Cavitations: chronic illness that stems from the jaw

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a story from my good friend Nicole. She found my blog a while back and learned about cavitations just as I was discovering this issue for myself. She actually went ahead and treated them with a special ozone treatment.  Her story is amazing and I’m lucky to call her my friend. I think Nicole would agree that experiences like this need to be shared, and I’m so grateful she agreed to share her journey with you.

* Update: Nicole has decided to explore treating the “root” of cavitations – Mercury and bacteria. There are several avenues to do this and Ill explain more in my next post about Mercury!)

My wisdom teeth removal nightmare

Practically everyone knows about wisdom teeth extractions, but many are unaware of the complications that can arise after having this “supposedly” routine surgery…

Hi, my name is Nicole and I would like to share the story about my health journey.

I was put under anesthesia to have all four of my wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon, and   I awoke pretty strong but very pale. Sometime after the extractions, I began to have extreme chronic pain (mostly focused on my left side, beginning with my left jaw) throughout my entire body. I could barely move without experiencing some shooting pain dancing around inside me. Then there was the brain fog.  If I met a new person one day, I would forget them the next. Yes, it was pretty bad (sorry to everyone, at that time, who was always a “new friend”).


Mysterious health issues

However, that wasn’t the worst of it.  I also became extremely fatigued to a point where I was literally a “couch potato.” My sister would trim my nails for me because I was too weak to lift my arm. I actually felt like I was going to collapse at any moment. The MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) intensified even more after my surgery.  I couldn’t be near anyone with perfume because my throat would tighten up and my breathing would become laborious.  The chemicals and smells would also create headaches and more fatigue. My hair was thinning out dramatically (time to cut it short for the new growth I have).

There was also a strange thing that happened…the tendons in my neck disappeared!  I woke up one morning to notice that I could barely breathe through my throat, and I could clearly see the indentation in my neck where the tendons should have been.  Doctors were, once again, baffled when I told them, but, personally, I think this was caused from the bad bacteria trying to overtake my weakened body.


Puzzling Doctors

Oh no!  For the frosting on the cupcake (that I cannot eat), I additionally gained MANY food allergies.  Not cool. Doctors were puzzled at my condition and misdiagnosed me numerous times which caused me to take several  harmful medications.   I couldn’t help but wonder about the main cause of the symptoms I was having…

It all started with the wisdom teeth extractions, and I knew deep down inside that there had to be some connection between the two.

After many hours of research, I changed my diet to grass-fed meats and organic fruits and veggies. This diet change took away the pain in my body, made the tendons in my neck return, and helped me with my major forgetfulness.  What was I just talking about???  Ha.  I’m just kidding around.  My mind is finally starting to become as sharp as a ninja’s sword. 😉


The cavitation connection

I came to Caroline’s website one day and realized that she had the same symptoms as me! 😀
Through her,  I discovered the infamous word called cavitations (infection of the jaw), and God has blessed me with a new pathway to healing and, most importantly, He has blessed me with  a new friend.

What created all this awesomeness that you see above? Cue dramatic theme music….CAVITATIONS


Cavitations explained

A cavitation is an unhealed hole in the jawbone caused by an extracted tooth [or a root canal or an injury to a tooth]. Since wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth, most cavitations are found in the wisdom tooth sites. The tooth is attached to the jawbone by a periodontal ligament which is comprised of “jillions” of microscopic fibers. One end of each fiber is attached to the jawbone and the other end of the fiber is attached to the tooth root. When a tooth is extracted, the fibers break midway between the root and the bone. This leaves the socket (the area where the root was anchored in the bone) coated with periodontal ligament fibers.



Extractions have to be done well. Normally they pull a tooth out, stick a piece of gauze in there and say bite on it. After the tooth is removed, the socket has to be completely cleaned so that complete healing can occur. If tissue such as torn pieces of ligaments or periosteum is left in the socket and covers the bone, the bone will tend to heal over the top, leaving a hole in the bone, and new bone cannot form. This hole can persist for the rest of the patient’s life. It is a chronic infection that is called an alveolar cavitational osteopathosis or cavitation. This means that there is an infected cavity in the bone. These bone infections are only now being seriously researched. If they are fairly easy to prevent by proper socket cleaning, why is this not being done? But many if not most dentists have never heard of cavitations.

(Source: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=897428)


Ozone Treatment

I had my cavitations treated with the combination of Ozone therapy and UBI treatment.

“Ozone is a powerhouse element that effectively stabilizes the healthy cells that exist in the body and simultaneously destroy weak, deformed, or sick cells. These cells have no place in the body, and include organisms such as bacteria and fungi, as well as viruses. Ozone is a natural product of sunlight, and is produced by lightning. This natural element can also be made when high currents of electricity are pulsed through medical grade oxygen. The two elements are quite closely related, actually, with oxygen being O2, and ozone being O3. It is impossible to be allergic to oxygen and/or ozone.”



What is UBI?

UBI/UVBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) UVBI Ultraviolet Therapy has many similar effects to Ozone Therapy. UVBI Therapy is a medical therapy where the blood is exposed to Ultraviolet UVC light as it is removed from the patient’s body, and then reintroduced to the patient’s body. Some of its effects are:

  • Inactivation of toxins
  • Destruction and inhibition of growth of bacteria
  • Increase in the oxygen combing power of blood and oxygen transportation to organs
  • Activation of white blood cells
  • Immunostimulation of cellular and humoral immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased tolerance of the body to chemotherapy and radiation
  • Decreased viscosity of blood
  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Powerful anti-infection properties
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Decreased platelet aggregation

See more at: http://drkalidas.com/pathways/ultraviolet.html#sthash.fdxXgG1m.dpuf


Here is my [Nicole’s] experience with the Ozone and UBI treatment from a holistic dentist

For the past three months, I have been traveling to La Jolla to see a holistic dentist who specializes in treating cavitations. I would have blood taken from my arm and put in an IV bag (that contained saline). Then the ozone would be injected into the blood/saline mixture. You could see how my blood would begin to change colors, from a dark-sticky mess into a lighter and healthier version of blood.
This beautiful blood would then travel through the little IV tube into the UBI machine where it was cleansed to an even healthier degree as it returned back into my body.
The doctor would then take some of the “cleansed blood” and inject it straight into my jawbone (where all four of my cavitation sites were). Yes, all four of the wisdom teeth extraction spots in my jaw were spongy and full of infection.



I was sick and fatigued the first month after treatment, but then it has been “uphill” ever since!
My food allergies are now dwindling, I have MORE energy than ever before, my hair is growing back, and my MCS is improving!  Praise the Lord!

Nicole also had a blood culture taken from her jaw too see if the bacteria count was down after the UBI. She got the results back and it seems as if the bacteria count was still high (which is unusual). Her Dr. would like to take another extensive blood panel to see what is going on. I will keep you all updated when I hear back from Nicole and her doctor.


Nicole’s Resources:

Below are websites that have info about cavitation of the jaws (looks like I’m not the only research lover!):




Caroline’s thoughts

So as you can see….compared to my experience (you can read about it here) Nicole was able to finish up her treatments and  actually benefit from the ozone. After talking some more to Nicole, my severe reactions to the pure ozone may have been because it was too strong. My holistic dentist did not offer UBI so I don’t know how I would actually do with that treatment. I have several thoughts about cavitations myself after doing extensive research.



Tooth body connection

Ever since I picked up this book from my holistic dentist’s, I have been fascinated ever since.

………………………………. Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.54.50 AM

Tooth/body chart (printable)–> click here

Interactive tooth-body chart! (really cool!) –> click here

Many people have “Ah-ha” moments after finding out that their tooth is related to a organ that is weak or congested.


What is a cavitation?

Before I tell you my story I want you to understand a bit more about the cavitations themselves.

A cavitation is a hole in the bone, usually where a tooth has been removed, and the bone has not filled in properly. It is an area of osteonecrosis (dead bone). When a tooth is extracted, in a normal dental procedure, the surrounding periodontal membrane is usually left behind. Theoretically, after a tooth has been pulled, the body eventually fills in the space in the bone where the tooth once was. But when the membrane is left behind, an incomplete healing can take place; a hole or a spongy place remains inside the jaw bone. Experts speculate that this incomplete healing occurs because the bone cells on both sides of the extraction site sense the presence of the periodontal membrane and “think” that the tooth is still there.

-Whole Body Dentistry

My first thought when I started to learn about cavitations was that I had a HUGE hole in my jaw. Im not really sure it is that big, but its big enough to create problems in my body. I have learned over the years that small problems can create big ones regarding your health. I like how Dr. Wilson explains how this little hole can spread into a diseased process.

Cavitations are pockets of debris and infection left behind after tooth extractions, or from other dental procedures.  They become foci of infection, similar to infected root canals.  Bacteria or bacterial toxins move from the cavitation area into the blood stream, where they can easily cause damage to many organs and tissues.

-Dr. Lawrence Wilson



Do you have a cavitaiton? 

You are probably asking yourself… “I got my wisdom teeth out.. so do I have cavitations?”

“Chronic illness CAN stem from the Jaw!”

If your ligament was not removed by a trained dentist or oral surgeon, there is a chance! From my research it seems like those who develop cavitations are those who have had mercury fillings, weak immune systems, or other heavy metal toxicities because their body could not restore that area properly and the bacteria become unbalanced and the bad ones take over and over grow. The symptom list for cavitations is huge! Because every tooth is connected to an organ so basically anything is possible. I’ll list some common symptoms:

-facial pain

-jaw swelling

-digestive problems

-chronic infections

-heart palpitations

-teeth grinding


-arm or back pain

-pinched nerves

-sinus problems

-spacey or “fast” brain


BUT, if I have to narrow it down to just wisdom teeth, here are the organs related to each wisdom tooth.

tooth #16 (left top)

-Duodenum/Jejunum/Ileum (intestines)
-pituitary (endocrine gland)
-central nervous system
-limbic system ( emotion & natural instinct part of brain)
-internal ear
-Muscles (trapezius)

tooth #17 (left bottom)

-Duodenum/Jejunum (small intestine)
-Joints (Ulnar side of shoulder), hand, elbow, plantar side of foot and toes, sacra-iliac (near bottom of spine)
-peripheral nerves
-energy exchange
-middle exterior ear
-muscles (trunk, lower and upper extremities)

tooth #1 (right top)

-Joints (Ulnar side of shoulder), hand, elbow, plantar side of foot and toes, sacra-iliac (near bottom of spine)
-central nervous system
-limbic system
-internal ear
-Muscles (trapezius, trunk, lower and upper extremities)
-maxillary sinuses

tooth #32 (right bottom)

-Terminal Ileum, Duodenum (small intestine)
-Joints (Ulnar side of shoulder), hand, elbow, plantar side of foot and toes, sacra-iliac (near bottom of spine)
-peripheral nerves
-energy exchange
-middle exterior ear
-Muscles (Psoas, trunk, lower and upper extremities)

Please refer to this chart for a visual of teeth-body connection 


Left Behind…

The extraction process that most dentists have learned to do is not ideal for healing of the bone. Read below to understand the “anatomy” of removing the tooth.

Every tooth is connected to its surrounding bone by the periodontal ligament. The tooth receives its nourishment through this ligament. When a tooth is knocked-out (or pulled), this ligament is stretched and splits in half; half stays on the tooth root and half stays on the socket wall.


I like the analogy Dr. Huggins gives. He is one of the best holistic dentists and shares a lot of his research to educate the public on mercury fillings, dental alternatives, cavitations, etc.

When a woman delivers a baby, she must also deliver the afterbirth. When a tooth is delivered, there is an equivalent of the afterbirth. It is called the periodontal ligament.

Dr. Huggins

Like the above passages state, the ligament is simply left in the bone. Instead of the bone filling in the hole with healthy bone cells, the bone where the tooth was extracted starts to get spongy. I have read stories where the dentists go in to preform the cavitation surgery and find that the cavitation spot is “mushy” and the bone can easily scraped out until a hole is visible (source).


Diagnosing cavitations

Apparently my holistic dentist could see in my x-ray that I had 5 cavitations when I went in for my first appointment. I have gotten almost a x-ray every  year at the regular dentist and after my wisdom teeth surgery and neither my conventional dentist nor oral surgeon could see or acknowledge these “shadows”. I don’t blame them however because they never learned to even look for cavitations in the first place. Some dentists have no idea what they even are.

I could see a small shadow in the sockets where my wisdom tooth used to be. He pointed to a 5th site on my x-ray. It was the tooth I had pulled when I had my cap taken off at age 16. This tooth (#20) was starting to get infected because it never fell out (I was born without an adult tooth underneath it). It was simply extracted  (like all teeth are) by my regular dentist at age 16.

I have to back up a little bit. Before this appointment with my holistic dentist (I had not always gone to a holistic dentist), I had traveled all the way to St. Louis to see Dr Yu. If you are curious as to why I did and the details read this. I had read his book Accidental Cure which explains how the body is uniquely and intricately intertwined. A complex health issue needs to be looked at from various angles (like in this case allergies and cavitations in the teeth). I had never thought that my health issues could stem form my teeth or jaw bone.

…………………………………….. Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.03.15 AM ……………..

No doctor in my area knew exactly what was wrong with me and why my health was quickly going downhill despite all my efforts and alternative therapies. Dr. Yu did EDS (electaldermal screening) which can be explained more in depth here. I like to think of it as electronically measuring the meridians “chi” and organ health. It can also be used to detect infections, parasites, and blockages in the body. By simultaneously  touching my tooth socket and measuring my meridians though my fingers and toes, Dr. Yu discovered I had at least 2 cavitations. He told be to check with my holistic dentist to confirm his discovery. Now, Dr. Yu recommends surgery for all his patients, but I will get into the options for “treating” cavitations below.


What to do now?

That brings up a very debatable topic in the “cavitation world”. What do you do next after you find out you have a cavitation? There a a few options and I think YOU have to look into this topic more if you are thinking your cavitations need some work. Feel free to click on any of the websites I link to  (I used many of these sites to help inform myself on my situation).



You know my opinion on surgery…it’s the last resort. There is a place for everything though, and your situation may require a more immediate treatment like surgery. It”s something you can talk to your holistic dentist about (which you can find the closest one to you here), but in the end it is your decision. (Remember my natural Dr. suggested surgery and I did my research and was comfortable with the decision not to do it and try other things). I’ll give you a bunch of links I found very helpful. Since I did not go this route, I can’t give you my personal experience, so please read about others!

Dental Cavitation Surgery







-Repete surgery- 

Because of the virulence of the disease process in the cavitation area, it may be necessary to repeat surgery to completely heal the lesion. –Groton Wellness clinic

Because of this chance of repeat surgery (especially for those with a low immune system and change for re-infection) I decided to opt out of the surgery. Also it is advised you don’t travel very far after the surgery and stay very close by to the dentists or surgeons office. There was no one close by and my multiple chemical sensitivities made it too hard to find a safe hotel.


Ozone / UBI

My experience with Ozone was much Different then Nicole’s. Why? Because our bodies are different and no person is the same. Ozone actually is the smell after a fresh rain fall. Its invigoration and natures “cleanser”. But It can be powerful when directly injected into the body. Ozone’s formula is O3 (3 oxygens). Just for a comparison, food grade hydrogen peroxide like this stuff is actually H202 – 2 hydrogens and 2 oxygens (extra oxygen molecule!). Oxygen is a great antimicrobial and ozone can detox bacteria at a rapid rate. For me it was too much but it for a majority of people, its a reasonable option. Ozone is a great alternatives to treat cavities as well! If you want to learn more about ozone, I would suggest you do some research. Ill get you started with a few links!

*Just remember ever author has their own option, and it all really boils down to your situation!

Supporting Healing with Dental Ozone

Ozone Therapy as Treatment in Dentistry



Nicole talks about UBI above! 


My experience with ozone can be read in my Healing update 7 post.



Can cavitations heal themselves?

And finally we reach the big question; Can cavitations heal themselves? When I first discovered my cavitaitons I went on a research binge (researching for days-and-days). I thought I was left with 2 options, surgery or ozone. At first I was positive that surgery was the option. I had read too many sites and natural dentists saying that ozone is only a temporary fix for cavitations. When I tell you I thought hard about it….I truly thought and prayed HARD. Going into my holistic dentists office I was still sure surgery was the option. After talking to my well educated and experienced dentist, my mind was changed. There was NO way surgery was in the future. Read about my thought process in my health story here.

I was kind of relieved to hear that surgery was not going to happen. #1 I could not settle on any one holistic oral surgeon to preform the surgery. The holistic oral surgeons are pretty limited and there are only a handful of reputable ones in the country. #2 It is strongly recommended that after the surgery you stay close to the clinic you had the surgery done at so they can preform alternative healing methods (like ozone, infrared, homeopathics, cold laser, etc). It is also not good to be driving more then a few miles after surgery. #3 I react VERY badly to anesthetic and am in no health to have surgery done in the first place. I think people underestimate “tooth procedures” when really it still is a trauma to the body. #4 Reinfection is possible and I came across a few testimonies that mentioned they needed to have a second surgery because the first one did not recover the full cavitaiton hole.

I decided to opt for ozone and see how it goes. Apparently my body has a mind of its own and did not want to follow through with the ozone. I believe it was to harsh for my already-toxic body (specifically mercury and bacteria). But you can see in the story above that Nicole is already seeing benefits from the ozone/UBI. Every body is different and I hope this post gives you a glimpse of just that.

            While many conventional dentists don’t consider cavitations a problem, they may be an important cause of ill health.  Anyone who has had dental extractions or procedures and is not feeling well afterwards may have cavitations.  Here are some options if you think this is affecting you:


1. Consider visiting a biological dentist who understands cavitations and knows how to find them, to assess if cavitations remain and deal with them.  However, the problem with cavitation surgery is that it is messy and bloody.  Also, the dentist occasionally damages the trigeminal nerve or another facial nerve, and this can be a disaster.

2.  A perhaps slower, but in other ways much better and less costly option is to embark on a complete nutritional balancing program.  However, be sure to use a near infrared lamp sauna every day – and no other type of sauna.  Use it perhaps twice daily, for 30-40 minutes each session.

My experience is that the nutritional balancing program will slowly bring up old dental infections and cavitations, and heal them in almost all cases.  It may take a few years, but if you are patient this is the best, as this therapy will bring up infections all over the body and heal them as well.  There are many other benefits of nutritional balancing and sauna therapy as well.

Dr Lawrence Wilson



The mercury trap

Inside a cavitation, bacteria flourish and deviant cells multiply. Cavitations act as a breeding ground for bacteria and their toxins. Research has shown these bacterial waste products to be extremely potent and result in osteonecrosis. Cavitations can also cause blockages on the body’s energy meridians and can exert far-reaching impact on the overall system. Investigation has revealed that some cavitations are reservoirs of huge amounts of mercury. Cavitations may be a source of low level or high level stress on the entire body.

 -Whole Body Dentistry



*THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of info in this blog post*



These are Daunderer’s findings, which clarify a statement I have made for years:cavitations4 in the jaw bone are a symptom, not the cause of disease. Daunderer recommends to not close the surgical site, but leave a gauze strip in place. The jaw bone detoxes itself massively through the open wound (he found up to 20,000 ppb of Hg [mercury]  in the gauze after 24 hours).

-Dr. Klinghardt


 Evidence will be presented from the latest research of top German toxicologist Max Daunderer, M.D.2, that the entire jaw bone (upper and lower jaw) has become for most of us a toxic waste dump for the following materials:….read the rest here.

So what does that mean? It means that there is a reason why you have cavitations.. You want to find the root or else you will just keep going in circles around this cavitation thing. Could it be bacteria? Could it be Mercury? Could it be a weak immune system? All of these “roots” can surprisingly be physical, emotional, or spiritual (this could be a whole other post, but I just want to point out that even though Im focusing a lot of the physical part, I have gone through emotional and spiritual healing and I found those equally important for helping my immune system function and detox pathways to start working again (under stress the detox pathways can’t function).


Cavitaitons are a symptom 

Finally the part I have been waiting for. You know by now, I am a reserach-junkie and appreciate backing up my ideas and researching with resources. But now I am going to go off the research grid and dive into my own experiences and instincts. Ready, set, go!

You got a glimpse of my story to discovering and *attempting* treating my cavitations. I went though a lot of research, worrying, testing, trying, and praying to decide my “treatment plan” for my cavitations. I was always asking myself “what-if” and concentrating about “fixing” the root problem. I was ecstatic to find out I had cavitaitons and on the plane ride home form Dr. Yu I decided to pursue this road no matter how hard it was going to be. Little did I know that cavitaiton surgery soon would fall out of the question due to my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) a.k.a. allergic to the world and not being able to stay in a hotel (there was no holistic oral surgeon/dentist who performed the surgery in my state). I look back and believe this “disadvantage” was a blessing in disguise.

I went ahead and scheduled a appointment with a holistic dentist close by. My dentist found 5 cavitations by looking at my x-ray and using kinesology where as Dr. Yu only found 2 using EDS. After that appointment we decided I would do ozone to get rid of my cavitation. The first appointment went terrible (because I reacted to the anesthetic). The second appointment he still used a very small fraction of the ozone and I reacted terribly too. My whole body swelled up and made my body crash to the point where I was sleeping most the day for 3 months straight.

What happened? To be honest, I don’t exactly know. After that appointment, reality kicked in and my MCS got worse. I have not gone back to my holistic dentist to discuss what happened but I think he knows that I could not follow though due to my reactions to the ozone. He knew from the day he met me that my case is extremely unique and things may not go as planned.

From what I know about ozone, its that it is VERY powerful stuff. Even though it is a natural substance, directly dispensing it out a needle is not necessarily “natural”. Too much of something good can easily become not-so-good for the body. I do believe the ozone treatments could have worked if my body was strong enough or if the toxic load was not already high, but that is not where I am at right now.

The stories my dentist told me about recovery after ozone made me hopeful that I would soon be “one of those people”. God has other plans for me and decided ozone was not the cure for my cavitations at this time. After I came out of my just-want-to-sleep-all-day phase I started to think about. Now what? I had spent months thinking I found the cure to all my issues (allergies, MCS, declining health) and each step was so productive until the actual outcome was not so much.

It was time to reconsider my health once again (I can’t tell you how many times I have done this). I felt slightly discouraged that once again my method of choice was not going to work. I looked back and it was always ME deciding and directing my healing journey. I decided to hand my healing journey over to the One who designed it in the first place. I believe its important to have faith and hope for anyone with a chronic illness.

This is all part of our life’s journey. I’m sure if you are even reading this, you are wondering yourself why you are in the situation you are right now. Hopefully (Nicole and I) gave you some guidance, experience, and knowledge to lead you in the right direction in your health.


What Am I doing now?

After a year of not being able to really get anywhere with my health, Im finally doing better (It’s a Miracle!). Im currently experimenting (or have been for several months) with using essential oils on my jaw and as a mouth rise. I’ll give you a few (at home/DIY) tips below! The best news of all.. These simple tricks are actually working and my energy is up and my jaw is not achy or swollen!


Before I begin explaining what has helped me and my immune system and cavitations, I need to make this clear…

**Disclaimer: Essential oils are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease or ailment. I [Gutsy] do not provide medical advice. I am simply sharing what has worked for ME and hoping my experiences can provide as research for your own choices. These health benefits have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please seek medical advice if needed and use good judgement when using essential oils. 

Specifically essential oils did not “cure” my cavitations. They are just a tool to help my immune system naturally kick in and then my body will heal. Think of it like some one pushing you on a swing when you were little. After you get momentum, your body takes over and will swing higher and higher until you feel free! The oils will allow your immune system to step up a notch, which we all know is important to maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria (everyone has bacteria, its all about keeping it in balance).


Near infrared sauna

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 4.10.25 AM

I also love using my near infrared sauna light bulbs (I have something like this) and sit in front of it (About 18 in away because its the head, you don’t want to overheat the brain) and rotate from my left to right jaw about 10 min each. I can see the swelling go down and it really penetrates the bacteria and reduces inflammation.

Its a very soothing and quick routine. Plus I can use the near infrared lights for over all body and organ health and immune support. I pick a spot , swollen lymph node or organ and shine it 12-24 in away for about 10-20 minutes at a time. You can do this several times a day. If you want to read more about NEAR infrared, click here.



Clay “patch”

Now this may be kind-a strange. But when you get localized pain or swelling on any area (but we are focusing about the jaw here) I would suggest applying a clay-charcoal mixture. Do you remember my clay bath post? It is the best localized detox I know of and the skin is great at releasing toxins. This way you can bypass the elimination organs and give them a break too. It also gives immediate relief (don’t we all like that?!)

Clay has amazing absorbing properties for all sorts of toxins including bacteria.

Activated charcoal is amazing a absorbing heavy metals (most water filters are actually made of some kind of charcoal to bind to metals)

clay charocal(final)

What you will need is:

-a glass ball  jar with a lid (plastic)

high quality clay (I use this for internal and external use)

– activated charcoal ( I use this brand because it is made of hardwood. I find that it is more potent then the activated charcoal derived from coconut)

– filtered water



1. Take 3 Tablespoons of clay and pour in some filtered water (start with a few tablespoons) into the ball jar.

2. Screw on the lid of the jar and shake (I find this is easier then stirring, you can always stir at the end- use a plastic or wood spoon). You want the constancy of yogurt.

3. Add 1 Tablespoon of activated charcoal and put on the lid and shake again. If you stir it, it may fly all over the place and stain (**powdered charcoal is very messy!)

4. Once it is all mixed it should be the consistency of peanut butter (add more clay (to thicken) or water (to thin) to get the right consistency).

5. Take some with your fingers and spread on the area you want to “detox” (so the jaw in this case)

6. I like to put on a thicker layer because I don’t like the feeling of dry clay and Its recommended to leave on for at least 20 minutes.

7. You can store extra in the fridge for a week

** If you do spill the charcoal use soap.


(Easy-Peasy) DIY Thieves mouth wash:

-1 oz filtered water

-1 drop Thieves oil

Shake (I use a small glass ball  jar with a lid) and use it to swish well)

DIY thieves mouth wash (final)


Thieves “achy jaw” spray

I came up with a cool idea that is super simple. When I don’t have a jar and water around, I carry a spray bottle pre-made with thieves oil and water in it. I used the same solution as above. So for this 4 oz spray bottle, I use 4 drops of thieves.

4 oz glass spray bottle

-4 oz filtered water

-4 drops Thieves oil

This recipe is great to carry with you as a mouth freshener or if you have chronically swollen gums or jaw it can be sprayed a few times a day (maybe more at first when the bacteria count is higher). Or you can spray a little on the outside of the lymph nodes or jaw. For me it helped to keep control of tenderness/redness/swelling (which are symptoms of bacteria balance gone wrong!). After a while it seemed like I needed it less and less so it must have worked because my jaw is hardly achy anymore! Yeah Thieves !


spray bottle thives( thieves)final

Thieves oily-rub

This is great to use before bed and is pretty soothing and mild. Mixing essential oils with water can be more penetrating and mixing essential oils with oil is milder.

*tip: If you ever put on an essential oil and it burns, simply rub on some oil (what ever you have on hand) to the spot and it will dilute the oil to stop the burning.

– 4 drops of oil (I like to use olive oil & coconut oil (it has to be in liquid state) but some use almond, apricot, or jojoba oil)

-1 drop of Thieves oil


Oil pulling (with Thieves)

I also like to use a spoonful of coconut oil with a drop of thieves and oil pull for as long as I can! (learn more about oil pulling here). This also clears the sinuses and head and makes me feel AWESOME!

-1 tsp (or more if you like a bigger mouthful) of coconut oil

-1 drop of thieves on your spoon.

Put it on your mouth and swish for as long as you can 5-20 min. Always spit in the toilet and rise with salt water after (the end spit/oil is filled with toxins and bacteria!)

coconut oil thieves final


Other Essential oils to use:

Thieves is a young living blend of : Clove† (Syzygium aromaticum), lemon† (Citrus limon), cinnamon† (Cinnamomum verum), Eucalyptus radiata† and rosemary† (Rosmarinus officinalis CT 1,8 cineol). Boosts immune system so you can finally fight and conquer those trouble areas (aka. Jaws if its cavitations you have)

Oregano oil: Great for supporting the body with immune support (a pretty potent one!)

Clove: A “numbing oil” that can help aid in a healthy gums response discomfort, and local swelling.


healthy mouth and jawn (final)


I *think* Cavitations can heal:

Since I did not follow through with ozone (because of reasons I explained above) I researched other options. I can actually tell a big difference in the swelling around my jaw/lymph nodes and energy overall when I apply thieves oil in any of those forms above.

Overtime I found myself needing less applications of the Thieves oil. Im no scientist but I know how to read my body. My energy started to increase and the swelling (bite marks) inside my left cheek were going down (now gone). This took about 2 months of daily applications in various forms listed above.

Im happy to say that I think my cavitations are “healing” despite others claims that cavitations can’t. A strong immune system, mercury detox, and a healthy bacteria balance are they key points I focused on. Also don’t stress about it! Its one thing to be informed but its another thing to worry and let it control your life. Life is to beautiful to let these things get in the way.


–Mercury & bacteria connection–

I do think that detoxing mercury (which I will talk about in my next post) allowed my body’s immune system to “kick” in and fight these deep rooted infections. Where ever mercury is settled in the body, most likely bacteria, fungus, or viruses are sure to share that space. Its a protective mechanism to try and “clean” up the mercury in that space. So as long as you have mercury you can’t get rid of the bacteria. Same goes with candida, fungal infections, etc.

I would get weeks where the metallic taste was terrible and then some “furry” tongue or bad tastes as the bateria would die off. I had joint paints, muscle aches, fevers, itchy mouth along with the detox because as the bacteria died and my immune system kicked in, my body started to go through healing reactions. Was it hard? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes!

If I went back to the holistic dentist he may still find these cavitations or he may not (but I don’t plan on going into that again anytime soon because I don’t have symptoms anymore). God designed our bodies to heal. He does not want us to be sick, and I think essential oils are truly a gift because they are allowing me to heal!

Of course every body is different and whether you are using ozone, essential oils, infrared sauna, etc. I think Its a good idea to look into options before surgery. If you want to ask more about how Im using essential oils for cavitations you are welcome to join my Facebook Gutsy Essential oils group until I get more info on my blog!


oils rainbow (final)

The mercury connection

Do you want to know what mercury has to do with cavitations.. Stay tuned!! This post is already too long, so I will be continued with my thoughts on the real cause of cavitations next!


~Stay Gutsy, Caroline


disclosure 3

Healing update #7

June…July…August…September…October…November. Where did the time go? I feel like my life is on hold (which is why it is so hard for me to post this update, because it feels like nothing has changed). As much as it seems like my routine has been like this forever, I look back and try to remember that things have changed (for the better).


Time passes by…

Let’s start with June. June was anticipation. Waiting for answers. Excited to figure everything out.

July was shock. I was in shock that I flew on a plane without getting “too” sick. But reality struck and I was left burned out like I have never felt before. Little did I know the price I was about to pay for 1 day worth of travel. I got answers from my Dr. and I held on tight, believing it was THE answer. I think I held on a little too tight. I thought it was as easy as just “fixing” the problem, but I was abruptly reminded I don’t have control.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Prov. 3:5&6

August was still. After traumas from July, I just could not take another step. Sleep was the word and the only activity I wanted.

September was routine. Sleep, eat, detox, repeat.

October was lost & Peace. Honestly, its really hard for me to remember what I did, but I can remember that it was really a peaceful month. Somewhere in my brain are the lost memories of October. hmm…..

November is… I’m living it right now.


It used to be hard to look back and remember only one swim, a few days at the beach and little sunshine. I can’t look at life regretting what I haven’t done. Yes it’s sad for a second but I get over it fast…really fast. Why is it so hard to understand why I wouldn’t have it any other way? I don’t want to do things I know I cant have right now. That includes an energetic body, a clear mind, endurance, etc.

People always associate “giving in” as being a failure. I disagree. I believe the only way to fully heal and become who you were designed to be, is to give in. Give in to what your body is telling you, even if you don’t want to. Give in to your quirks and don’t hold back to please people. Being ok with not finishing what you started or not “giving it your all” can be good. For me, this comes as a challenge. Physically, when I knew I could not finish treatments, I viewed myself as a failure. It was hard to explain to people that my reason was exhaustion. “Oh there is a simple fix for that: sleep more!” I’m afraid that does not cut it.

I dreamt of a “fix” to my failing health for as long as I can remember, and the minute I experienced this “fix”, I knew I was done. That “done” feeling went beyond just the treatment. I felt “done” in life (no not “done” like dying…let me explain). I was done searching for answers that were so hard to reach. I was done trying to hold myself up each day. I was done trying to fix my problem with little or no success. I was done trying to please people. I was done feeling guilty for things I could not do. I was done thinking and processing (which explains the lack of posting). I was done trying to fix my problem with everything I had. I gave up doing it on my own and put my trust somewhere else…

Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock. Isaiah 26:4

Giving into your body

The day I “gave up” I slept a long long tim (17-ish hours). For days  weeks I felt every step was a marathon, every word was a speech, every dish to wash was a tower. I stopped everything, no chiropractor, no ozone treatments, no exercise, no sauna, no researching, no reading (or very little), no doctors appotiments, no NAET, no leaving the house.

Seriously. As the days went on, I felt like I was failing my purpose in life. My “roles” in life a a sister, a blogger, a researcher, a friend all went out the window. Basically I had entered survival mode. What does survival mode look like? Sleeping a lot, eating when you have the energy to cook, and doing only the best you can do. I can’t say Im out of “survival mode” but its a start just being able to sit down and write this. Though, it is very hard… I don’t like typing this all out. Maybe because I am realizing that the end does not seem near and that maybe I have even back tracked! It is taking me days to gather the brain power, but I know I need to write it down for me and you.

What is Life?

You may think Im missing out on life. But what is “life” anyways? Life used to be a school day or a accomplished feeling of a run and completed tasks. A day full of cooking or meeting new people. A days worth of research and understanding for something I did not know existed. I never really wondered what taking the next step would feel like or if the next breath was filled with “safe” air. I see things more clearly now. Every breath is precious. Every conversation counts. Each day is not easy, but each second matters more then it ever did. It’s how you view life and the way you soak in every moment that matters most.

I have SO much to tell you!

Ok enough with all my thoughts about my situation. Let me pick up where I last left you in my “healing journey”. One reason I have been procrastinating is because sooo much has happened, it’s overwhelming. Not just that, but I have to put words to all my actions and the reasoning behind them. Here I go!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 1.25.29 AM


Let me get started. In healing update #6 I have all those test results that Dr. Mullan (the genetic Dr.) ran. I got those and held onto them. I saw on paper that I am toxic, and struggling to function. I knew the only option (in her professional opinion) was to take supplements to help my detox pathways, but we all know I can’t do that. That was a big stumbling block and it was so big I never followed up. Sometimes I kick myself and say “what a waste”, but really it was not because I needed proof and it may still some in handy in the future. The genetic 23 and me test will never change, so thats a good thing. If I ever want to dive into the gentic world and figure out all my issues, I have the option.

Right now going down the genetic path is #1 depressing: because its all about pointing out what is wrong with the way I’m made. #2 pointless: I cant take the supplements needed to fix these mutations. #3 Epigenetics: that means your genetics can change (or be expressed) based on your environment and your daily habits (Im hoping I can change a few things around!). Learn more here.

Taking the plunge

In desperate need for SOMEONE who understands, I decided it was time to search outside hometown radius. I ended up going to Missouri to see Dr. Yu. I know I know…I not only came out of my “bubble” but I went on a plane!! Crazy! Honestly, I could have not done it without everyone’s prayers, so thank you.  I still am in awe I did that, and am also happy it’s over and done with.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.03.15 AM

Before the trip I read his book, which helped me understand a lot more too. He is like the dream doctor I thought would have all the answers. It was a reality check to go because I saw that “these doctors” are just human. They don’t hold the key or answers. All they can do us help. He did say most of my health problems, from what he tested were due to my cavitations.


What are cavitations you ask? In simple words, they are are hole in the bone (after a tooth has been extracted) and are often filled with bacteria, fungi, and mercury.  If you want to learn more click here.

Improper extraction and not removing the ligament (which most oral surgeons and dentists don’t do anyways) creates the growth of the cavitation in the jaw bone. Overtime the bacteria that was stuck in the socket and tissues make little or big holes in jawbone and create a chronic infection. After the tissue heals over, it’s very hard to get to his infection that is now spreading through the lymphatic system affecting other systems and organs in the body.

Back to my story —> I got all 4 wisdom teeth out from a regular oral surgeon when I was 17. Looking back I did get a lot more sick after 2 1/2 rounds of antibiotics before the surgery and after due to an infection in the lower left jaw. (I now know antibiotics can severely impair the liver and detox pathways). But, I was confused when Dr Yu told me this, because I was pretty mess up before this surgery .

What did the Dr. find?

So Dr. Yu found cavitations under tooth #17 and #20. At their clinic the took all these cool alternative testing and scans. They took a thermograph and could tell from the white areas around my mouth and sinuses that there was a infection. They hooked me up to different electronic tests and basically it showed my body was functioning pretty well (what?!), despite the way I feel. He did take a hair test and said depending on the results and if I had heavy metals, then that could play a big role in my health mystery (a hair test takes a few weeks to get the results back).

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 3.54.50 AM

I would also recommend this book to understand the full tooth-body connection. I have it and learned ALOT of information about how my teeth really impact how my body functions.

Tooth-organ Meridian chart:

Before you read any further, you have to look at this tooth-organ-meridican chart. Each tooth (or actually the position the tooth is in, is part of a complete meridian that runs through the whole body.)



EDS (electoral dermal screening)

Dr Yu. used EDS (electoral dermal screening) on my fingers and toes to determine if the meridians corresponding to different organs were off balance or not. Learn about EDS here (a.k.a. Acupuncture meridian assesment) or view the video above.

At first, Dr. Yu did the EDS points and nothing unusual showed up. He said that is probably because I do so many therapies at home to help balance my body ( RIFE, NAET, etc..). So then the goal was to try and unbalance my body to get the “real” results. He got up and pulled out this light box thing. He started to roll a metal roller over my head and body. First the frequency was a purple light. Then he did a yellow light. He rolled 2 opposing colors on me to confuse any bacteria out of “hiding”. I think it works because the bacteria or parasites are attracted to the frequency and then thrown off guard when he runs the opposing one.

He ran the EDS again and started to do some of his “own points” he calls it. If you read his book here, this will all make more sense. He is very skilled at testing with EDS (he has kinda mastered the techniques). Anyways, this time a few things did show up with a few
systems/organs. I can’t remember exactly what systems but he did not make it a big deal. I think one was the allergy point.

View the interactive Tooth-Merdian Chart HERE!

Digging deeper

Dr. Yu then had me touch each tooth socket with my finger and tested me as I did this. Right away the EDS reading went off the chart (indicating an imbalance) specifically on tooth #20 and #17. #17 was the wisdom tooth socket that got infected and #20 was a tooth that had no adult tooth underneath it (I was born like this) and got infected and I had it pulled when I was about 16.

He said my immune system or allergy point is not balanced and tried to balance it by hooking me up to this new German machine that balances meridians. I’m not sure exactly if it helped, but I just went with the flow. Maybe it helped me cope on the flight home?

Overall my thoughts about this appointment are that, I finally had an answer to all my problems…or so I thought. This doctor is brilliant but things got in the way of the next appointment, and honestly it was not meant to be that I went back right now in my life. I am so thankful he lead me in the right direction and searched hard even though he considered me a “mystery”.


Test Results:

A few weeks after that trip I got my test results from the hair analysis lab (from analytical research labs) and the ELISA food test. I already had a hair test done by doctors data (this exact test <–which showed very high mercury) but he wanted this lab (ARL) because they don’t wash the hair sample. I now know that’s important because seeing the minerals is half the part of the analysis. (I will talk more about this hair analysis and the results in healing update #8).

The ELISA food test showed I had several allergies (not surprising)! It was deceiving because some things I knew for a fact I was allergic to but they showed up fine. I’m guessing thats because I have not eaten them in years so the antibodies were not visible on a blood test.

Oh I forgot to mention that when I was in Missouri seeing DR. Yu, he sent me to a dentist 5 min away to get an x ray. I hate getting x rays but I had to do it. (Here is a cool post about combating radiation if you are interested.) I then returned to him with the x ray but he said he could see no visible cavitations in the x-ray and that I should bring it to my dentist at home. He recommended his holistic dentist down the block to do the cavitation surgery. I tried to explain I live in MN, but since he could not recommend anyone else other then this holistic dentist, he said to get another option because he cannot “diagnose” me. Hint hint… It’s a legal thing.

The Holistic Dentist

Ok so I’m back in MN and scheduled an appt with my holistic dentist. I decide I want to see the head dentist who is harder to get into, but I knew would understand my situation more. This clinic does not do cavitation surgery but instead ozone therapy. I was I skeptical at first after hearing that Dr. Yu instructed me to look into cavitation surgery. I did hours of research looking into therapies, solutions and clinics for cavitations. I was so torn, it all became confusing knowing what was really the right path.

Ozone for cavitations

I finally accepted that ozone is the better way to go, because there is always a change of reinfection with surgery…and it’s much more stressful on the body (of course, it’s surgery!!). I always knew that if this did not work, then I can always consider surgery. The ozone almost seemed “too easy” of a solution, well that’s what I thought. But after talking to my holistic dentist, he told me that patients he has seen, heard stories about, and worked with personally do better with ozone. I was relieved too because the only close cavitation surgeon was a 7 hour drive. **ahem! Im getting ahead of myself. Sorry.**


Hello, I’m Dr. T…

So I go to my first appointment and met Dr. Tchetter (pronounced cheddar). I can tell right away he is very intuitive and alittle quirky  (always the qualities of a good doctor, right?). He takes a look at my x ray and points out that I not only have cavitations in those two spots but also in all the other extractions from my wisdom teeth surgery. Now I’m thinking…”Great 5 cavitations in my jaw!”. He points out the the one in the bottom left is for sure the biggest (the spot where I got the nasty infection a few weeks after my surgery).

He explains that the ozone treatment is pretty effective and continues to tell me stories of patients who got better from these treatments. He even tells me of this one story of a girl my age with pretty much allergies to everything like me. Her family built her an underground house where she stayed for 3 years. After the 3 years of staying in her “safe” environment, Dr. T saw her and she was all better. He said she did this to let her body heal naturally and “reset” her immune system, and the only was she could do that was to remove all reactants. This story freaked me out (but at the same time…something connected), how could someone not come outside for 3 years? Little did I know this would be a similar situation for my future (I will explain).

The ozone procedure:

Back to the ozone treatments. It works like this. I go in for a few “tester” appointments to see if I react appropriately to ozone. They give me a fraction on the dose and inject it into the gums around the cavitations (like teeny-tiny). Since I have sinus issues, he planed on doing extra injections in the upper gums close to the nose. Then he will do the full doses and inject all the way into the jawbone (not sure exactly how this is done because I stopped after the second treatment).

Heavy Metals 

Then it’s my turn and I pretty much tell him my whole life story and how I got to where I am today. He is nodding his head saying “ahh” and has this look like he knows exactly what is going on. He asks a few questions and concludes that it probably all started with my mom (like other doctors suspected in the past). I know for a fact she has heavy metals because they showed up in her recent hair test. She probably had a lot more 20 years ago when she was pregnant with me.

2010-02-19 (8) 0010

As a 2 year old my enamel on my teeth would crumble, scary right? I was sent to the dentist and they filled tooth #20 and #29 (they are mirror to each other on the bottom). The were filled with …… Mercury fillings!!! Nooooo! My stomach dropped when I found this out, I was devastated, but I guess relived at the same time (that its not all in my head)! The picture above is my dentist when I was little….yeah I’m thinking the SAME thing!!! agghh. 

I think these 2 mercury filled teeth fell out around the age of 6, so that’s like 4 years of mercury vapors. Funny thing, I may still have those toxic teeth in a tiny little container, in an envelope, in a little box, in a bigger box, stuffed in the back of my closet. You know those little tooth containers to collect all your teeth that fell out? I’m not going to even try to dig those things out, let alone touch them.

Connecting the Dots

So that situation contributed to a huge host of issues and that’s probably why I was diagnosed as OCD at age 2 and put on some medicines that make all holistic doctors cringe and say “that was unnecessary…really?”. These meds are known to potentially damage the liver… which they probably did for me.

Dr. T explains I was/am probably allergic or sensitive to mercury more then most. That just escalated and created more food allergies and behavioral issues. He kept asking me if I went crazy, he was sure at some point I should have. I told him I got braces as a teenager for about 5 years (stubborn headgear!). He said the nickle content is very high and probably intoxicated my brain even more, creating more allergies and a depressed immune system. Then came the tooth extraction of my dead #20. Then the wisdom teeth surgery after my braces came off and now I’m left with 5 cavitations that are feeding infectious bacteria into my lymph systems. My body is under chronic stress 24/7. Below are the spots and tooth numbers that were removed from my mouth (the improper way) so they each developed a cavitation “hole in the bone”.


Toxic waste dumps

I told him my sinuses are an issue and he explained that mercury like to lodge itself in 3 main places. The lower back, the lower jaw and the sinuses. My sinuses are full of mercury from years of chewing and vapors being released. I read an article about a dentist who did a cavitation surgery and did not close the incision but instead put a strip or gauze over it for 24 hours. After that time he tested the gauze and found incredibly high amounts of mercury on the gauze. This confirms that the cavitations are pretty much toxic waste dumps of mercury as well! Yuck.

After our good talk, I was hopeful. He also checked for cavities and I have 2 small ones he is going to “watch”.  We talked about making impressions of my teeth to get a “tray” fitted for them so each time I come in, they can put ozone in the trays that cover my teeth. This is suppose to help reverse tooth decay, kill bacteria, and prevent any cavities from getting worse. I was afraid of reacting to the plaster they needed to make the impression, so we put this idea on hold. If you are curious about ozone for tooth decay read about it here. Its a fairly new practice, so you may not find a ton of info.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.25.47 AM

Reverse tooth decay

I also have weakening enamel on several teeth (they look like little chips or holes on the top of my tooth and are REALLY sensitive). I’m determined to heal both cavities and the enamel. If you read this book, you will know its possible too. I just have to find a way to start absorbing minerals and make them available for my teeth. Im currently eating bison bone marrow every day (as suggested in this article), to heal my tooth decay. Out of the suggestions in the chart below, I can only eat grass-fed bone marrow. But, hey at least I have one of the “Tooth-Decay-Reversing- Protocol foods!”

tooth decay

Here are my thoughts posted on my Instagram right after the appointment:

“When chronic health problems started at 12 years old I never thought I would be the one with the “mystery” case that no doctor could figure out. I never thought I would have to go through so much and in the process have big pieces of my life taken from me. Yesterday I found out my #teeth are a big culprit. Not the whole picture- but a very big one. I can now dream of #gettingbetter . Teeth #17 and#20 have infections under in the jaw bone. Once in the #jawbone these infections can spread throughout the body and infect any organ. Usually it damages the meridian it lies along. In my case my#thyroid, #digestivesystem, #energy, small and large#intestines, #stomach, #spleen #lymph #eczema all all just symptoms of my infections. The “normal” dentist never found them and neither did an x ray. My new doctor ran several energetic meridian testing, thermography of my face, and light therapy to find out what the problem was and narrowed it down to these two teeth. I am #thankingGod for revealing these #piecestomypuzzle”

Starting Ozone therapy

I came back to the holistic dentist 2 weeks later and started my first ozone “tester” treatment. The dentist’s assistant mixed some olive oil in the ozone bottles and hooked me up to start breathing it in (the ozone machine is pictured below). The olive oil is so I don’t breath it directly into my lungs. I was fine with that and then they did the ears.

Since I seemed ok with that, he decided to inject a little bit of pure ozone into my gums and upper jaw for my sinuses. 13 injections total. He was using a tiny amount to start off with. He tested me with kinesiology to see if I was ok with the pure anesthetic with no additive. I was very hesitant and questioned his judgement several times. Right after swabbing the anesthetic on, I felt strange. My mouth was wide open and he started with all the injections. There was pressure, but I kept thinking back to when he swabbed with the anesthetic, THAT was the painful part. I did not think twice about the needle or 13 injections. (This was only a matter or seconds from start to finish but it felt like forever.)


Surprise attack

After I closed my mouth and swallowed, I was in for a surprise. My throat started to close! I panicked and gasped for air, they rushed to grab me water and directed me to “swish and spit“. I did this until I could breath. What a scary experience, but at least I made it through and learned to carry my epi pen next time (I have never had to use it yet). Better safe the sorry. I will be honest, I HATE anesthetic, it literally makes me crazy. I promise that is the last time I ever let someone convince me it’s “safe” or whatever. I know he did not know and this experience proved to Dr. T how sensitive I am.

The first time I met him, he mentioned I was “wise beyond my years” and could tell I was very in-tune with my body and instincts. I think after this incident, he trusts my instincts 100%, which can be hard for any doctor.

Going crazy

On the car ride home, my body was going crazy. I was shaking and I could not stop moving my legs and arms and everything. My brain was spinning and I felt like I was going crazy. My face was very swollen and it was so uncomfortable. I just kept crying and blabbering “something is wrong, I need help”! I was obviously reacting badly to the anesthetic.

My mom knew the ER was going to be NO help in this situation. This was a physical and neurological crisis and a chiropractor would actually help. Too bad all 3 chiropractors we have gone to were closed or had no openings (even for an emergency). I went home and drank spoonfuls of powdered activated charcoal (I should have brought it with me).

Panic mode

I still was delirious and kept falling against the wall or on the floor. I think my brother was pretty freaked out for me. My words
were jumbled and not making sense. My mom then thought to call a local chiropractor 4 min from our house that our friends knew, but we never have been to. This is risky territory especially for me. I’m very picky who touches my neck because I have had too many chiropractors “mess me up”. I had no control in this situation and I believe it was all part of Gods greater plan for me.

We were all in panic mode and as the phone rang to see if they had an opening at 6pm of a Friday (I’m sure my mom said a little prayer, begging for anything to fix this terrible situation). We had never been to him, but their office answered with compassion and
accepted to see me even after hours. I’m not sure why, but I kept fight back saying I did not need to go, when clearly I did. Good thing my mom knows me well enough to talk me into going.

….. To be continued healing update #8

Whew! That was a a lot to tell you. Thanks for sticking with me. I want to say that after all these appointments (despite how tragic or stressful they were), I was SOOO relieved to get some answers. I am proud of myself for trying and would not have had it any other way. I thought I had everything figured out. I did have a lot figured out, but not everything. Only time and experiences can tell what will happen. Nothing went as planned for me, and thats ok. Just because some things did not work out for me, does not mean it will not for you. Actually I have a good friend who got the cavitation ozone treatments done 3x over a period of months and she is doing MUCH better (I will post her story soon!) So you see, every body is different, and you will not know unless you try 🙂

~Stay Gutsy Caroline


disclosure 3