy way to make creamy homemade almond butter! Want to know my trick?

Almond flour!


Phytic Acid

Almond flour is already blanched so the skin is taken off. You might think the skin is good and all, but really it contains a lot of phytic acid! Phytic acid inhibits the absorption on vitamins and it lead to cavities and tooth decay! Yikes. Learn more about it here.  You can either soak and dehydrate the almonds or just do what I do..almond flour. (don’t make it hard on yourself!)


So Creamy

I think my family likes this almond butter better than the store brand! Since there are no skins, the almond butter is a nice light color, which makes for lighter cored baked goods. This homemade alone butter has a very creamy texture, with a light nutty taste. mmm.

As always this recipe is GAPS friendly!



Bonus! It is cheaper than your jar of almond butter as well. I did not calculate the exact cost but I get almond flour for about $4.75 lb. (Honeyville brand). That’s $1.19 a cup. (one lb of almond flour is about 4 cups) I used 3 cups of flour to make about 2 cups of almond butter. So that is about $3.5 for a little less than 16 oz of homemade almond butter! I do add in 1/4 of this coconut oil (expeller pressed has no taste) to help smooth it out, and one Tbsp of coconut oil is$0.15.

For a total of 16 oz of homemade almond butter, it is $4.09

I think that is pretty good. Plus, there are no skins!


Sweet or salty or coconutty

If you like your almond butter slightly sweet, don’t be afraid to add in a squirt of raw honey to taste or even maple syrup if you are not on GAPS. If you like it salty, just add in a pinch of sea salt. If you like the taste slightly coconutty, use centrifuged or cold pressed coconut oil (I use this one).


Easy peasy!

I think this recipe is even easier than my Carrot Chips. All you need is almond flour (I like this kind) and a Cuisinart (I use this one) or good blender. Then you just turn on and wait…and wait…and voila it is done! Ok I guess there are a few more technical steps or “tips” that might be helpful. Let me just show you the recipe already!


3 cups of almond flour (aka almond meal)

4 Tbsp of coconut oil (expeller pressed = no coconut taste) (cold pressed /centrifuged = coconut taste)


1. Add the 3 cups of almond flour and 4 Tbsp of coconut oil to the Cuisinart or blender.

2. Turn on and blend.

3. About 4 times during the whole process, turn it off. This will allow the machine to cool down and prevent it from overheating. While you are at it, scrape down the sides with a spatula.

4. Blend for about 7 minutes, or until very smooth.

5. Pour into a ball jar.

*store in cabinet for 1-2 weeks. For long-term storage put in refrigerator for several months. (I personally just make it fresh every few months, because the taste is much better!)



~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. Hi Caroline! Thanks for this recipe! Just a quick edit for you at #1 in your directions: 4TBS of coconut oil

  2. Marcie Cheshire says

    This is awesome! Thank you! I have been paying $10 for a small jar of Almond butter. I am going to try out your recipe!

  3. Stacey Gonzalez says

    Where do you get your almond flour? I pay a lot more than that 🙂

  4. I get 25 pounds at http://www.nuts.com for 3.99/lb but then there is shipping. It is blanched, of course.

  5. So we don’t need to soak almond flour??? Why not?

    • Mindy, the almonds are already blanched, which removes a good portion of the physic acid. To make the butter, soaking would result in a paste that would need to be refrigerated. You can soak almonds and make an “almond cheese” but to make a butter you want it the almond flour dry.

  6. I just made this. It is amazing, thank you so much for simplifying the process. I have three kids and I am on GAPS with my baby but we are all trying to eat healthy. Anything to make my life a little easier and less expensive is a huge blessing!

  7. Made it and was good for a baking application! Didn’t get as much tho? Only 1.5 cups.

  8. alysia says

    I recommend the food processor as the blender gets really hot and smelly working hard to do the job. now I see why its necessary to give it a rest. but I love the taste just as much as the store bought. don’t think I saved any money thought as flour was $8.

  9. Kat - the other 1 says

    Hi! So very interesting!
    I only need a 1/4 cup of almond butter for a recipe (& don’t want to use my whole last bag of almond flour up for this). Any idea about how much flour I need to blend to just get that 1/4 cup of butter??
    Ballpark guess is fine, I can finagle from there. 🙂


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