GAPS pizza crust!

 So who said you have to say good bye to pizza on GAPS??

pizza crust

It’s a Pizza party!

Pizza is just one of those foods you thought you would have to give up…right?  But really it is completely GAPS legal, as long as you use the right ingredients.

I do not do so well with coconut flour yet, but the rest of my family does. They all gave up flour in the house because I was having air borne reactions to flour. I always feel bad when they are craving pizza, especially because those boxed gluten free crusts look pretty stale/gross.

Coconut flour

My mom and sister are still on GAPS at different stages, but they can both have coconut flour. We just have to get a little creative with cheese for my sister- maybe I should try cashew cheese? For now I just cut it up like bread sticks and she dips in in pizza sauce. When I make it for my mom, the rest of my non GAPS family eats it too and LOVES it.

Bread substitute?

You can get so creative with this basic recipe.  It can be used as a GAPS bread. Just spread it on the pan like a square. It is kind of like flat bread that way and would make a great grilled cheese, almond butter & fruit preserves, bread for french toast, or just for a sandwich! But this recipe is specifically for pizza crust so I added garlic powder in it.

**This recipe makes two 9″ round crusts or one 16×10″ crust on a baking sheet


3 pastured egg yolks

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/2 cup Coconut Flour

1 cup coconut milk/ organic whole milk

1 tsp onion powder



a pizza11. Preheat oven to 375

2.  Mix all in a bowl with a whisk until no clumps are visible. Let the batter sit for a few minutes until the coconut flour get all absorbed. it will make a spreadable pastry dough.

3. Spread on a cookie sheet on top of parchment paper (you choose the thickness, for a crunchier crust make it thinner). I used a spatula for this.

4. Bake at 375 for 25-30 min until golden brown on bottom.  You can bake it a little longer to make it crunchier.

5. Slide the parchment paper out from underneath or if you are feeling brave flip it  this is easier with the smaller crusts)–> I do this by flipping it onto another cookie sheet.

6. Put sauce, cheese, and toppings on and cook for an additional 10 min until cheese is melted. (or just cut and serve bread-stick style!)

7. If you want to double the recipe, bake it like normal, let the crusts cool and the freeze it!

I hope this makes you pizza craving happy 🙂







~Stay gutsy, Caroline

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  1. This looks fantastic! I bought some coconut flour the other day and have yet to use it. I think this might just be the recipe to try it out on! I’m visiting from Allergy Free Wednesdays~!

    • thanks you so much for stopping by. coconut flour takes practice. it very dense so alitle goes along way. if i don’t know how much to use i put in a few TBS.let it sit for a few min. and them i always add more if needed. coconut flour makes a pastry dough. enjoy the pizza!!


  2. This looks great! I’d love for you to link up to my gluten free recipe linky on Mondays! 🙂

  3. Wow-I cannot wait to make this pizza crust! I adore coconut flour. Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe this week on Allergy-Free Wednesdays!

  4. Hi Caroline,

    Another great recipe!

    Just a friendly reminder about the link back. Your recipes were very popular past week. Two of them will be featured (reader favorites). Great job!

    Be Well,

    Link: http://www.thetastyalternative.com/2012/08/allergy-free-wednesdays-week-32-august.html

  5. stephanie says

    mine did not turn out like yours. not sure what happend i followed the directions to a t. mine seemed thicker and it started to burn around the edges pretty quickly

  6. This recipe looks amazing. Is there any way to do it with just almond flour?

  7. this looks good…but any chance of a GAPS/PALEO pizza crust WITHOUT eggs? ;(

  8. I will be sharing this one thank you XX

  9. is this full fat canned coconut milk or light

  10. What are the macros on this recipe? Serving size?

    Thank you! 🙂


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