Healing update #2

It’s Monday!

(I dont think I have been this excited for a Monday in a long time.)

Hello 🙂


That is because I get my RIFE machine! Remember in “My healing update #1” I talked about getting a RIFE machine to heal my organs. Well today is the day!

Let me rewind a bit, because there was some important things that happened this weekend to me.



I decided to try a cucumber. I was ok for the first few bites. Then I started to do some school work. I was using pencils-with erasers, and sat on a rubber ball. My eyes started to itch, I got hives around my lips, and my skin (and head) was super itchy! I could not figure it out. Usually if I react to a food it will be within the first 3 hours-that is why I was confused, because this reaction happened after the 3 hour period. Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 2.39.59 PM

I did a little research. I might have been ok with the cucumber, but not around latex (rubber).

Latex cross reacts with many things and one of them is cucumber. Just being around rubber made my allergic response come “alive”. I was actually pleased to have figured this out because in the past month I tried dandelion tea, zucchini, ginger, and now cucumber.

I reacted with very itchy skin, swelling, tired, severe stomach pains (that kept me up for hours) and just plain blah. I thought my body just was reacting to any food-turns out it was cross reacting.

Now, most foods do cross react with pollen, latex, dust, etc. so I will have to clear these things for NAET before I eat a new food. Today I treated latex for NAET (#32) and boy am I itchy. If you get a reaction from the NAET treatment, that is a good sign that your body is trying to get rid of it. I guess I should be happy that it itches, right?


Cross reacting Allergies

Here is a chart I made to make sure you know what foods cross react with what. You can right click and open in a new tab so you can “zoom” in on the font. I was inspired to create it after my cucumber/latex reaction.

oie_oie_canvas copy 2

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The bottom sentences go like this. I will type them up here because I know they are very tiny! 

  • *Gluten: These cross reactants are just possibilities and each person will have their own results (cyrex labs can determine which are cross reacting in your body).
  •  For the highly sensitive people-be cautious of even touching, breathing (vapors) or being near these foods-it may cause a reaction.
  •  Cooking the food may reduce or eliminate a reaction
  •  A reaction to these foods will be the worst during exposure or the peak season. But, reactions can occur anytime.
  •  The GAPS diet can help heal the gut, which can help rid of seasonal allergies & their cross reactants. NAET is a good alternative for the anaphylactic or extra sensitive people.
  •  Spices or herbs: the full list is included under “mugwart” and are listed in red. Apply this list when every you see “spices or herbs” in red.

Other tips:

The reactions will vary (itchy, stomach pains, rash, bloating…). 

The reactions will be worse if you are in direct contact with the allergen and then eat or touch or breath the food. 

The season the pollen is highest matters too. But you can still react out of season.

Environment matters. Like, don’t go to the dr. (with lots of latex) and then eat a kiwi if you are sensitive (I have done this before).

Sometimes if you cook the food, that denatures the proteins that cross react with the allergen.

If you are allergic to latex or pollens or peanuts most likely you will be sensitive to the whole list.

The gluten cross reacting list is special. Not everyone will react to the same things and most likely not the whole list (usually only a handful-I have about 7 cross reactants). Cyrex labs can determine your gluten cross reactants with a blood test. This is a good post to read to get the “science” behind why.


Feeling better:

Now on to the good stuff. I am slowly, but finally feeling a bit better! What do I mean “feeling better”. For months–ever since June, I have been feeling very tired and just worn down. My organs were stressed (especially my liver) from being unable to detox properly. The circulating toxins made my brain foggy. I was living each day- one day at a time.


Only a few things have changed, but I think they are working.

#1 I am taking the zeolite. This has helped detox mercury in my gut and I actually feel like the “fog” in my brain has lifted!

#2 Nettles and broccoli. My body NEEDED some greens and these two foods are nourishing every cell in my body!

#3 green tea. Green tea is suppose to balance out the T1 dominant side for autoimmune disease (which I have). I can tell a big difference in my focus and energy. The caffeine does not seem to bother me-though I don’t drink a lot. I also treated fluoride with NAET because I heard that green tea is pretty high in it.

#4 exercise. Before I was too weak to exercise, but now that I have a bit extra energy (the tea?) I can get my lymph system moving–which always makes me feel way better!


The mystery rash & Dr. Conners

I got a rash all over my body last week. It just happened to come out, the day after I started the zeolite (mercury detox). I thought it was a detox from the mercury. Nope!


a picture of the “rash” on my arm. ouch!

I went into Dr. Conner’s today so he could check up on me and send me home with my RIFE! I showed him my rash and he immediately started doing his kinesiology. He had me hold some viles to muscle test me. He then asked to see my cell phone and we tested that. I had a hunch he was testing EMF’s.

I told him that I have little EMF’s protectors on my cell phone, my computer, and we have grounders for our house and wifi. He thought for a few seconds and then told me that the rash was probably old EMF’s (that were stored in my body) and are now coming out. He then confirmed it with some more kinesiology. The zeolite can detox EMF’s too. We have only started “protecting” ourselves from EMF’s last year so I had exposure for 17 years of my life–plus we lived by small telephone lines in our old house.

He gave us a box of some volcanic ash that is zero charge (will help ground the house). The ground is negative charge (which is good for us to walk on barefoot). I am suppose to sprinkle it around my house so it can basically “soak up the extra charges from appliances”. It is called “grounding”- it is similar concepts to an Earthing Mat.

I love finding this information out, it fascinates me!!

I then asked him about the rash on my face that I got last night after the sauna. He tested it and said that was from the mercury detoxing. I guess the sauna will be a good tool to get those toxins out! I try to rotate my detoxing so I do the sauna every couple days. .


Illeocecal Valve

I also got my illeocecal valve fixed today. I reminded Dr. Conners that my acupuncturist friend mentioned it was inflamed and most likely “stuck”. I had no idea what I was in for!

He dug into the area between my belly button and right hip bone. He tested which way he had to “push” on it. He pushed it upwards to fix it. I cant say it was pleasant-and actually I laughed (because I tickled but hurt). I knew I had to try and relax my muscles. When I finally relaxed them-he said he was done.

Whewf, I hope I don t have to do that any time soon :). Im happy that its “fixed” now because so many digestive problems are associated with it being stuck open or closed. Read more about the illeocecal valve here.


Finally, to the best part of the post! Do you not know what RIFE is? Read a little about it here and here Does it seem a little “coo-koo to you? It did to me at first but then I did a little more research..

rife 2

What does RIFE do for the body?

Here is what RIFE helps with according to The Upper Wellness Center (the clinic I go to).

  • Inflammation (swelling) has a critical role in illness.

  • Initial Inflammation helps liquefy toxins in connective tissue. The body follows the understanding that Dilution is the Solution to Pollution.

  • Disease can occur whenever the body is unable to eliminate this fluid from the body, hence, holding the toxic fluid = CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.

  • Diseases are the result of the struggle with toxins = TOXIC OVERLOAD

According to the RIFE website…

For most users it represents complete freedom from the most common seasonal colds, flu and allergies. It may be equally effective for much more serious, otherwise untreatable problems, like bacteria, virus, fungus, and mycoplasma.

To my understanding, the RIFE helps eliminate lymph blockage. The lymph system is an important system in the body that flushes out “toxins”. Toxins create disease. Of course other organs (kidney, liver, lung..) play a role in eliminating toxins. The RIFE can help with general organ healing (which is why I got it). I guess my whole family will end up using it because it is very good at treating viruses, or bacteria too. 🙂 .


How does RIFE work?

The RIFE/LBG uses extremely low current cold gas light photons to transfer energy frequency patterns to the area of the cell helping to provide an environment which can assist the cell in correcting its out-of-balance electromagnetic charge Because the tissue is in a state of free flow, this is the ideal condition to effectively treat swollen tissue in the body.

The RIFE/LBG is NOT magic, yet used in conjunction with other detoxification modalities, it can be a God-send for people to help aid their body through the healing process.  It is used as an adjunct (or support) to vertebral subluxation correction by helping the body rid toxins and swelling.



Here is the computer screen that controls what program you do on the RIFE- this one is for lymph circulation.


The RIFE is run by that box you see in the first picture collage. The light frequency comes out of that plastic surrounded glass tube. I hold the tube next to my body of at least near me. The little computer is the “programer” and if filled with files that have a special program for each illness or virus or organ (there are hundreds of categories).

It is so fun to scan through to see what it can “treat”. I am mostly going to use the organ programs. Today I have already run the lymph (runs for 48 min), thyroid (runs for 10 min), and liver (runs for 50 min). I put it by my feet or behind my chair (I actually have it near me while I type this). Some of the frequencies started messing with my computer and started moving the mouse around and such-haha I guess the electrical things got mixed.

Dr. Conner’s gave me a program to follow that lasts 6 hours (while I sleep). There is a different one for each day of the week. I am not sure where I will put the “tube” , but maybe wrap it in a pillow case and lay it next to me. He said I could start detoxing if I do it too much, so I will be careful. (I even asked them to give me a semi-old RIFE machine and parts beacseu I am sensitive to new things. They were happy to do that for me!)


Foot detox ionizer:

I continue with detoxing my body while I take the zeolite. My main goal is to stop my autoimmune attacks on my body and help my liver detox all the toxins and mercury stored in my body.

There is an attachment to the RIFE that ionizes water for an ion foot bath. There are so many scams out there about ion foot detox baths. The color has nothing to do with the toxins coming out of you. It simply ionizes the water to help attract the toxics out of your skin. There are too many health claims connected to it. I just think it is another tool to detox.


I have had it done at the clinic 2 x and each time my rashes stop itching or burning (so I know something is working). It is not a HUGE difference, but I will give it a shot (I have to remember that I have only done it 2x). .


Healing words.

When I mentioned to Dr. Conners that I think the green tea and the zeolite were working-giving me more energy and a general sense of feeling well, he said something I will never forget.

“See, God has you in good hands!”

What he said could not more true. Having him as a dr. along with my NAET chiropractor, my wonderful acupuncturist, and supportive family, friends, and blog readers (you!) is a blessing. .

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~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. hello!

  2. Rife machines are neat.

  3. I love foot detoxes too.. gross but awesome. 🙂

  4. I loved reading all this….so many new things to me!

  5. Zeolite detoxes EMF’s? I might have to look into that..I don’t have any protection in my home, have an iPhone, WIFI in the house, a neighborhood that is covered with high wifi ranges, and lived near an electrical plant type thing for a couple years. I feel like some of the inflammation and head aches I deal with are related to that. :/

    What resources can you recommend to protect yourself from laptops, cell phones, etc? Like the appliances that have been recommended. I have asked, but oddly enough, no one will give me a straight answer. LOL

    Thank ya much!

  6. Newton Holt says

    Glad you’re finding answers and trying alternate modalities to a challenging problem. I must admit, though, I’m leery of ANY health professional who beams that “God has you in good hands.” I’m sure the doctor is a blessing to you and it sounds like he is working well for you, but that’s a subtly scary thing to say. If God has you in good hands it is His hands!

    • Newton, I dont think he meant it that way. I was just telling him how happy I was with feeling better, and I was surprised. I am working with NAET, just started with Dr. Conners, and acupuncture. He knows its not him doing the work, but that it is God’s work. He is a good christian. 🙂 thanks for being concerned though.

  7. Gudrun Sveinsdottir says

    I have been battling mysterious illness for almost my whole life… reading your story is like my own.. almost identical.. have tried to kill the h pylori 5x with rx of all sorts.. no luck and i am a prisoner in my own body.. will try to follow your footsteps and proceed like you do with caution.. i can only eat beef grass fed and squash and no meds nor supplements:( incredible experience and a bit emotional to see someone that has been through the same.. sry typing on my phone;) will print out your story and have it in my backpocket;) much love Gudrun

  8. Amanda says


    I am currently having some issues of my own regarding mold toxicity and I have been seeing Dr. Connors. Would you mind sending me an email as I have a few questions about the Rife machine. Thanks! I will pray for a complete restoration for you!

  9. hi caroline!
    i feel so bad that you have so many problems with your body! i have never thought about how lucky i am. i have no allergies, problems with my body, or any problems with my life. like i said, i am so blessed! i hope that some of the problems that you have with your body go away! you have inspired my to be thankful for what i have and to stay positive. thank you!

  10. Crystal says

    I am getting so frustrated with all the very different mega lists of latex allergy cross-reactive charts. Everyone has different foods on the list. It’s driving me batty trying to figure out what fruits/nuts/veggies are making me sick. Just when I think I have it figured out something else makes me sick. I never heard of latex related foods only being reactive when in an environment with more latex. Lord help me I’m a teacher…there’s latex EVERYWHERE. And I can touch latex gloves and things with latex, but as soon as I eat almost any of the foods on the list It’s a nightmare. 🙁 Your list is pretty solid, but also look up the link between poison ivy, mango, cashew, pistachio, and latex. That’s how I first knew I was allergic to latex at all and I react most severely with mango, cashew, and pistachio. Everything else is just tummy cramps and bloating but those three foods cause me to have hives, vomiting, and fainting. Ugh. Good luck with your journey!


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