My healing update #1

Hello all!

I told you I was going to try and post more often, and I promised to do just that. It is not been easy, but I decided that I cannot keep all the exciting things happening just to myself. I know many of you are going through tough journeys in life too, and it is very important to share and support each other.

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These “healing update” posts will be quite random. If you have not figured this out yet, I am a very dedicated and determined person. Sometimes I am to “go-at-it”, and things start to go out of line–like the other week when I did too many NAET’s and my body was too weak..not smart of me.

I have a reasoning for it all, I just want to get better–now! That is one thing I have to learn, patience. Oh, and the book in the picture above is just one of  my favorites at the time :). Im obsessed with faec analysis and TCM.


Lets start with NAET. On facebook I am constantly posting what is going on with my NAET. I still am working on the big NAET post to explain what it is. For now just look at the NAET site to learn about it.

I used to go 2-3x a week to NAET. I have cut back to only go 2x a week because I am starting many more things (that are exciting) but it is all draining on my body. so I have to be careful not to over expend my energy. Before I started NAET I was reacting to everything and was sick in bed every day. Now I only get a reaction every other week! hurray. I just have to work on exposing myself to the world and food again. So far here is a list of the NAET’s I have done:

1. egg/chicken

2. calcium mix

3. vitamin c mix

4. b complex mi

5. sugar mix

6. iron mix

7. vitamin a mix

8. Mineral mix

9. Salt

10. grain/corn

11. corn

12. formalodhyde

13. mold

14. dust

15. enzymes

16. corn sugar+heat

17. alcohol

18. plastic

19. thyroid

20. cornsugar+stomach acid (base)

21. liver

22. lung

23. spleen

24. kidney

25. ragweed

26. stomach

27. gallbladder

28. lymph

29. ? forgot

30. Histamine

31. Pesticides

32. Flouride (just cleared this one this morning so I get to drink my green tea!)

A “nudge” from God.

I decided I needed more answers. I am never happy with just treating the symptoms (NAET-chiropractic adjustments-detox). I knew there was something missing to my puzzle of my total health.

After a friend called me telling me about lymes disease and to make sure I check for it with the right tests (the one at the regular dr. does not detect it after a certain number of days after the bite-and it can be undiagnosed for years). My symptoms are similar to those people with chronic lymes. She gave me a few websites and resources to look into and one of them was the upper room wellness clinic. I was immediately intrigued.

I looked into the correct lymes tests, but was hesitant to ask for any test because of the price. I wanted to find a way to find out what was the driving force behind everything! I decided to download his book here (for autoimmune). I knew I was autoimmune but after reading Dr. Conners book, I knew that there had to be an “antigen”.  A day after I downloaded the free book, the clinic called me just saying that they are located in MN.

Everyday my family and I pray for resources for my healing. I knew that that random call from my friend and the call from this clinic was God nudging me to make an appointment with Dr. Conners. So I did.

Dr. Conners

After explaining my whole health history to Dr. Conners, he had little to say. He nodded his head and told me a few things he could think of that was going on with me. I scheduled my exam on Monday. For once in my life I felt hope that someone could actually figure out the “root” of everything.

During my exam he used a special kind of kinesiology and muscle testing. He used specific accupuncture points and the chacras. I am always careful when dealing with “energy work”. Dr. Conners is a strong Christian and just uses the chacras as a “tool” and does not incorporate the spiritual side of it.


When I told my NAET Dr. (whom I trust very well) about Dr. Conners, he just laughed and smiled. He said he was just thinking of him to suggest to me and if he were in my shoes, that would be the Dr. to go to. My NAET Doctor’s twin brother (who also is a chiropractor  that works in the clinic) actually did NCI training with Dr. Conners and has high respect for him. Don’t you see that this is a clear sign that I am suppose to work with Dr. Conners? God has his ways of working people into our lives and this was my sign.

Mercury Detox

Ok back to finding the “root” cause. The exam was actually very quick. He pricked my finger and has me taste my own blood. I muscle tested very weak-that means that I am autoimmune (which I knew). He had me hold echinacea up to my chest and I tested weak. Then we tested coffee, and I was strong-that means I am T1 dominant autoimmune.



He pulled out a box of a bunch of little bottles- all types of heavy metals. I held the first group of like 10 and then the second group. I was strong with one and weak with the other. He then separated the group of bottles, that I was weak with, and muscle tested me separately with those groups. What he was trying to do was find the one metal I was weak with  (aka. the antigen). We finally narrowed it down to mercury. Yep, mercury is my poison.

He commented how he was for sure he thought I had lymes. I guess I surprised him! He himself had mercury poising and it affected him sinus really bad and he thought he was going to die. But he did not die and actually has 98% of his health back!!

He told me  that the mercury toxicity is just the first layer. Once we treat the mercury problem, then other things will become “unmasked”. I am like an onion and right now mercury is the top layer and the only visible one he can “see” with his kinesiology.

The rash

The mercury toxicity is not my only problem. He thinks from everything I have told him, that I have a gene defect (from my mom) that does not allow me to detoxify properly. That gene liver mutation combined with an autoimmune disease creates a perfect storm in the body. My autoimmune creates to many “fighter cells” that attack everything. Since my liver detoxification is poor, I have so much floating around in my body, that I just react to everything (even breathing and touching things). Ahh finally it makes sense!! Having an autoimmune disorder or a liver defect by itself is manageable, but both just lead the person into a spiraling pathway  (that is where I was headed).

To help me fix the mercury toxicity, he said it would take at least a year before I am 80% better. He did not promise anything, but he is very hopeful. I explained that I cannot take supplements. Again God was taking care of me and he handed me a bottle of Gama-detox fx. All that was in it was: zeolite and bentonite clay (which I already ingest!). I was shocked. I agreed I would take 1/8 tsp in a bottle of water daily.

Zeolite binds with heavy metals in the gut (and only in the gut-so its SUEPR gentle). I like this post to explain zeolite. So far I have a very bad itchy rug-burn-type rash all over my body. It burns, but I don’t mind, because I know its a detox! Of course I am helping my body as much as possible with sauna’s, exercise, lymph drainage, coffee enemas, acupuncture, clay, and charcoal. Right now, detoxing my body is my full time job.



I knew I was autoimmune and since I was only eating one food a week ago, there was no way to balance out my T1 dominant side. My immune system was so tipped, that my symptoms were getting pretty bad (inflammation, excessive sleep, muscle aches, flu-ish…).

Dr. Conners highly suggested that I start as soon as possible to get any of the T2 stimulants into my body. I was not consuming any of the T1 dominant things of the avoid list below, so I did not have to take anything out.  Since my appointment last week I have added in green tea successfully! I was doing coffee enemas (learn about them here), but those were not enough to keep my immune system balanced. I can already feel a different strength in my body after only 2 days of drinking green tea! Yeah 🙂




The other part of his treatments includes using a RIFE machine. Dr. Conners works with cancer patients and autoimmune mostly. He did not push any kind of treatment on me, but suggested that a RIFE would help “heal” the organs of my body, especially my lymph system (which I really need because I have swelling and rashes). Read bout RIFE here. We were hesitant at first, and asked ourself “does this thing really work?”.  After talking to my NAET dr, my acupuncturist, friends, the people at his clinic, doing our own research, and praying we finally have decided. I am going to go ahead and do RIFE treatment.

From what I understand, RIFE is light frequency. I am not going to be targeting anything like cancer, but it will help heal my organs and lymph system, which will allow me to detox more efficiently. This is especially important with my liver condition. The machine will also come with a connector to a foot ionizer. There are tons of articles on how foot bath ionizers are scams, but I have talked to people and they do have some truth to them (the color part is not correlated with the toxins coming out).

I am very very excited to get the machine (we had to buy our own through the clinic) and they will teach us how to program and use it next week! I will make sure to post an update once I start using it. The good thing is that my family can use it as well to help their bodies fight viruses or just for general health. This will just be another (powerful) tool to heal my body!

What am I eating now?

I think my most exciting news is that I can eat more then one food!! Remember last weeks post? I was only eating bison and drinking bone broth.

I have successfully added:

1. Nettles

2. Organic broccoli

3. Green tea

4. Cucumber

Like I said before–I am not going to continue with the strict GAPS protocol. That was for me at one point, but now I’m more focused on listening to what my body needs. I still need gut healing and my eating will be very similar to a GAPS diet, but probably even more limited. I will continue to post recipes because I still enjoy cooking with my mom :). Plus she likes it when I cook for her too.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 1.36.12 PM

I think the clincher was that I was still reacting to the pesticides (like when I tried zucchini and reacted with a rash and swelling.) Once I treated pesticides with NAET I was soo drawn to eating anything green. It had been 7 months since I have had a vegetable. Fish and bison was all I could eat and then it was narrowed down to just bison.

I tried one bite of broccoli and waited 2 hours. I tried another bit, and still nothing! My mom kept checking on me every 20 minutes to make sure I was ok. I ended up eating a whole 2 cups for dinner.

I now am starting to add in other vegetables. I add in whatever sound good to me. This is really a dream com true, and I can tell my body is just craving these nutrients! I still have to clear some pollens due to cross reactivity to some vegetables, but there are a few veggies I can still add in this weekend (daikon and dandelion greens).

When I go back to Dr. Conners office on Monday I will have him muscle test me for my probiotic to see if I should start it. I know I have bad bacteria in my gut too. I will need to kill it off naturally at some point, but adding in good bacteria is just as important. I cant start eating fermented veggies yet, because I still have to clear some more NAET treatments like yeast.

One step at a time :). I have already had so much progress in the past week! I would never have imagined I would be sitting here typing this post up drinking green tea 🙂



I continue going to acupuncture 1-2 x a week. I have found a new lady who is very thorough and wonderful. We connected right away, which is important when someone treats you for acupuncture (it is “energy work” too). She always talks with me for a good 10 min to get to know what is new with me and my health changes. She takes my pulse and looks at my tongue. I then get my back needled and then flip over to get my front side needled.

I am not afraid of needles, so she puts them all over. She usually works on my lymph system (from swelling), my kidneys (regulates fluid), liver (detox), sinuses (my weak point), skin (rash), and digestion. I always feel amazing afterwards and look forward to each time.

She noticed at my last appointment, that my pulse for my liver energy felt different (in a good way). Before It was hot and “stuck” but now she said the energy is moving and working!! This was great news for me.


On top of everything going on in my life, I just started my NTA classes–read about what it is here. I signed up in the fall but could not go through with it because my health was declining very fast. I guess all that time was good because I got a head start reading all my books. I am very excited to finally learn more about holistic nutrition and the body. I do research something everyday (because that is just what I like to do) but this will give me some structure.


Wow that is a lot, but it all sums up what has been going on in my life. I will keep posting health updates as I continue to get better. I was “stuck” for a long time with little to no progress, but I feel like (finally) my body is making progress. If you want to follow my daily pictures on Instagram -click here.


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! You have been through so much.

    I hope you will consider linking up at the Saturday Round Up!
    I would love to see you there!

  2. So glad to read that you went to see him! He has been blessed with a wonderful gift from God. I began seeing him in 2010 after a friend prayed for me at church. When he started coming to northern Minnesota, I had the pleasure of working with him as well. I have friends I’ve been encouraging to see him as I believe he could help them with their health problems.


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