Gutsy goes Grain-Free!


Stop putting food before you health.

I know what you are all going to say.  “What!” There is no question that humans just love food! Especially those sugary starchy bready goodies! Am I right?

Take a look at this picture. Would you eat this? Did you even think about the way this donut will make you feel afterwards? You see something good ad just grab it, because it is yummy. The stomach ache, itchy eyes from allergies, joint pain, or headache come and go on a daily basis, but you have classified these symptoms as ones that people just live with…right?


I hate to break it to you, but these symptoms are actually signs that your body is SICK! Grain can be so damaging to the body, in almost every way possible! Most grain products on the shelves in the US are probably GMO and untraditionally prepared. To make things worse, grain products are on the bottom of the USDA food pyramid. This can’t be farther from the truth, out body’s don’t want this!


The correct food pyramid

Take a look at this pyramid (click here). I bet it looks completely different to what you remember it as. Sadly this is not the USDA food pyramid (I will be jumping off the walls when it does! Ha!). For now this is the food pyramid traditional foodies abide by. Fat and meat every day, yes please!

Do you see the grains way up at the tippy top. That is how grain is supposed to be eaten. But why am I telling you to “go-grain free”. This is because the grain crops in the USA are so hybridized, GMO, pesticide-messed-up. Not only that but if you do eat grain, then it has to be carefully and properly soaked and prepared.


Leaky gut

So now you are thinking, well I can just prepare my grains in a proper way and then I can eat my bread. Not so fast! Did you ever take antibiotics? Did you suffer from allergies, sensitivities, muscle aches, get sick more then 1 or 2 times a year, or have a brain disorder (ADHA, anxiety, depression..etc.). These are symptoms of a leaky gut!

A leaky gut is when the big food molecules pass through your gut lining into your blood stream, where they are then marked as foreign invaders. This triggers the body to have an autoimmune reaction. Autoimmune is when your body actually starts to attack itself! The worse off you are, the more likely the chance for you to develop another autoimmune disorder. You can see where this is going…

Do you know what aggravates leaky gut the most and causes it to develop this autoimmune response in the first place? Grain! Grain is one of the most aggravating and hard to digest foods. That is why special care was taken for centuries in cultures to properly prepare grains.


Stop the Grain!

Since you probably have not had GMO-free and properly prepared grains since birth, you are most likely sensitive to them. The only way to stop your body from fighting against you is to STOP GRAIN! There might be other food triggers that cause your body harm, but going grain free if a HUGE start!

Grain free saved my life!

Sounds way too over the top and cheesy, huh?!  I am not joking when I said going grain free “saved my life!


I knew I had food allergies when I was young. Nobody in my family would go on the elimination diet with me (what 5 year old would do it by themselves?), so I continued to eat what everyone else did. We did buy whole organic grain, but we had no clue to what soaking meant. That didn’t really matter though because I had a leaky gut to start with, from all the antibiotics.


My symptoms escalate

As the years went on I got allergies, stomachaches, eczema, cavities, weight loss, swelling, and the list can go on forever! Remember these were just my symptoms, and yours will be different. When I went off of dairy and soy, I felt a tad better, though my health actually started to get worse! I was still eating grains like corn, oatmeal, and some “healthy” whole grain options. I needed a big smack in the face and this class to show me the way!

At age 15 I would ride my bike to the local library. I dug my nose deep in nutrition books to try finding food to make for a “healthy body”. I only flipped pages and saw carbohydrates in the form of grain almost with ever meal suggestion. “There must be another way to get carbs”, I thought!


Lost in the grain-free world!

I had no clue where to start (where were you Grain free class?). I spent many hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits, and supplements, but really nothing worked! My dad and mom were getting super stressed because the money was just being drained away. I actually just naturally stopped eating grain when I became 16, just because I would get a terrible stomachache and lay in bed for days after I ate it.

Eating grain was simply not worth taking my life away!

I had to stop going full time to high school. I quit volleyball and running and spent most of the time on the toilet or in bed. My stomach was so swollen but my bones started to stick out (it was a strange thing to look at). I was slowly dying inside; my body was eating itself away. I was lifeless.


Gluten-free is not enough!

Of course after getting a test run from my naturopath, she spotted a little number in the corner that almost make her jump out of her seat! My gluten count in my body was higher then the average person! How could this be…I don’t eat any gluten? My diet was pretty much chicken, fish, fat and some veggies at that time.

I switched doctors about a month later, so I brought the same shocking test results along. After 1 more test, I found the culprit. My body was cross-reacting to different grains, thinking their shape was the same as gluten! When my body ate corn, it saw its shape and treated it like it would gluten! So my body was still attacking itself, namely my thyroid (hashimotos) which was why I was always tired.

Things immediately changed. I was banned from all grain products in every form! I went to the extreme like grain-free body products (my shampoo had wheat in it!), no homeopathic’s or vanilla in alcohol (alcohol is made of grain), and no supplements with “hidden” sources of grain. Grain is tricky and, it can be labeled as all sorts of funky words.


Cross Contamination

I also had problem with cross contamination with gluten products. No longer was cooking or baking with flour an option. If some flour was accidentally left on the counter and my food touched it, I felt sick. I learned quickly not to use the toaster or the same cutting board that bread went on.

I had to stop baking altogether, and this made me so sad because baking was my fun and de-stress time. I would wake up the next day (even though I didn’t eat it) and feel hung over or drugged (I have never drank, but I am guessing that is what it feels like).  Once I learned that grain-free flours existed, I was  excited to start experimenting again. A whole new world or cooking opened up! Sometimes people can be more sensitive to small amounts of gluten (like me) so going completely grain free is the best option!

100% Grain-free and happy as can be!

Now that I am completely 100% grain free, by body has stopped attacking itself and my symptoms are disappearing. My body is not the same as it used to be, though I don’t doubt the amazing healing powers of the human body. I am positive it will fully recover someday (soon!) with a grain-free diet. If we take something harmful away from our body and nourish it with the right tools (grain-free diet) then it will recover.

I had to learn the hard way; don’t go down the same road as I did (trust me, it is not fun!)  Educate and prepare yourself today, not tomorrow or next week. This grain-free class gives me the hope that everyone can someday go grain-free!

Take charge of your health and Buy Now!


Take control of your life!

I had to go grain free, but even if I didn’t, I think I would want to! People who go grain free seem to have a lot more energy, clearer skin, and less illness! Who wouldn’t want that in their life? The question is, is grain really worth eating if it is destroying your health? You may not see the signs now, but your body is being harmed, and it’s just a matter of time. Set the example for your family and friends and show them what health really means!

The Grain-free class?

Grain free is yummy!

Going grain free does not mean broccoli and chicken every day. Of course not! I bet you can recreate almost every “grain” food with “grain-free” ingredients. Brownies, pancakes, scones, pizza…yes please! This grain-free class is the BEST e-course for learning how to go grain-free. It can be time consuming to research and test good recipes. I finally have a few good recipes, but that is after year of trial and error (I don’t know how much my family appreciated that either).


The cost $$

Don’t be shocked by the price. Think about how much a few grain-free cookbooks will cost? Or supplements or medication to try and make you “feel better” form your grain-eating habits. For me, sometimes time is worth more than it costs.

I have to admit, many times I get ingredients to make something grain-free and I have to end up tossing it because it just doesn’t turn out. I wish I had started this class 3 years ago when I started grain-free!

This class is worth way more than what you will pay for it. Trust me; you will not want to go through life without making these absolutely delicious foods! Your body will thank you 1000x 🙂

Did I mention that there is a sale plus a coupon! If you buy now, it is less then $11 a class!



Apply this coupon to get a $20 discount! It will only be available to a limited time only, so act quick!



What you will learn

  • Bake with grain-free flours such as nut flours and coconut flour.
  • Properly prepare nuts and seeds for easy digestion.
  • Make nutritious breakfasts with waffles and pancakes, that are low carb, grain-free and taste better than those made with grains.
  • Cook traditional meals with chicken, meat and fish that will satisfy even the pickiest eater — all without grains.
  •  Put together snacks like energy bars and granola that are full of nutrients rather than empty calories.
  •  Save money by making your own real food staples and condiments.
  •  Make a grain-free lunch wrap that really works.
  •  Save time by cooking in bulk and storing.
  • Bake the most delicious and nutritious carrot muffins ever!


 Take a look at this video to preview what the class is all about!

Like what you see? Buy NOW



If you are like most people, the thought of grain-free is overwhelming. This class is like having a grain-free expert hold your hand along the whole way! How nice would that be? That is why they call it an “online class”.

Here is the breakdown (you get lifetime access to this stuff!):

  • 12 Weeks of Online Classes
  • Over 80 Video Tutorials
  • Over 150 Printable Recipes!



No excuse!

You have no excuse to not go grain-free now! Jill from the Real Food Forager is a nutritionist chiropractor. She created this class to make it easy on people to learn how to cook grain-free.  This class will provide you with the tools and confidence you need to go completely grain-free and even be confident to serve grain-free foods to all your family and friends!

This would be an amazing gift for any mom, new wife, struggling patient, college student, a kid who loves to cook, or someone into health and nutrition. Don’t be afraid to get the class just for yourself.

Your body can’t function when it is sick, and why waste anymore of your life not knowing how to take care of it. Jill will teach you everything you need to know to start a whole new eating lifestyle and take charge of yours and your family’s health!

Buy NOW!


Check out this amazing price for the Go-grain free class!


  • Original price: $199.00
  • Sale price: $149.00
  • Price with coupon: $129.00 — less than $11.00 per class! Coupon code = NOGRAINS

BUY NOW (click here)!

Donut picture: Janice Cullivan



~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. Great post, Caroline! I love hearing about your journey to real food. So inspiring. 🙂

  2. Yeah, finding out what works for the individual is a tricky thing. I bet if one accumulated every “this will make you a healthy individual!” diet into one big “lifestyle”, one would end up eating nothing at all. People tend to forget that all this is a highly individualized trial-and-error thing, even within families. My older sister cannot have plant-based protein, so vegetarian diets are out of the question for her, as well as most nut- and seed-based replacement diets (no-grain). I thrive on plant-based protein and cannot do low-carb anything, and my body does not react too well to animal fats and protein – so I am doing starch-based mostly vegan. My other two sisters, as far as I know, eat everything, as does our father. (Our mother is allergic to seafood.) And now my niece has turned out to be sensitive to gluten, fructose and lactose. Luckily, in the end there is a “real food solution” for most issues. It is only a matter of finding the right approach, and you are doing a great thing putting all this information online. Thanks!

  3. When my daughter was 3 we found out she was “sensitive” to gluten. She was failure to thrive and 21 lbs. After 6 months she weighed 28 lbs! She looked the same, without the bloated belly, but she was absorbing nutrients. People can either can the weight they need to or loose the weight just by eliminating grains, especially wheat. Eliminating the inflammation.

    • Hi Jen, that is great that you found your daughter is sensitive! Grain or loose grain free does it all! It does eliminate a lot of inflammation and it feels amazing!

  4. Loved this! Especially the heading, “Stop putting food before your health” Yes, yes, yes!!!

  5. do you have hashi caroline? my blood work ruled it out a few weeks ago. my little guy does better gluten free. he’s still eating corn and rice, but only when i make it from scratch. thinking about doing gaps intro again for him since he just had his first episode of croup since we came off inhalers. i just don’t have the energy for it yet, i have to fix me first. my brain is broken. 3 headaches in past six days.

    • Hi Jenna! Yes I do have hashi’s. THough I don’t have symptoms anymore because I have been brian free (completely) for many months! I had to go back on intro a few weeks ago because of some unplanned reactions and allergies, so intro relay gave my body the tools to heal once again. I didn’t have the energy to do intro the exactly correct way so I just made sure I had 1-2 quarts of broth a day and lots of fat and meat (all boiled). Headaches are a hugs pain. I had them every day of my life except this year. You know what made this year different? I think it was my magnesium oil http://www.mygutsy.com/homemade-magnesium-oil-and-giveaway/, but I think my headache were caused by magnesium deficiency. Are yours from stress?

  6. Marcie Cheshire says

    Thank you for all of your awesome posts! I am just now starting to venture into GAPS, WAPF and Paelo. What soap do you use to clean kitchen dishes?

  7. Really great post Caroline. So glad you found a way to heal without drugs or chemicals. Great job Girl!

  8. Caroline,
    I have Hashimoto’s and have cut out all gluten (which was definitely killing me… but that’s another story). I don’t eat a lot of grains, but am wondering if grain-free made your antibodies go down? Is there anything else you would recommend… I’m trying to put off going on Synthroid, but am about to give up because I’m feeling exhausted. I also have diabetes

    • Maria, I have hashi’s too! Yeah for going gluten free! Yes going grain free made my symptoms go away (I have not checked the antibodies) but I feel 95% better! You are a perfect candidate for grain free or GAPS


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