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My childhood was rough. Yep, that sums it up well.

Little me with a doll

Bye bye good bugs

I suffered from many ear infections that left me and my mom in tears. I was simply miserable from the deep throbbing pain and my poor mom just didn’t know what to do. Like any parent, my mom took me to the doctor and he simply prescribed me a round of antibiotics. I think I went on 4 round of antibiotics in 1 year. My poor gut flora was simply wiped out, both the bad and the good. My mom knew enough to supplement with yogurt and baby probiotics, though what I know now, this was not enough. My good bacteria bugs were flushed right out of me.

What went wrong ?

I was born at home and breastfeed until I was a few years old, but why did I end up with digestive issues, allergies, and sensitivities 15 years later? Sure breast-feeding did a lot, but there were many things that were not done during my first year that could have helped. My mom did the best she could at that time, and she used all the resources that were available to her. Of course, I am so thankful for what she did do. I bet she would have used Nourished Baby if it was available when I was born. 🙂

I had a temper!

Around the time of my bad ear infections, I suffered from eczema and temper issues. I would cry and scream because things were simply uncomfortable. Most likely I was suffering from food allergies. Food allergies can be nasty and they can take a sweet nice person and turn them into a monster…this was my case.

My health goes haywire

Nobody knew what was wrong with me! It was frustrating for me but also for my parents. Things started to calm down for a few years, though once I turned 12, my health plummeted. I got my braces on around that time and I think the metal really caused a big immune response and weakened my immune system. My allergies became very strong to many foods and environmental things.

My stomach would hurt day and night. I also started to get cravings for anything dairy, especially yogurt. Not knowing, I simply gave into my cravings.  Ahh..This was really the worst thing I could have done! I was probably suffering from candida, after never fully restoring my gut flora as a baby. My eczema would cover my face until it was bright red. My health just kept draining away. Can’t you see all my symptoms were because my gut was imbalanced?

Loosing weight and malnourished

I finally gained a little wisdom and stopped eating yogurt and dairy. Then I took out the wheat, sugar, grains, and my stomach slowly started to feel better. Though, every time I slipped, my stomach would want to explode. The bad bugs were still in control of my gut. I started to lose a lot of weight and I could not keep it on, no matter what I did. My stomach was swollen and sore like an open wound. My nutrients were not being absorbed, which left me depleted and tired.

Me right before my wisdom teeth surgery….my immune system was about to be attacked!

I got my wisdom teeth out and surprise surprise..I got a bad infection! My whole body reacted badly to the infection, but what really wiped me out was that antibiotic again! This was definitely a wake up call. I started to research and read lots. It was not long until I started the GAPS diet. A year later I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (hashimotos), and a severe gluten sensitivity (so much so, if I breath in one crumb it will give me a reaction).

Why is my body so messed up?

So here I am today, still trying to figure my body out. I can’t help but ask myself day after day, what could I have done differently?? I would not have changed the past even if I could have, because it has taught me so much and brought me a passion I never knew I had.

Every child should experience what life really has to offer.

But deep down I still wonder why I am like this?

After reading Heather’s book, Nourished Baby, I now have some answers.

Nourished Baby made me cry

Seriously, I almost cried reading this book..and I don’t cry easily! It just makes me remember all those frustrating years where I had no clue what was wrong with my body. Though this book had the information that I needed. I don’t read this book and criticize my mom or myself about what we did wrong when I was a baby. I look through this book and realize how much potential my children and my siblings’ children can have. Without me having to go through this, I would have never started this blog and I would have never got to read this book by Heather! Thank youNourished Baby for nourishing my brain with amazing information!

p.s. Heather has an amazing blog Mommypotamus!

Best book ever!

Someday this book will be on every mothers bookshelf, because it really has the potential to keep your children healthy for life! The information in Nourished Baby is truly priceless! I learned so much about my body by just reading the first few pages.

If you want to prevent your children from going though the roller coaster of health (like me), then please do them a favor and Nourished Baby!! I almost positive that your children will thank you 1000x for taking charge of their health and providing them with the best health they  deserve. Being able to take care of your child like this is truly a selfless act of love!

Is this book just for mothers?

No way!! This book seems like it is geared towards mothers, though I got so much out of it! Everyone was a baby at one time in their life and you can learn how the actual birth experience affects you today as an adult! Isn’t that crazy?

This information is helpful to pass onto friends who you don’t think will read a book. It would also be a fabulous baby gift..if the baby could talk it would definitely say it wants to be healthy when it is grown up. What child wants to spend days in doctor offices when all their friends are at the park. Every person deserves to live their life to the fullest!

What else will I learn in this book?

I loved to tie my own connections with the information Heather as to share. I am sure you will be able to do the same 🙂 She talks about how…

  • eczema and allergies can be prevented if your establish good gut bacteria in your baby or child.
  • you can prevent your child from getting braces. (I wish I knew that information sooner..)
  • you can actually heal decayed teeth!
  • to make all these nourishing foods that help your body heal. Oh man, don’t get me started on her whole section of recipes. She is one awesome cook!
  • to decipher what your body really needs when it has a craving.
  • to keep the good bacteria bugs in charge!
  • the birth experience affects your health later in life.
  • improper feeding can lead to food allergies.
Nourished Baby really covers all the unique topics that most people would never think of. After reading this, I could not believe how much a baby’s first experiences from being born to taking the first bite of food really affects them later in life. Heather has written an amazing book and I am sure I will be using this information when I have my own children someday! Actually I might only need just this one book because it covers everything!!

Buy Nourished Baby

You are in luck! Now that you know how important all this information is (so you give your child the health of lifetime) the next step is to actually read it yourself.

Nourished Baby is $18.99…. but wait…

Nourished Baby is on sale right now for 20% off! Whoot whoot! Thanks so much Heather! Enter the code “SUPERMAMA” when you check out to buy the book. HURRY because this sale is only going on for a little while longer!

Buy Nourished Baby right here.

If you are still unsure you can preview the book right Nourished Baby. Nothing can replace the knowledge in this book! 


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline



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  1. I’m excited about getting Nourished Baby, but I know I will cry too, because I’ve already cried a lot over what I have unknowingly done to my poor kids’ digestive systems. We have all been on the GAPS diet since April, and while we’ve seen great improvement, it hasn’t been easy. I keep wondering how long we will be detoxing, and if we’ll ever be “well” again. I look at the puffy dark bags under their eyes and think how abnormal it is for children to experience this. But, I am determined to stick with it, because you’re right – they should enjoy their childhood! Thanks for your blog & all of the valuable information!

    • I detoxed for a good 5 months. It was embarrassing but my body just smelled like chemicals and bad stuff all the time ( it was my skin detoxing) Now I do not smell one bit! I also had bad eczema all over my body that is now gone. It depends how much toxins are in your body. Make sure whatever you are eating is not aggravating you too, because that happened to me without knowing it. I agree that all kids should be given a chance. You are so luck to fix your children’s health early on though, I give you HUGE credit! Thanks for reading and I hope you heal fast !

  2. Great article. Can I ask a favor? A “share” button so I can post this article to FaceBook to expose more people?
    Thanks so much! You’re great.

    • Hi Skye, I do have a share button, i guess it is hidden…under the post itself and on the home page under each post blurp. I cannot figure out to get it on the top of the page, scroll over the little share button and there are lots of different options for you to share..fb,twitter,etc..

  3. Did you ever suffer candida and if so did you have to do the candida gaps version.? Also, did you have IgE allergy to dairy? I had the test done and dairy and cheese especially and coffee were my highest. Do you think that means I should not do dairy on gaps or that eventually I can? I’m confused as to wether IgE is actual allergy or sensitivity.



    • Yes I did suffer from mild candida. My mom suffered from worse candida and the GAPS worked for her. We just did not fruit and honey until the symptoms were gone. That is a pretty bad allergy is sounds like, have you considered NAET? Im doing it right now and it has amazing results! http://www.naet.com/ IgE is an immediate reaction while IgG is a delayed reaction after 1-4 days. I think IgE is an allergy but I could be wrong.


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