Healing update #5

So much healing

I first want to say thank you everyone for your prayers. I am healing even more. I am having more “good days” then I have in months. I think resting was very necessary for my body to get strong. Now let me tell you what has been going on.

H pylori

My Dr. Tested me and found I have an H. pylori infection. I had a flu (well my whole family did and it took up 1 month+ to get over. yucky!). When everyone seemed to be better I got worse, much worse. Im talking in bed all day long- to tired to move to. I dragged myself out to bed to go to the dr. I asked or maybe begged “Please what is wrong with me, this can’t just be heavy metal detox”. Sure enough my instincts were correct. I have a h. pylori infection.


This picture was taken the day I found I had the infection and they had me sit under the RIFE at the office to see if it helped and immediately I could tell it was working (I knew because it hurt my stomach big time!)

H. pylori research.

You know me. I CRAVE research. So what did I do when I was so sick. I researched. Here is my master list on h. pylori if you are interested. I guess I save you some time- you welcome 🙂


photo source


Why is h. pylori more prevalent in autoimmune disorders?

Im so happy I have h. pylori (haha. This is how I felt and still feel! I was almost crying in joy when I found out I had h. pylori- huge piece of the puzzle revealed after sooooo many years!)

very informative video and easy to understand

video: h. pylori another piece to the puzzle (the BEST information I have found- must see! Every symptom I had makes so much sense after listening to this video. I an “ah-ha” moment every 5 seances and was scribbling on a sheet of paper like crazy.)

Here are just some thing I learned from Dr. Amy Yasko’s video:

– h. pylori can stop the body from releasing heavy metals.

-high iron makes it worse (and to think I was using an iron skillet and eating bison)

-methylation pathways are usually very bad

-increases inflammation, mucus, and swelling in the body

-have a high connection with mast cells (body releases so much histamine)

-increases chance of autoimmune diseases because it creates a very leaky gut allowing things to get past that never should and then the body attacks these big particles.

-depletes the body in vitamin b12 which is a precursor to so many neurotransmitters and energy

-h. pylori lives on fat–> it turns fat cells into ketones which are hard on the kidney’s (many days I had very bad kidney/back pain). I also cannot tolerate hardly any fat in my diet.

-depletes body of manganese

-patients are usually high in ketamine (the major toxin in cigarets!- yikes!)

Dr Amy has a forum here.


h. pylori symptoms (my biggest symptom was swelling, rashes, and fatigue)

What probiotics to treat h. pylori? (I just started custom probiotics- 6 strain)

symptoms fo h. pylori can be tricky to suspect –agree!


The bad bacteria takes over

Everyone has bacteria good and bad in their systems. The problem happens when the bad bacteria takes control of the good and starts to populate- everywhere! That is exactly what has happened to me. I now remember last summer is when I notice this strange rash. My family did not really know what it was and my dr. at the time was not concerned. I just brushed it off and it went away.




After that rash is when my symptoms (being sensitive to EVERYTHING-touch/smell/breath became so bad. The month after that I had to start wearing a mask and gloves everywhere (this is the brand I got and I still wear it when I go NAET for pollen). My life was getting way to small. I had to stop baking, cooking (gas stove, cross contamination in food, pesticide- even organic), going to church (candles), going outside (pollen, dust, smoke), going in the car (gas fumes). That list is just the beginning.

Its a small world- for me.

Many of you may be thinking that is crazy. Yep, it was bad and I cannot say it is much better today but at least I dont wear a mask and I am getting better- on my way to recovery. I have other predispositions that make my situation worse including a liver genetic defect (that is what I am thinking based off of family history and my lack of ability to detox), mercury toxicity (which I am working on with zeolite and detoxing through the skin) & unhealthy gut flora.

I watched my world get smaller and smaller. It made me mad at first. Why me!? Im only 19 and have so much potential. I want to do so much. I want to give so much. I had to stop blogging- I was to tired. I had to stop driving- it affected my neurological ability. I had to stop going to church. I had to stop eating dinner with my family. I had to stop school- I was signed up for NTA. I could not even pick up and snuggle my cat. Nobody could hug me.


I had enough! I only focused on what I could not have (which was a lot). But I stopped and thought. What DO I have. I have dr.’s who are willing to help – I had just started NAET at the time. I have a family who LOVES me -even though they can not be around me much. I have a house. I have food -even though it got down to only eating bison and water it was still food. I had God and many many prayers. I knew I will get better and I was going through this for a better reason.

I was not sure how many days I had left or how long this could go on for. I prayed for a miracle. I got one. I found another answer. I found another Dr. who was willing to help along with my NAET Dr.

Symptoms no one could figure out.

Next symptom in the mix of all of this was extreme fatigue. I was happy if I could lay in bed all day. I was just so tired I did not care anymore. After that came the swelling. All over my body, my face, my arms, my legs. I was not fun. I would wake up and spend all day trying to drain my lymph (now you can see how I came up with all these ideas to “drain the lymph system“. I tried everything and nothing worked. I actually would gain 10 lb overnight from swelling. How is that possible? I have no idea but it is and it is no fun.


I would spend 1 hour in the sauna, the next doing a coffee enema, the next napping, the next in a cold bath, the next eating and grinding fresh bison, the next jumping, the next drinking water, and then sleeping. That was my day, it was my way of life. If I did not do that and just tried to be “normal” I would pay for it and not be able to get out of bed the next day because I felt like I got ran over my a truck.

My sinuses started to feel infected and im sure they were. The h. pylori had spread from my stomach into my small intestines, up my esophagus and into my sinuses and head. I was miserable. I asked God every day “when will this nightmare end”?


I was doing NAET through this whole process. I new I needed it big time. Without it I would probably have starved or had to lock myself in to bubble. It helped me to finally introduce fish, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, MSM, quercetin, green tea, dandelion juice (really has helped boost my healing), beable to drive again, allow me to take off my mask and cook again, give people hugs, wear newish clothes. NAET is a miracle and my dr. is a gift.

NAET has helped me so much that I have been working on the post for over a month now :). Just take a look at my healing progress so far #healing update #1,   #2,  #3,   #4,. I feel so strong that I can sit here (even though I cant go outside right now because the pollen is too high) and tell you this. Baby steps.




Some of you may think “oh she was way overdoing the detox”. I think I needed it. My body craved detox- any kind. I would drink charcoal each day because it was the only relief. If I did not do a sauna or bath my skin would erupt with oozing rashes that itched and drove me crazy. My forehead looked like I had chicken pox (in TCM the forehead is the large intestines section).

My lips were so swollen and super chapped and would painfully crack each time I opened my mouth (could not put anything on it – this was before I cleared NAET for coconut oil)- see the dissuasion on fb here. Even if I was sick I would have to move around or else my sinuses would become so “full” that I would get a buzzing noise in my ears that made me think I was going crazy. My body would shake in pain and the fever did not make it any better (my body’s fever is 97.5 degrees !!)



The tipping point

I finally took a break from NAET because I got to the point I was so weak I could not get of bed. I was at my tippy tippy threshold. That was I wanted to give up. I barely remember those few weeks.


I honestly felt like I was going to die. Of course I knew that God was not going to let me die, He has better plans for my life. I am going to help people just like me somday and I NEED to live through this to be the person I want to become.

One of those days was the day I dragged myself to Dr. Conners and begged him to find the problem. God must have listened because that was the day the h. pylori was discovered! I was SO happy! I called all my family and they were shocked ot hear how happy I was, but of course they understood after I told them everything.

Healing can be painful!

Immediately I started the RIFE for the h. pylori. Oh was in for a big painful treat! Yikes. I was in pain. I would do 5 min of the frequency and my stomach would twist and turn and I would become so nauseous all I could not was lay there. If I moved my arm to wave at someone the day was successful.

My mom would come in and lay in my bed by my side while I did 5 min at a time and then take a 3 hour nap and do it all over again. Those were the days. That went on for about 2 weeks. The 3rd week I was doing the whole 1 hour program. It would make me nauseous but I could do it without interruption. I even did the h. pylori frequencies in the bath to allow my skin to detox while I go. I felt like I was making progress.


Over the past month I have lost most of my swelling other then in my sinuses which still are super sensitive. If I do not do the 1 hour program each day I feel the h. pylori growing out of control. This is going to be along process for me because

#1 I cannot take supplements which actually kill the h. pylori quite effectively (well actually I dont know for sure if I cant take them but right now I don’t want to change too much- im still looking into some more things). I can only use the light frequencies of the RIFE.

#2 the infection spread so much and did a lot of damage. Im ok with time. I have spent my whole life searching so time means nothing right now. I am just focusing on healing.

I dont need to do a sauna each day to keep down the swelling. I can touch things. I can breath the air (as long as there is no perfume or pollen- still working on that with NAET). I started a probiotic and got a nasty rash and diarrhea from, but I am so thankful for that because that means the good bacteria is taking control. Some days I feel crummy but some days I have enough energy to take my dog on a 5 minute walk (huge improvement form just be able to lift up my arm). I have concentration. My list of foods/teas/supplements is almost too long for me to want to write down, I snuggle with my puppy and kitty, Each day im getting stronger.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 10.58.36 PM

I still had a bad case of hives and what looked like a sunburn rash yesterday from the h. pylori or maybe it was the NAET  pollen treatment or maybe the probotic. But I know Im on my way to getting healthy so I don’t worry about these things as much anymore. I made progress just in the past week, I was able to go to my sister and brothers Good Friday drama in the church (the first place I have been outside my own house, my dr’s and my car in 5 months!) I just have to trust my body can do this with the right resources (nutrition and detox). It is all a balance.


What have I learned.

Only once EVERYTHING is taken away from you is when you find out what is really important to you in life.

For me my family has never left my side. They flipped around their world for me, to this day im still amazed at the things they do. Friends are important too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because so so many people are willing to help if you just ask for it. I used to hate asking for people’s help because I felt guilty and I wanted to be self sufficient. I think I have changed and see that caring is worth sharing. Only when I was at rock bottom could I realize how this will all be a blessing some day.




I meet so many people just like myself (here my good friend Melissa’s blog– she has a good post about muscle testing too- I use the “swaying one”) and now neighbors and friends are starting to ask what I am doing (of course I cant help but share!).

Feeling good will take time and is only temporary. Things pass and time moves on. I learned; live by the moment but don’t get stuck on present symptoms.Enjoy only what you have- not what you want or don’t have. Most importantly thank God for every hour that goes by (especially the hours that I am healthy!).

Ok I think that is enough for this one post. I will leave you with a verse I look at each day that keeps me motivated even when I don’t want to take another step. Because you can’t do this journey alone.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~Philippians 4:13I





~Stay Gutsy, Caroline


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  1. Caroline you are SO BRAVE! Being chronically sick is the worst and I know that feeling when you get so excited to finally find that missing piece of the puzzle! You will get better and be vibrant and healthy!

    You are such a great example!

    • DanNelle, tell me about it. the hardest part is over (at least I hope) finding the answer. Now I just do my research and get better!..just keep chugging along.

  2. Rachel says

    I was just reading your newest health update and felt compelled to give you a suggestion. Have you heard of the Blood type diet by Dr Peter D’adamo? I’m not sure if it would be relevant to you or not but anything that might help you is worth researching. The website is Dadamo.com. The people on the message boards are always very helpful with health questions. If you do look into it maybe search “non-secretor” and “explorer genotype”. I loosely follow the diet and often use the site for health information. Wish you well in your journey.

    • Rachel, yes I have and I love that book. I am blood type O which is actually the type that is most pre disposition for h. pylori infection! I eat mostly protein but I have to be careful of iron now that i know it feeds the h pylori. So fish for me 🙂 chicken is not tolerated by my body yet. Thanks for that suggestion I will look into the message boards.

  3. I am so happy for you that you have a diagnosis. Thank you so much for sharing your story and all of your knowledge! I will pray for your complete healing and a return back to vibrant health. God is awesome indeed. 🙂

  4. That’s great that you know about it already. I’m a type O as well and an Explorer (read the genotype diet or any of his other books? Explorers are prone to liver problems and sensitive to everything so that sounds like you. And Non-secretors are generally more prone to inflammation and other ailments. If you have any questions or anything you can email me, I don’t have any friends that follow BTD so you would be welcome if you need any support.

    • I have not read those books! Thank you. Oh yep that is me- liver problems. I will look into that and maybe e-mail you if I have questions 🙂 What do you do for inflammation then?

  5. Caroline,
    What specifically are you doing to treat h pylori besides sitting under the RIFE. Have you been offered antibiotics to treat it, and if you have what are your feelings about it? I am awaiting test results for the same thing and am not sure if there are other options besides antibiotics. I work with a holistic practitioner, but there are some things like Lymes disease that she will muscle test for and some times a body needs them. I dont want this to be one of those times, so I am looking for other options.

  6. Herbal Mom says

    Enjoy reading all of your blogs and health updates.
    God bless you!
    You are wonderful to share with us.
    Learned so much from you.

  7. Callie says

    I felt like I was writing this blog since our experiences and beliefs are so similar!!! I am so grateful for you in posting this. How are you feeling all these years later? I have been through so many treatments and diagnosis’s and I think h pylori has been the underlying issue this whole time. I am looking into Rife and am trying to make the most informed decision since I have been let down by doctors so often.
    Thank you and God bless!

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