Nourished Baby: 2nd edition!

My favorite book just got a new Makeover!

I Love this book! –a must read.

Read why I love this book so much. It changed my life and how I look at things.

I am not a mom. I don’t have my own kids. One thing I do love–I love information, research, anything that will help me understand life. Life is beautiful and nothing can be better then giving your children the best–there is only one foundation (and that is when you are a baby). Children need to be nourished!

View the book main page here, and look at previews!

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New Credentials:

Nourished Baby : 2nd edition is now part of Nourishing our Children educational material. Sandrine Love (creator of Nourishing our Children) cleaned and sparked up the design as well!

This book was signed off my Sally Fallon (president of the WAPF) herself! How exciting 🙂

nourished baby 2

New Information:

The first edition of this book was spectacular. I was thinking “how could it even get any better?” Well it did. Here is what you will learn in this “must read book”…

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New Recipes:

Who doesn’t love new recipes, especially that are “toddler approved”! Here is a list of the new bloggers that contributed 15+ new recipes.

I am honored to be mentioned in this book. 🙂

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Everyone love this book and honestly its priceless. The knowledge you can gain is all for the love of you kiddios! (I have already read this book 2 times I love it so much!)

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Buy it here!!

If you would like to buy Nourished Baby: 2nd edition. Click here –it will bring you to the main page for Nourished Baby 2.

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~Stay Gutsy, Caroline 

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