Go Grain-free class Giveaway ($199 value)

Do you want to win the BEST giveaway yet?

Let me tell you a little about this giveaway:

1. Created by Dr. Jill Tieman, blogger of Real Food Forager!

2. 12 week step by step class with videos, recipes, and instructions to succeed in going grain free!

3. Learn how to make your favorite foods while still being grain free (muffins, burgers, soup, salads, appetizers, pizza, pancakes..etc..

4. If you can’t wait to get this class, click here to buy it right now!

5. You will feel SO good helping feed your body to function at its best!

6. These recipes are GAPS friendly!

7. Read about my experience with a grain-free diet and how it saved my life!


Try not to drool over these foods..


Are you convinced this is the class for you? Well what are you waiting for? Enter the contest already!!

*good luck*

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~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. Love this…..wish me luck! I love all your recipes but so far my favorite is the coconut whipped cream

  2. Judith says

    I’m already receiving your e-mail posts. I would like to enter this contest!

  3. Charity Sauve says

    Hi Caroline! I am already subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. Mariana Batryn says

    I am not grain-free, although I have wanted to be for a long time! I think the benefits are wonderful and I think this giveaway would be the perfect jump start and help that I need to get started!

  5. Catherine says

    I’m starting the grain free thing this month but the class would be so helpful!

  6. I am a subscriber and I am really enjoying your blog – thinking GAPS may help my son. He’s been having digestive issues for the past 2 years (most of his life).

  7. I desperately need this. We have been going wheat free for a month now…and I need this so I can get the kids going wheat free too. Enter me!!

    I am subscriber too.

  8. Jaclyn says

    We are just starting the grain-free thing for my 6 year old daughter – I would LOVE to win this class! It’s going to be a challenge for this mommy of 5 children ages newborn-6, but we are willing to try it to see if it helps our oldest one’s health.

  9. Would love to win! Already subscribed to your newsletter and email updates. Would love to expand my menu of grain free meals since we are on GAPS.

  10. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! If I win, could I give this to a young friend who needs help with PCOS?

  11. Judy M. says

    Caroline, I have already been receiving your newsletters for a while now and love it.

  12. Judy M. says

    I have been halfway trying to go grain free for a while. So far, my biggest attempt has been some grain free cookies and breads. My family is not too fond of what I’ve done so far, so I need help.

  13. I’m a daily email subscriber! 🙂

  14. I’m always trying to learn and be as healthy as possible and I love the fact that I can learn something from someone who is quite a bit younger than me! Keep it up kiddo! I make my daughters read your post, just so they can see you don’t have to be old to get excited about nutrition!!

  15. I’m not grain-free yet, just really low-grain. I look forward to learning to cook without grains!

  16. Elizabeth says

    I am a subscriber. I am not grain free yet but would really love to take this class so I can learn how to be grain free …

  17. Carolyn b says

    Not grain free yet. We are going gluten free this month to see if it helps with some issues my family has been having. I would like to go grain free too, but need some help!

  18. Emily Simon says

    Awesome giveaway, Caroline. I am grain-free right now and I know Jill is an amazing cook.

    • Emily Simon says

      Oh, and my favorite GAPs foods are Soup, Kefir with fruit mixed in, and Almond butter off the spoon. I eat these all the time and love them. Soup is so filling and it feels like you are doing something good for your system.

  19. Dorothy says

    I am a subscriber.

  20. Valerie says

    I already subscribe to your newsletter.

  21. Valerie says

    I am grain free. My favorite meal is vegetable soup with nourishing chicken soup.

  22. Deanna says

    I am already a subscriber.

  23. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

  24. My favorite grain free meal is eggs!!! In many different ways,………………

  25. Jennifer says

    I already receive your email updates. They are great. I would love to win this class!

    I’m also bummed because I do not and will not have a Facebook account and I can’t unlock the other 103 chances to win without it.

  26. I love your blog, your recipes and I subscribe to your newsletter and have liked you on FB. We are super new to grain-free and GAPS, so I’m not sure about a grain-free meal. I’m wanting to try your celery root hashbrowns because they look yummy, though 🙂 My children are sick and have allergies to everything and this diet is so overwhelming to me (particularly with their allergies on top of it all) that I could REALLY use to take this class and gain some yummy recipes and tips to get my toddlers to eat healthy food to heal their guts. Thanks for offering this!

  27. Natalie says

    I subscribe

  28. Judy M. says

    My favorite grain free recipe so far are soups and savory stews! I love making soups of all kinds.

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