Soaked brown rice pancakes

Its Pancake time! Nothing can beat the “warm butter fried pancakes with a hint of maple syrup smell”. mmm…


brown rice

The perfect pancake

Since we cant have any cross contamination in our kitchen (due to my sensitivities), the only way my family can use flour is if they make it themselves. Right now, we know that I am for sure I am not allergic to rice. We cant buy rice flour from the store so we decided to make our own–plus we got to soak it first–a must! Even if I could buy it, I find making rice flour is a fun process (even though I cant eat it). Plus, I know exactly where the rice is coming from.

Rice is gluten free and a good grain to introduce after GAPS has healed your gut. Are you ready to take the plunge? These pancakes are nourishing and hit the spot for a warm savory breakfast (or lunch, or dinner!).

This morning, I was looking for a rice flour recipe and I could not find one without extra ingredients like quinoa flour or xanthan gum. That only left me with one option–make my own. That is just what I did. I always strive for an easy, one bowl, fluffy pancake recipe. Who wants alot of dishes first thing in the morning?! Not me!

Why soak your rice?

I will do a separate post on how we made our own soaked brown rice flour, but for now, you can buy it from the market place-flours, grains, legumes. Why soak your grains--read about it here. Learn how soaking grains is a timeless/traditional practice. It is VERY important to soak your grains because of the anti nutrients.

*Gasp* But rice is a grain!

I know I know. Many of you are on the GAPS diet, and cannot have rice. Rice is not evil. Grains are not evil- and actually grains are healthy! Once your gut heals, rice can be very nourishing, if you prepare it the right way of course. Bookmark this recipe if you are getting close to eating sprouted rice–but are not quite ready. Im not trying to tempt you :).


I made pancakes for my mom as a surprise (she loved them!). She is on the GAPS diet and just introduced soaked rice. I had the idea of making soaked rice flour to make pancakes. She soaked her rice and dehydrated it. Before she woke up, I blended the dehydrated rice and made it into flour. (learn how to here!) I then mixed a few ingredients together, and hoped this mixture would make good pancakes. Voila it turned out sooooo well.

The apple cider vinegar and baking soda react. It is awesome–the batter will all of a sudden fluff up like someone just blew a ton of air into it! My favorite part. You will love this recipe if you can eat rice.

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1/4 tsp sea salt

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

2/3 cup soaked rice flour- buy soaked rice flour here or make your own!

2 pastured eggs

3 T Honey  or Maple syrup

1 tsp baking soda

1/3 kefir cream or kefir
1 Tbsp butter (for frying in)



1. Beat together eggs in a big bowl.

2. Add in honey/maple syrup, kefir, ACV, salt, cinnamon, and soaked flour. (mix well)

3. Heat up your skillet with 1 Tbsp of butter.

4. Once everything is mixed together well, sprinkle in the baking soda. (Stir as you sprinkle and it will puff up!!)

*Don’t leave clumps of baking soda (that is why you “sprinkle”), but don’t over stir (you will know if you over-stirred, if the batter is not fluffy anymore)

5. Spoon the batter (it expands)–I would suggest 3-4 TBS– into the hot buttered pan.

6. Cook 1-2 minutes on each side until light brown.

7. Top with applesauce, raw butter, vanilla-honey, fresh fruit, GAPS chocolate chips.  Eat! yum.

~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. I will have to try this soon. We’ve recently added rice back into our diet and everyone here would love a pancake! We could never really love the GAPS pancakes.

  2. Shannon says

    These are wonderful. We have been strictly eat meats fruits and veggies for two months now trying to heal our 7 yr old dd. These were a hit this morning with my 7,6, and 3 yr old dds!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Kirstin says

    Do you think we have to dehydrate it? Have you ever tried just putting soft soaked rice into blender and make the batter? Thanks!

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