Healing update #7

June…July…August…September…October…November. Where did the time go? I feel like my life is on hold (which is why it is so hard for me to post this update, because it feels like nothing has changed). As much as it seems like my routine has been like this forever, I look back and try to remember that things have changed (for the better).


Time passes by…

Let’s start with June. June was anticipation. Waiting for answers. Excited to figure everything out.

July was shock. I was in shock that I flew on a plane without getting “too” sick. But reality struck and I was left burned out like I have never felt before. Little did I know the price I was about to pay for 1 day worth of travel. I got answers from my Dr. and I held on tight, believing it was THE answer. I think I held on a little too tight. I thought it was as easy as just “fixing” the problem, but I was abruptly reminded I don’t have control.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5&6

August was still. After traumas from July, I just could not take another step. Sleep was the word and the only activity I wanted.

September was routine. Sleep, eat, detox, repeat.

October was lost & Peace. Honestly, its really hard for me to remember what I did, but I can remember that it was really a peaceful month. Somewhere in my brain are the lost memories of October. hmm…..

November is… I’m living it right now.


It used to be hard to look back and remember only one swim, a few days at the beach and little sunshine. I can’t look at life regretting what I haven’t done. Yes it’s sad for a second but I get over it fast…really fast. Why is it so hard to understand why I wouldn’t have it any other way? I don’t want to do things I know I cant have right now. That includes an energetic body, a clear mind, endurance, etc.

People always associate “giving in” as being a failure. I disagree. I believe the only way to fully heal and become who you were designed to be, is to give in. Give in to what your body is telling you, even if you don’t want to. Give in to your quirks and don’t hold back to please people. Being ok with not finishing what you started or not “giving it your all” can be good. For me, this comes as a challenge. Physically, when I knew I could not finish treatments, I viewed myself as a failure. It was hard to explain to people that my reason was exhaustion. “Oh there is a simple fix for that: sleep more!” I’m afraid that does not cut it.

I dreamt of a “fix” to my failing health for as long as I can remember, and the minute I experienced this “fix”, I knew I was done. That “done” feeling went beyond just the treatment. I felt “done” in life (no not “done” like dying…let me explain). I was done searching for answers that were so hard to reach. I was done trying to hold myself up each day. I was done trying to fix my problem with little or no success. I was done trying to please people. I was done feeling guilty for things I could not do. I was done thinking and processing (which explains the lack of posting). I was done trying to fix my problem with everything I had. I gave up doing it on my own and put my trust somewhere else…

Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4

Giving into your body

The day I “gave up” I slept a long long tim (17-ish hours). For days  weeks I felt every step was a marathon, every word was a speech, every dish to wash was a tower. I stopped everything, no chiropractor, no ozone treatments, no exercise, no sauna, no researching, no reading (or very little), no doctors appotiments, no NAET, no leaving the house.

Seriously. As the days went on, I felt like I was failing my purpose in life. My “roles” in life a a sister, a blogger, a researcher, a friend all went out the window. Basically I had entered survival mode. What does survival mode look like? Sleeping a lot, eating when you have the energy to cook, and doing only the best you can do. I can’t say Im out of “survival mode” but its a start just being able to sit down and write this. Though, it is very hard… I don’t like typing this all out. Maybe because I am realizing that the end does not seem near and that maybe I have even back tracked! It is taking me days to gather the brain power, but I know I need to write it down for me and you.

What is Life?

You may think Im missing out on life. But what is “life” anyways? Life used to be a school day or a accomplished feeling of a run and completed tasks. A day full of cooking or meeting new people. A days worth of research and understanding for something I did not know existed. I never really wondered what taking the next step would feel like or if the next breath was filled with “safe” air. I see things more clearly now. Every breath is precious. Every conversation counts. Each day is not easy, but each second matters more then it ever did. It’s how you view life and the way you soak in every moment that matters most.

I have SO much to tell you!

Ok enough with all my thoughts about my situation. Let me pick up where I last left you in my “healing journey”. One reason I have been procrastinating is because sooo much has happened, it’s overwhelming. Not just that, but I have to put words to all my actions and the reasoning behind them. Here I go!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.25.29 AM


Let me get started. In healing update #6 I have all those test results that Dr. Mullan (the genetic Dr.) ran. I got those and held onto them. I saw on paper that I am toxic, and struggling to function. I knew the only option (in her professional opinion) was to take supplements to help my detox pathways, but we all know I can’t do that. That was a big stumbling block and it was so big I never followed up. Sometimes I kick myself and say “what a waste”, but really it was not because I needed proof and it may still some in handy in the future. The genetic 23 and me test will never change, so thats a good thing. If I ever want to dive into the gentic world and figure out all my issues, I have the option.

Right now going down the genetic path is #1 depressing: because its all about pointing out what is wrong with the way I’m made. #2 pointless: I cant take the supplements needed to fix these mutations. #3 Epigenetics: that means your genetics can change (or be expressed) based on your environment and your daily habits (Im hoping I can change a few things around!). Learn more here.

Taking the plunge

In desperate need for SOMEONE who understands, I decided it was time to search outside hometown radius. I ended up going to Missouri to see Dr. Yu. I know I know…I not only came out of my “bubble” but I went on a plane!! Crazy! Honestly, I could have not done it without everyone’s prayers, so thank you.  I still am in awe I did that, and am also happy it’s over and done with.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.03.15 AM

Before the trip I read his book, which helped me understand a lot more too. He is like the dream doctor I thought would have all the answers. It was a reality check to go because I saw that “these doctors” are just human. They don’t hold the key or answers. All they can do us help. He did say most of my health problems, from what he tested were due to my cavitations.


What are cavitations you ask? In simple words, they are are hole in the bone (after a tooth has been extracted) and are often filled with bacteria, fungi, and mercury.  If you want to learn more click here.

Improper extraction and not removing the ligament (which most oral surgeons and dentists don’t do anyways) creates the growth of the cavitation in the jaw bone. Overtime the bacteria that was stuck in the socket and tissues make little or big holes in jawbone and create a chronic infection. After the tissue heals over, it’s very hard to get to his infection that is now spreading through the lymphatic system affecting other systems and organs in the body.

Back to my story —> I got all 4 wisdom teeth out from a regular oral surgeon when I was 17. Looking back I did get a lot more sick after 2 1/2 rounds of antibiotics before the surgery and after due to an infection in the lower left jaw. (I now know antibiotics can severely impair the liver and detox pathways). But, I was confused when Dr Yu told me this, because I was pretty mess up before this surgery .

What did the Dr. find?

So Dr. Yu found cavitations under tooth #17 and #20. At their clinic the took all these cool alternative testing and scans. They took a thermograph and could tell from the white areas around my mouth and sinuses that there was a infection. They hooked me up to different electronic tests and basically it showed my body was functioning pretty well (what?!), despite the way I feel. He did take a hair test and said depending on the results and if I had heavy metals, then that could play a big role in my health mystery (a hair test takes a few weeks to get the results back).

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.54.50 AM

I would also recommend this book to understand the full tooth-body connection. I have it and learned ALOT of information about how my teeth really impact how my body functions.

Tooth-organ Meridian chart:

Before you read any further, you have to look at this tooth-organ-meridican chart. Each tooth (or actually the position the tooth is in, is part of a complete meridian that runs through the whole body.)



EDS (electoral dermal screening)

Dr Yu. used EDS (electoral dermal screening) on my fingers and toes to determine if the meridians corresponding to different organs were off balance or not. Learn about EDS here (a.k.a. Acupuncture meridian assesment) or view the video above.

At first, Dr. Yu did the EDS points and nothing unusual showed up. He said that is probably because I do so many therapies at home to help balance my body ( RIFE, NAET, etc..). So then the goal was to try and unbalance my body to get the “real” results. He got up and pulled out this light box thing. He started to roll a metal roller over my head and body. First the frequency was a purple light. Then he did a yellow light. He rolled 2 opposing colors on me to confuse any bacteria out of “hiding”. I think it works because the bacteria or parasites are attracted to the frequency and then thrown off guard when he runs the opposing one.

He ran the EDS again and started to do some of his “own points” he calls it. If you read his book here, this will all make more sense. He is very skilled at testing with EDS (he has kinda mastered the techniques). Anyways, this time a few things did show up with a few
systems/organs. I can’t remember exactly what systems but he did not make it a big deal. I think one was the allergy point.

View the interactive Tooth-Merdian Chart HERE!

Digging deeper

Dr. Yu then had me touch each tooth socket with my finger and tested me as I did this. Right away the EDS reading went off the chart (indicating an imbalance) specifically on tooth #20 and #17. #17 was the wisdom tooth socket that got infected and #20 was a tooth that had no adult tooth underneath it (I was born like this) and got infected and I had it pulled when I was about 16.

He said my immune system or allergy point is not balanced and tried to balance it by hooking me up to this new German machine that balances meridians. I’m not sure exactly if it helped, but I just went with the flow. Maybe it helped me cope on the flight home?

Overall my thoughts about this appointment are that, I finally had an answer to all my problems…or so I thought. This doctor is brilliant but things got in the way of the next appointment, and honestly it was not meant to be that I went back right now in my life. I am so thankful he lead me in the right direction and searched hard even though he considered me a “mystery”.


Test Results:

A few weeks after that trip I got my test results from the hair analysis lab (from analytical research labs) and the ELISA food test. I already had a hair test done by doctors data (this exact test <–which showed very high mercury) but he wanted this lab (ARL) because they don’t wash the hair sample. I now know that’s important because seeing the minerals is half the part of the analysis. (I will talk more about this hair analysis and the results in healing update #8).

The ELISA food test showed I had several allergies (not surprising)! It was deceiving because some things I knew for a fact I was allergic to but they showed up fine. I’m guessing thats because I have not eaten them in years so the antibodies were not visible on a blood test.

Oh I forgot to mention that when I was in Missouri seeing DR. Yu, he sent me to a dentist 5 min away to get an x ray. I hate getting x rays but I had to do it. (Here is a cool post about combating radiation if you are interested.) I then returned to him with the x ray but he said he could see no visible cavitations in the x-ray and that I should bring it to my dentist at home. He recommended his holistic dentist down the block to do the cavitation surgery. I tried to explain I live in MN, but since he could not recommend anyone else other then this holistic dentist, he said to get another option because he cannot “diagnose” me. Hint hint… It’s a legal thing.

The Holistic Dentist

Ok so I’m back in MN and scheduled an appt with my holistic dentist. I decide I want to see the head dentist who is harder to get into, but I knew would understand my situation more. This clinic does not do cavitation surgery but instead ozone therapy. I was I skeptical at first after hearing that Dr. Yu instructed me to look into cavitation surgery. I did hours of research looking into therapies, solutions and clinics for cavitations. I was so torn, it all became confusing knowing what was really the right path.

Ozone for cavitations

I finally accepted that ozone is the better way to go, because there is always a change of reinfection with surgery…and it’s much more stressful on the body (of course, it’s surgery!!). I always knew that if this did not work, then I can always consider surgery. The ozone almost seemed “too easy” of a solution, well that’s what I thought. But after talking to my holistic dentist, he told me that patients he has seen, heard stories about, and worked with personally do better with ozone. I was relieved too because the only close cavitation surgeon was a 7 hour drive. **ahem! Im getting ahead of myself. Sorry.**


Hello, I’m Dr. T…

So I go to my first appointment and met Dr. Tchetter (pronounced cheddar). I can tell right away he is very intuitive and alittle quirky  (always the qualities of a good doctor, right?). He takes a look at my x ray and points out that I not only have cavitations in those two spots but also in all the other extractions from my wisdom teeth surgery. Now I’m thinking…”Great 5 cavitations in my jaw!”. He points out the the one in the bottom left is for sure the biggest (the spot where I got the nasty infection a few weeks after my surgery).

He explains that the ozone treatment is pretty effective and continues to tell me stories of patients who got better from these treatments. He even tells me of this one story of a girl my age with pretty much allergies to everything like me. Her family built her an underground house where she stayed for 3 years. After the 3 years of staying in her “safe” environment, Dr. T saw her and she was all better. He said she did this to let her body heal naturally and “reset” her immune system, and the only was she could do that was to remove all reactants. This story freaked me out (but at the same time…something connected), how could someone not come outside for 3 years? Little did I know this would be a similar situation for my future (I will explain).

The ozone procedure:

Back to the ozone treatments. It works like this. I go in for a few “tester” appointments to see if I react appropriately to ozone. They give me a fraction on the dose and inject it into the gums around the cavitations (like teeny-tiny). Since I have sinus issues, he planed on doing extra injections in the upper gums close to the nose. Then he will do the full doses and inject all the way into the jawbone (not sure exactly how this is done because I stopped after the second treatment).

Heavy Metals 

Then it’s my turn and I pretty much tell him my whole life story and how I got to where I am today. He is nodding his head saying “ahh” and has this look like he knows exactly what is going on. He asks a few questions and concludes that it probably all started with my mom (like other doctors suspected in the past). I know for a fact she has heavy metals because they showed up in her recent hair test. She probably had a lot more 20 years ago when she was pregnant with me.

2010-02-19 (8) 0010

As a 2 year old my enamel on my teeth would crumble, scary right? I was sent to the dentist and they filled tooth #20 and #29 (they are mirror to each other on the bottom). The were filled with …… Mercury fillings!!! Nooooo! My stomach dropped when I found this out, I was devastated, but I guess relived at the same time (that its not all in my head)! The picture above is my dentist when I was little….yeah I’m thinking the SAME thing!!! agghh. 

I think these 2 mercury filled teeth fell out around the age of 6, so that’s like 4 years of mercury vapors. Funny thing, I may still have those toxic teeth in a tiny little container, in an envelope, in a little box, in a bigger box, stuffed in the back of my closet. You know those little tooth containers to collect all your teeth that fell out? I’m not going to even try to dig those things out, let alone touch them.

Connecting the Dots

So that situation contributed to a huge host of issues and that’s probably why I was diagnosed as OCD at age 2 and put on some medicines that make all holistic doctors cringe and say “that was unnecessary…really?”. These meds are known to potentially damage the liver… which they probably did for me.

Dr. T explains I was/am probably allergic or sensitive to mercury more then most. That just escalated and created more food allergies and behavioral issues. He kept asking me if I went crazy, he was sure at some point I should have. I told him I got braces as a teenager for about 5 years (stubborn headgear!). He said the nickle content is very high and probably intoxicated my brain even more, creating more allergies and a depressed immune system. Then came the tooth extraction of my dead #20. Then the wisdom teeth surgery after my braces came off and now I’m left with 5 cavitations that are feeding infectious bacteria into my lymph systems. My body is under chronic stress 24/7. Below are the spots and tooth numbers that were removed from my mouth (the improper way) so they each developed a cavitation “hole in the bone”.


Toxic waste dumps

I told him my sinuses are an issue and he explained that mercury like to lodge itself in 3 main places. The lower back, the lower jaw and the sinuses. My sinuses are full of mercury from years of chewing and vapors being released. I read an article about a dentist who did a cavitation surgery and did not close the incision but instead put a strip or gauze over it for 24 hours. After that time he tested the gauze and found incredibly high amounts of mercury on the gauze. This confirms that the cavitations are pretty much toxic waste dumps of mercury as well! Yuck.

After our good talk, I was hopeful. He also checked for cavities and I have 2 small ones he is going to “watch”.  We talked about making impressions of my teeth to get a “tray” fitted for them so each time I come in, they can put ozone in the trays that cover my teeth. This is suppose to help reverse tooth decay, kill bacteria, and prevent any cavities from getting worse. I was afraid of reacting to the plaster they needed to make the impression, so we put this idea on hold. If you are curious about ozone for tooth decay read about it here. Its a fairly new practice, so you may not find a ton of info.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.25.47 AM

Reverse tooth decay

I also have weakening enamel on several teeth (they look like little chips or holes on the top of my tooth and are REALLY sensitive). I’m determined to heal both cavities and the enamel. If you read this book, you will know its possible too. I just have to find a way to start absorbing minerals and make them available for my teeth. Im currently eating bison bone marrow every day (as suggested in this article), to heal my tooth decay. Out of the suggestions in the chart below, I can only eat grass-fed bone marrow. But, hey at least I have one of the “Tooth-Decay-Reversing- Protocol foods!”

tooth decay

Here are my thoughts posted on my Instagram right after the appointment:

“When chronic health problems started at 12 years old I never thought I would be the one with the “mystery” case that no doctor could figure out. I never thought I would have to go through so much and in the process have big pieces of my life taken from me. Yesterday I found out my #teeth are a big culprit. Not the whole picture- but a very big one. I can now dream of #gettingbetter . Teeth #17 and#20 have infections under in the jaw bone. Once in the #jawbone these infections can spread throughout the body and infect any organ. Usually it damages the meridian it lies along. In my case my#thyroid, #digestivesystem, #energy, small and large#intestines, #stomach, #spleen #lymph #eczema all all just symptoms of my infections. The “normal” dentist never found them and neither did an x ray. My new doctor ran several energetic meridian testing, thermography of my face, and light therapy to find out what the problem was and narrowed it down to these two teeth. I am #thankingGod for revealing these #piecestomypuzzle”

Starting Ozone therapy

I came back to the holistic dentist 2 weeks later and started my first ozone “tester” treatment. The dentist’s assistant mixed some olive oil in the ozone bottles and hooked me up to start breathing it in (the ozone machine is pictured below). The olive oil is so I don’t breath it directly into my lungs. I was fine with that and then they did the ears.

Since I seemed ok with that, he decided to inject a little bit of pure ozone into my gums and upper jaw for my sinuses. 13 injections total. He was using a tiny amount to start off with. He tested me with kinesiology to see if I was ok with the pure anesthetic with no additive. I was very hesitant and questioned his judgement several times. Right after swabbing the anesthetic on, I felt strange. My mouth was wide open and he started with all the injections. There was pressure, but I kept thinking back to when he swabbed with the anesthetic, THAT was the painful part. I did not think twice about the needle or 13 injections. (This was only a matter or seconds from start to finish but it felt like forever.)


Surprise attack

After I closed my mouth and swallowed, I was in for a surprise. My throat started to close! I panicked and gasped for air, they rushed to grab me water and directed me to “swish and spit“. I did this until I could breath. What a scary experience, but at least I made it through and learned to carry my epi pen next time (I have never had to use it yet). Better safe the sorry. I will be honest, I HATE anesthetic, it literally makes me crazy. I promise that is the last time I ever let someone convince me it’s “safe” or whatever. I know he did not know and this experience proved to Dr. T how sensitive I am.

The first time I met him, he mentioned I was “wise beyond my years” and could tell I was very in-tune with my body and instincts. I think after this incident, he trusts my instincts 100%, which can be hard for any doctor.

Going crazy

On the car ride home, my body was going crazy. I was shaking and I could not stop moving my legs and arms and everything. My brain was spinning and I felt like I was going crazy. My face was very swollen and it was so uncomfortable. I just kept crying and blabbering “something is wrong, I need help”! I was obviously reacting badly to the anesthetic.

My mom knew the ER was going to be NO help in this situation. This was a physical and neurological crisis and a chiropractor would actually help. Too bad all 3 chiropractors we have gone to were closed or had no openings (even for an emergency). I went home and drank spoonfuls of powdered activated charcoal (I should have brought it with me).

Panic mode

I still was delirious and kept falling against the wall or on the floor. I think my brother was pretty freaked out for me. My words
were jumbled and not making sense. My mom then thought to call a local chiropractor 4 min from our house that our friends knew, but we never have been to. This is risky territory especially for me. I’m very picky who touches my neck because I have had too many chiropractors “mess me up”. I had no control in this situation and I believe it was all part of Gods greater plan for me.

We were all in panic mode and as the phone rang to see if they had an opening at 6pm of a Friday (I’m sure my mom said a little prayer, begging for anything to fix this terrible situation). We had never been to him, but their office answered with compassion and
accepted to see me even after hours. I’m not sure why, but I kept fight back saying I did not need to go, when clearly I did. Good thing my mom knows me well enough to talk me into going.

….. To be continued healing update #8

Whew! That was a a lot to tell you. Thanks for sticking with me. I want to say that after all these appointments (despite how tragic or stressful they were), I was SOOO relieved to get some answers. I am proud of myself for trying and would not have had it any other way. I thought I had everything figured out. I did have a lot figured out, but not everything. Only time and experiences can tell what will happen. Nothing went as planned for me, and thats ok. Just because some things did not work out for me, does not mean it will not for you. Actually I have a good friend who got the cavitation ozone treatments done 3x over a period of months and she is doing MUCH better (I will post her story soon!) So you see, every body is different, and you will not know unless you try 🙂

~Stay Gutsy Caroline


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  1. I am the biggest mystery to to health people.. I developed electrical am going through bad health issues, developed electrical sensitivities which is a nightmare in this world of wireless everything . Anyway something that I noticed is as I heal when using natural products I bliw up with water retention, it gets bad like 25 lbs in a couple months

    Not to go on to long but I had a Maryland bridge for a front tooth which the two front teeth lay on the kidney meridian when that was taken out and left out for 18 months a few yrs ago much of the edema went and i felt great I had a new cantilever bridge put in cause they say crossing the midline of the mouth with a bridge can cause immune issues and inhibit the sacral rhythms of the skull also dentist put bonding on that other front tooth This was 3 yrs ago the work he did caused a nightmare I’m back to retaining water like crazy when doing products that help my immune.The new bridge which was attached to the two teeth on the siude and not the other front tooth started causing me severe shoulder pain as the months went on I was in severe pain to the point bI could not even pick my right arm up past my waist had to do everything with left hand, the pain would get excruciating at night finally one night I ripped out the bridge the pain over the next few weeks slowly diminished as i left the bridge out , Now I just poli grip it in when goin out can not leave it in for to many hrs or get the sneaky shoulder pain
    I really wonder if this new bridge being on the canine tooth is causing liver issues as the canine is on the liver meridian and was told pain in the right shoulder especially after midnight is indicative of liver issues ..Now today I have the on and off shoulder pain and left kidney pain which I now have bonding on that left front tooth which is the left kidney meridian …Whatever this dentist messed up I regret ever going to him he caused way more problems , he also did one cavitation spot in the back left which I wonder if since he did it when my immune was low cause of the bridge if it never healed right cause things went straight downhill after that

    Recently started wearing this energy balancer necklace , it worked great My electrical sensitivities were going way down in a week I felt so much better but started looking so round .the edema is really back when healing which had gone before I went to that dentist a few yrs ago .

    Any help or advice is so greatly appreciated

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